28 thoughts on “Home Decor and DIY Updates| 2018

  1. I could sit and watch your videos all day! Not good for getting my own projects done, lol! Beautiful home and I love the black bathroom mirror! What an awesome deal!

  2. Love your decor style, looks so lovely, cozy and warm! Where did you find the clock that is hanging between your entry and kitchen? Also, was the window treatment in the living room a diy or a purchase? Thanks for some fantastic ideas and inspiration!!!

  3. I never grow tired of your videos! You're so creative, Jen. Thank you so much for sharing! Xx

  4. First time seeing your channel. Love it so far. I just moved in my trailer and I want to decorate it farmhouse look I like the light clean look

  5. I'm a new subscriber and I'm in love already lol . My house is glam / farmhouse mixed. I'm so loving your home! Amazed at the perfection of that black mirror!

  6. I miss you. You can add to the mirror. In the bathroom a sing it will go great with your decor.🌼🌼🌼

  7. Looks awesome. Love the black mirror and the windows. Instead of three wreaths across, just put two in front of the windows and then put a sign or picture on the mantel.
    I love the look of stacked books.

  8. i love your channel! you have such a great eye and are so creative. the bathroom looks amazing! can you tell me where you purchased the men/women bathroom sign? i love it and have been looking for something like that for ages. thanks!

  9. I showed my husband your laundry area picture from IG. He said he'd do that for me when we do our laundry room revamp. 😆 I'm more excited about the counter on top of w&d more than anything lol

  10. Oh yeah – the black mirror is perfect in that space. What a genius idea to put that slab of – whatever it is – across the top of your washer/dryer. And, elevating the laundry soap on the little stand is such a cute detail. Love all of it. Your design style is fantastic.

  11. Looooovvvveee it all ! New sub here, hi ! Will b watching over n over cause you give me so much inspirational ideas. Awesome !

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