41 thoughts on “Holiday Home Decor Haul (Small Apartment) | Chelsea Hernandez

  1. Is anyone know the silver and white Xmas tree still available somewhere now in 2018? I just love it so much but can’t find it at target no more 🙁

  2. Absolutely love your style….and I love the Reindeer with the scarf, I tried to buy one very similar last month from Hobby Lobby on line, but they're not longer available. I'm also doing a similar theme this year,maybe you can check out my haul for this year. Just subscribed to your channel, can't wait to see your decor this year. Thanks for sharing

  3. U really have good taste I like your style. The Christmas tree is divine. Where did you find the NOEL pillow, I am loving it.
    Happy New Year.. thanks for sharing this video.

  4. girl you did good!!!!! it's an art to buy something from dollar stores of any kind and make it look like you spent way more! trust me I consider myself a pro champion lol. good job and happy holidays!

  5. Everything is Beautiful! I Love the Silver theme, and 50% off I'm asking myself why I didn't go. Enjoy your home and Thumbs Up! I Love your tree. Looking forward to catching up with your video.

  6. Soooo cute! And I need that snowflake tree topper. We didn't get one yet because like you said, they're expensive! I'm sad I missed out on that amazing Target sale!! 🙁 Hopefully they do it again next year.

  7. Love love the winter wonderland decor. …. N damn perfect lighting with just Christmas lights.Everything turned out beautiful

  8. I'm just so obsessed with your decorations! Ever since you've filmed at your moms house you guys have such good taste

  9. Your apartment decor!!! Omg I love your living room! And you still looked great as always! I absolutely love your videos! I look forward to them every week!

  10. You got some really great pieces hun..Tfs. I have a Beauty channel for anyone interested in becoming a Doll 👸🏰

  11. I'm so in love with the decor in general! 😍😍😍😍 you need to come decorate at my house I swear hands down #youarethebomb 🙌😘😘😻😻😻

  12. OMG! As soon as the vid started I was like she looks sooooo ADORBS! Love love LOVING the lips and then you say excuse my appearance! Girl you looks CAYUTE! <3

  13. Everything is so beautiful and elegant! Much like you. 😊 We decorated this weekend and I still want to go out and get more!

    Thanks for sharing!

  14. Your living room looks amazing. I absolute love your style in decorations. You got some really good finds! (:

  15. Absolutely love your tree its so unique and beautiful!!! I always love your decor;) I think I will do the same for vlogmas cause work takes up most of my week lol def do your weekends tho cause its fun and it will create memories for you xoxoxox

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