10 thoughts on “Home Decor & Brand Name Cereal | Dollar Tree Haul

  1. I love the cute white soup bowl. You found the Craisins! Girl I just bought another bag too 😂. Those houses are so cute! I agree they would be perfect for Christmas 👍🏽. Great haul hun!

  2. Haven't seen the wax melts or the rice. The Craisins are good. You are too funny. Adorable shirt. Hugs

  3. Whaaaaat… I want the exfoliating foot mask. I've been considering paying $12 for the one at CVS. But if I can find this DT one, I'm all over it!

  4. Girl, you're the candle woman! I'm loving that gingham print on you. Ha, you got sucked into the cute dog thing when you don't have a dog. That sounds like something I would do.

    Now I want to munch on cereal.

  5. Hello my beautiful friend. Great haul. That mahogany coconut candle looks great. Enjoyed watching ☺️❣️😘

  6. Hey my Ohio Sista The exfoliating foot mask does work just give it time to work. I want them to make a cat bowl brush. Great Haul 💜💜

  7. Great haul Ashley! I made an unnecessary list lol. Had me cracking up when you were talking about the shirt! 😂

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