Holiday Home Decor Haul! Homegoods & TJMAXX MissLizHeart

Holiday Home Decor Haul! Homegoods & TJMAXX MissLizHeart

welcome back guys so today I have my first holiday haul of the season and I'm so excited I actually picked up a few gifts as well so I'm going to show you guys maybe you forget some a gift inspiration for the season and then some things that I picked up for the home I actually did a lot of the shopping online so a lot of these products even if you don't have a home goods near you you'll be able to shop them and I will have links to them down below I see you guys know we are expecting a baby and there's a couple of rooms in the house that I was like okay we're gonna finish them before the baby gets here of course that includes a nursery but the formal dining room is one of them we've been pretty much putting it off the remodel to finish this room which is the room that I'm currently in right now so I picked up some things for that our bedroom is where we're gonna have like our bassinet and like all the newborn essentials so we kind of redid the bedroom a little bit not too much not too crazy during the remodel we'd actually had our contractor pre install some wiring right above our nightstands and we were gonna put pendant lights on there and we just haven't gotten around to it um so the holes are still there so that's one of the things that I told myself we're gonna find pendant lights and just figure all that out alright so let's go and jump into it so the first thing I want to show you guys it's not in here with me I'm actually going to take the camera to show you but we got our Christmas tree which is so beautiful we actually it's been like two years since we bought a Christmas tree but what I love about this tree is the flocking I believe it's how you call it the white speckles throughout it I love that it came assembled I love that it was already pre lit and the base of it is just so beautiful it's like this grey basket that goes perfectly with all of our decor and so yeah the tree is perfect and I told you guys that we are kind of redoing our bedroom so I redid all of our pillows and those white and gray pillows that I normally have on my bed those are in our living room now along with our flower pillows and then the white kind of furry cheetah print ones that I showed you guys my last fall are in my bedroom and we also got these to pair with those these giant fluffy pillows which by the way one of you guys gave me a tip in one of my past videos about changing out pillow cover instead of buying new pillows every season so that's what I was gonna do I was actually just gonna buy like white fluffy pillow covers for those gray pillows that I have but believe it or not this actually ended up being cheaper to just buy the full pillow than the pillow covers every single pillow cover I was looking at was like 50 to $60 range and these were $25 you guys each and these are the 60 inch once they put these along the base of our headboard and then I put the white cheetah prints in front let me show you guys the gifts that I got first so this is the first thing I picked this up for a friend it's a snow globe but it's a golden pineapple with a gold base and I just thought it was absolutely beautiful and I know it's something that she would love to display in her home but look how beautiful they are and HomeGoods has so many beautiful snow globes I almost pick one up that had a little penguin inside but I didn't because I couldn't think of where I was gonna put it but you guys have somewhere to put these beautiful things go check it out this one was $12.99 oh okay so I also picked these up first for a friend so this is it they actually had these are sold separately by the way I know it looks like they came together they had three different sizes they had one that was bigger than this and then these two but I thought these were the perfect size for like chips and salsa or maybe like a nut ball and then chips or whatever you know but you could definitely do all three sizes if you wanted to this one was in 1999 and this one was $14.99 so under $50 for this gift I think it's such a good steal I think $50 is like a really good price range for a gift which speaking of I do have a gift guy coming up for gifts under $50 for beauty lover so be on the lookout for that video the home kits that I went to actually has a t.j.maxx connected to it so I found these fuzzy socks and I picked some up for I picked one for myself and then I picked some up for gifts for my sisters but these are always really good idea for the holidays whether it's for stocking stuffers or if you want to put it in with like a robe or something cute like that and these were $6.99 so I also picked these up and I got a total of 8 of these I'm going to be giving these as a gift as a full set absolutely beautiful I don't know if you guys can tell but it has an actual like little brains don't in the middle so cute these were $4.99 apiece he'll again keeping it under $50 for a gift I personally I would love to get a guess like this I think these are just so gorgeous I don't know what it is you guys but every year our wine losses start disappearing one by one and we don't even have kids yet so I just went ahead and replace all of our wine glasses and this is what I got this year I got they kind of look like the ones that I got last year from Anthropologie but let me tell you guys these were like two to three dollars a piece and they do have the gold rim just like the Anthropology ones the only difference is they're not quite as fat at the bottom but I still think they look really elegant and really beautiful and I did get a full set of six of them which is pretty much what I like to set the table with okay so this right here has to be my favorite thing that I picked up it is a drink dispenser I've actually been looking for the perfect one for the longest time and nothing really caught my eye until I saw this one the only thing is I do have to make sure it doesn't leak because I do know that's like the only thing that may be faulty about a lot of these so I'll test it out and I'll leave a little note whether it leaks or we're good to go I will leave it down in the info box for you guys give you guys a little update because if it leaks it will be going back but let's keep our fingers crossed oh also before I forget this throw is also new and I actually got this specifically for this room I like it because it has little specks of black so the room that I'm in it's all gonna be like really neutral colors and our chandelier is black so I really wanted something to kind of pull that block in I'll probably film like another like day in the life video showing you guys when I put this formal dining room together cuz I am so excited that I finally found chairs that are perfect for this room and I can't wait for you guys to see I'm pretty much going to be in my third trimester like through the entire holiday season so we plan on spending a lot of time at home so I've decided that I'm gonna teach myself how to bake if you guys have been with me since the beginning I've told you guys I am terrible at baking I literally burned cookies like it wasn't even like gourmet cookies it was like those prepackaged like Pillsbury Dough cookies I literally burn those that's how bad I am at baking so I decided I'm gonna teach myself how to bake this year so I bought all cute little baking supplies so let me show you guys I got this cooling rack in gold it doesn't have to be just for baking it could be like anytime you have like a hot pan and you want to put on the counter top you can use this for it but I love that it has this little thing to hang because it makes it so much easier to store and I also got muffin tins and there's a gorgeous pink color and I fell in love with the color I wish they had more things available I'm sure that they did but they were probably sold out at my home goods and this is perfect not just for cupcakes but you could also make muffins which I like muffins then I also got these cookie cutters that are super festive there's a snowflake a little mitten and a snowman and then oh my gosh you guys these towels are precious and I thought they were really really cute for baking um whenever I bake everything's like color-coordinated you guys know I like to like wear anything I don't know why I'm weird like that but it's got penguins which I love penguins and they have little pink top hats isn't that cute you guys this is also a really good gift idea so let me tell you the prices this was $7 this was $10 the muffin tins were $10 and I don't remember how much the cooling rack was but I don't think it was more than like 10 bucks so this is all a really good gift for under $50 for somebody that loves that loves to bake you could put it in a really cute box and put some other favorite baking like if they like cake mix or whatever put like a little cake box in there or like a little flower yeah and tied up with a ribbon this would make such a cute holiday gift so yeah I think that is everything that I have for you guys in this video if you guys are new to my channel I would love it if you subscribe I upload videos every week you enjoy the video please give a thumbs up it helps me out tremendously and it lets me know to do more videos like this and I'll talk to you guys next time bye

46 thoughts on “Holiday Home Decor Haul! Homegoods & TJMAXX MissLizHeart

  1. Surprise! Late upload 😀 Hubby and I are actually putting together the new chairs as we speak LOL can't wait to show you guys! Also. some of the items I hauled already sold out online but you should be able to find them at your local Homegoos! Definitely check the info box to see what I did find. Leave a comment letting me know what you holiday videos you want to see next!

  2. Hey! I don’t know where u were looking at pillow covers but Hobby Lobby sells them way cheaper 😀

  3. I only recently discovered this channel about a month ago, and I have literally been obsessed! I just love every video! especially the décor and party food ideas!

  4. I love your videos I don't understand why would people put dislike thump down for videos like this or any others some one taking time of there busy life spending money buying stuff sharing with u ideas and why would u put thumps down u don't like it just turned off leave the Chanel but pls don't put thumps down or leave evil comments just seat watch enjoy

  5. So fun! Your videos are always so good! I love your pace and commentary. Watching is a nice break and full of good info, along with your amazing creativity 🐧🐦🐧🐦🐧

  6. Love the video … you always have great ideas ! ❤️❤️❤️ where did you get the champagne glasses ?? .. I don’t think you posted.

  7. You have the cutest gift ideas & I love how you always colour co-ordinate everything.
    Greetings from Kathu, South Africa

  8. LOVE your videos!! Just wanted to share a **TIP** for the beverage dispensers that leak – I always replace my spigot with a stainless steel one from Amazon, instead of the cheap plastic ones that come with them. You could spray paint the outside of these to be whatever color you need, and the ones from the Amazon link below NEVER leak. Enjoy!

    Amazon Link to Stainless Steel Beverage Dispenser Spigot:

  9. That drink dispenser 😍😍 I love that it's not so huge MOST just take up too much space and impossible to store!

  10. I’m in love with the muffin tins! Beautiful home and I love your style! Your my fav YouTuber and I’m so happy we both are pregnant with boys during the holidays! Your my life and style inspiration for sure!

  11. I hope you know the baby will put his hands everywhere in your dining/ living room 😂😩omg I hope you have a plan to cover the furniture up

  12. Lizzz! Friend in my head. I'm so happy for you. It's cute hearing you out of breath lol. I remember those days. I have an eight year old and he takes me on such journeys. Nice haul! Can't wait to see the dining room. I too am getting my formal dining room together.

  13. Those serving bowls with the reindeer are spectacular! I thrifted a plain set for a couple bucks earlier this year but those are gorgeous.

  14. cookies are usually baked 10-12 mins at 350°F. Use parchment paper before cooking banana/zucchini bread to prevent from sticking. You'll get good, You are at most things. Those are a few tips that have helped me.. after I learned the hard way too haha 😉

  15. Love those baking supplies especially the towels. Cant wait to c what u bake, I know they will be delicious.

  16. I noticed you had a candle burning next to you. Do you know you should only use bees wax or soy candles? The rest are bad for you.

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