36 thoughts on “Holiday Decorating Ideas | Christmas Decorations | 21

  1. My Favorite Christmas table is YOURS ! Great Job !!!! I’ve never subscribed before but couldn’t resist subscribing to you❤️

  2. Yes yes and yes I love Christmas I love your channel and your table is gorgeous and of course yes we love you have a blessed and peaceful holiday even though this was last years

  3. So pretty <3 but I am always torn between setting beautiful decoration in the middle of the table and having space for serving the food… So this year I am making hanging decoration above my table 🙂

  4. O cobalt blue! How elegant!

    The earrings noise brings to mind Cyndi Lauper’s earrings/jewelry disruptions during the filming of Michael Jackson’s We Are the World video. LOL!

  5. Beautiful table scape. I did blue, silver and white last year loved it so much do it again this year.

  6. it's beautiful <3 i'm hasten be christmas time just for décorating all my home <3 ans hasten to see your new christmas vidéo

  7. Lovely table! Thanks for making the center piece look so easy to put together. My biggest problem right now is space. My table fits 8 people and 12 people will be at the dinner. I have 2 other fold up tables that sits 4. How do I arrange all of it so it's still warm and welcoming? I don't want a couple adults feeling like they were sent to "the kids table".

  8. Such class and style!!! Fabulous!!! Now I don’t feel bad about making sure everything is even or being able to decorate but not cook. LOL

  9. I chose the same China set when I got married!! Great minds think alike (wink)! Beautiful table 🍾🥂🎄

  10. This music is horrible. It’s as if you have a record stuck. I don’t know who thought that repeating the same portion of the audio track again and again was a brilliant idea…. it wasn’t.

  11. Wow your so amazingly talented women And everything The way you dress everything beautiful home Marry Christmas 🎄

  12. ok, so who cooked? You gotta have great food for the great table. LOVE the blouse!!!
    We just used large paper green Ikea dinner napkins in the glasses and for the side, then a cheery xmas napkin paper napkin as a placemat (holly and berries), the long kind…maybe they are actually for bath guest towels?, then in center pine and xmas bulbs and arrangement from florist w candles

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