Home Decor DIY : Painted Canvas Clock (Very Easy)

Home Decor DIY : Painted Canvas Clock (Very Easy)

hi everyone this is Chris thank you for joining me in today's video we're gonna be making some very nice canvas and we're gonna be painting it in a very easily way and I'm sure you'll have all this at home you don't have to be an artist you don't have to know how to paint to do this one you can be inspired by it and do it with your own colors it's so so easy and I've embellished it with some little butterflies that were given to me not long ago by some friends just to have more dimension as you can see here this one is dimensional their own dimensional actually and you can glue them down here I've just used a foam double-sided sticker foam just to glue it them down and we're gonna use a watch so you can buy these cheap bow watches and you know the the one dollar store you have around you I have this one but it was a bit too small here as you can see I would have it was a bit too small for that one or you can go on Amazon and find these huge ones if you wanted to make a bigger canvas these are just as fine and you can have the whole mechanism actually you buy the mechanism with everything is included here to hang it also some of them be careful comes with a hanger on the back somes don't some don't so make sure that you want one that you can hang on here it's not even an issue I like these they're really cute this are made see different and you can also paint them if you wanted to you can use some acrylic paint I would rather use a spray paint to really cover it up if you wanted to change the color you could make some pink for example so you can customize them what else so yeah here I don't bother this one I can't hang it but I'm gonna hang directly the the frame so it's not a biggie I'm gonna use acrylic paint here you could use water color if you wanted to but I like the fact that you have a little bit of texture I like the 3d effect of the paint I'm just going to show you few brands here I'm going to use Amsterdam I'm going to use Luca Dex these are my favorite acrylic brands and this one is that cheapo when I got a long time ago I don't even remember where so I'm gonna do this in maybe two or three shades of pink and a little bit of green for the the lease and again you can use any kind of embellishments you can make paper butterflies if you have a little paper punch hole you can use that as well whatever you like spray some glitter on top and one more thing I didn't want to put numbers here I can read the time without having numbers if you want to put numbers maybe you could put just a few points or you can use stickers if you wish to that's just my personal preference but you can't of course arrange this in other colors you wish okay so you will need also of course a paintbrush a small one here and also q-tips these are the most important thing because we're going to use q-tips for this so I'm sure you have cue ticks at home you just take a couple of them like this I've got about seven here one two three four five six seven you don't have to shoot this on this sign they look like a flower and this side is just random it doesn't have to have a specific pattern and just a little rubber band to keep it together in the same shape and we're going to use both sides it's going to be cost-effective don't forget a maybe if you need to a little bucket of water so I'm gonna get my paintbrush because of course I forgot it can I'll be back in just a second all right so now we're gonna start by painting so for the branch I'm gonna use a little bit of this purple color and a little bit of brown because this one is too purple for me and the brown is not exactly the brown I like so I'm gonna mix a little bit of both if you have already the right color you don't have to do this step so I'm just gonna make both mix both and give it a try to see if I like it I need more purple so it's going to darken my purple but not too much with a little tint of yeah I think I'm gonna like this one yes a bit more Brown yeah perfect all right I'm gonna use a little bit of water and this is just a scrap piece of paper I don't like throwing away things if I can reuse them for other purposes and now I'm going to make my branches so it's totally random you don't have to do with something specific I'm trying not to make my branches too large a little bit more water and don't forget to go also on the size of your canvas here just to make it a little bit more realistic and also I think it goes it has a more professional look to it I'm gonna go back here you know what I like to do and I'm gonna do it upside down I hope you won't be bothered by this but I tend to find it easier and also I think for you guys it's gonna be better if you don't have my hand in the way and there's a big shadow too I'm gonna go on that side as well there you go bit more here and if you think it's too dark we're gonna cover it up most of it with our paint with our flowers and this one is gonna go back here this one a little bit on the side too there you go I think I might need another branch maybe going this way there you go right and a little bit down there that's good so now what I'm going to do is look at a try and I'm going to prepare my other colors it's acrylic paint so it should dry fairly quickly I'm gonna do a bit more around here and another yeah there you go bit more water just a tiny weeny bit there you go and I want to make it almost all disappear as soon as I use my paints can you see here in comparison you can barely see it you can see it but it's not that dark it's not that harsh alright and I have another example also I've done another one lately because I have another present to do and this one is also different I've used the same paint the same color but I've covered a lot of it just cyka you can see it just a little bit and I think it's good if you want to see it more you don't have to cover it so now let's make it completely dry and I'll come back in a few minutes alright my canvas is dry so that what I'm going to do and I've already prepared a little bit of pain here and his crap piece of paper I'm gonna use my how do you call this I can't even remember you take your cotton balls and we're gonna start and I'm gonna start by a darker color and I'm gonna start just pouncing I'm gonna take a little bit of this paint I'm gonna take a look and see how it goes so I need to change them you know what I thought they were gonna be just fine but I'm gonna take brand new ones it'll be better so I'm gonna take I don't know how many five six of these that's a bit too much one two three four five six that's going to be good I tried to put them all at the same level and I'm going to give them kind of a random sheep you can give them a sheep of flower as well if you want you let's see if I put another one if I put like seven if I put like seven do you see the Sheep I'm gonna have it's already like a flower I'm gonna go with this so I'm going to put my rubber band around so they'll stay the place make sure they're all leveled again and try to make a little flower you don't have to it's just like I think it's just a little bit nicer alright and now I'm gonna test it again got some paint on my fingers a bit more paint yep and that's fine so I'm going to load it and I'm going to start pouncing here and there and I'm gonna go over my brownish part here because I want to hide it a little bit and I'm starting off with the darker color so there are some areas where there is more pain some others where there's less you really I'm not thinking about it at all that's what I like about this project because it's just so fun it's like the Empress honest you know the paint really nice and I will go with two more colors don't forget to go on the sides as well a little bit more on this side too right and these there you go a bit more of this dark pink foucha it's kind of foosh that color actually so again you can put as much as you wish if you want to fill up the white space you can I want to leave a little bit of white space probably gonna leave a bit more than what I've done in my previous can on my previous candidates just to see what's nicer there's no right or wrong here this is nice this is what I like about this project okay now I'm going to go for this color so it's a pinkish orange e BG color I want to say like a bit like coral and I'm not gonna wait that is that this first paint is dry I'm just gonna go on top in between and I'm changing my q-tip so q-tips I got the word in different directions so I don't have always the same pattern and I will finish it up with a lighter color I'm gonna go on the edges to again and you were really not using a lot of paint on this project either that's good there you go might go down to how fun is this I hope you're really gonna try it because it's fun it's rather relaxing you really don't need at all to know how paint which is nice and it's the general effect that is really gonna look pretty alright maybe one more here too much white there and maybe here as well yeah even though I know there's no stems here or branch I still gonna put one there and now I'm gonna finish it up with my letter lightest color so I've already got some q-tips ready and I'm gonna go on top of all my colors and that's where I really going to take away all this too many harsh lines that I find a bit too dark you still can see them kind of because you're not putting so much paint that it's completely opaque it's just kind of disappearing a little bit in the background because you know the flowers are not apart from the branch there some behind the printer some on the size of the branch and some other others on the top of the branches so it's more realistic actually you can see the branch but not too much I hope you'll still be able to see this lighter color again I'm going to put that as well on the size of my canvas just a tiny bit I think I need a bit more of this light pink it gives having different shades of pink make things more realistic at the same time because you've got the shadows somehow in the way there you go I really like it but what I like the most in this project is what I'm gonna put a little bit of green because the green is really going to make everything pop out just using a little bit here and there and now I'm gonna use this lime pink lime green and I'm only gonna use one q-tip for this so I'll have a bit more control on where I want my color to be I'm going to use this side ring clean one and there you go again I'm not trying to follow a very realistic pattern I'm just putting some color here and there you need to have some leaves right all flowers have a little bit of leaf but here if I use just one I really have more control so much better much better see how it lightens up the whole thing it makes it really nice now that I have this color and again I'm not using a whole bunch of colors there's probably what four of them which is plenty enough otherwise when you use more colors sometimes it may look a little messy but again it's up to you give it a try as long as you're happy with what you're doing it's perfect just be happy enjoy your moment any bit here and there and don't forget the signs so what I like is that it will look nice even when you look at from the signs just a tiny bit is enough don't have much here I could go on forever but you need to know when to stop and this is not always easy and you could make a bigger one because you see you have big clock hands here so you could make a really big one if you wanted to use a big canvas mmm something maybe oval would be nice to not square but you know oval shape that would look pretty I'm making some bigger ones in some smaller ones and I think I'm gonna call it good yeah I think it's just fine maybe it bit here oops okay sorry about that I was just waiting for an important call okay so for my painting is not totally dry yet so you can wait for it to be completely dry or you can start making a little hole here because we're gonna put our mechanism here so before even doing this I want to show you one thing you are going to find in stores or on the net wherever you're gonna buy your mechanism mainly two sizes okay there are even shorter ones but I won't even talk about these so as you can see here if you look at this side there and there there's one that is much longer okay can you see the gold part longer so I'm not going to use this one because this one is not gonna be useful for my painting because even though here it is thick if this was plain wood I would need something really big and long to go through it so I can put my alarm hands okay clock hands but actually I'm gonna go just here and this is a very thin part you can see my finger coming through okay so I don't need something that is too long otherwise my hands are going to be way apart from my painting which is not gonna look nice so I'm gonna use this shorter one that is plenty enough so before you buy something especially if it's for a canvas like this one make sure you don't have the too long this is good if you had maybe a piece of wood that you wanted to make a turn into a clock then you would need something longer here to go through the sickness of it okay so they come usually with this this is the main part where you put usually one or maybe two batteries they can come it's it's an option all and don't do it but you have this piece that you can put also there on the back so you are able to hang your clock on the wall I'm not going to use this part here because since it is going to go inside there I'm gonna hang it directly from here because this is thinner than my canvas so make sure maybe you want to have one I don't know if it's very useful for you or not but some of them come with this and they come with different things so we're going to use these two to block your lawn behind the mechanism and they also come in a variety of hands with different shapes with different colors and the price is also vary a lot so I've shown you this one that I'm going to use because they're the smallest that I have you can also have bigger ones like these so these two come together and you have the one for the seconds as well that is even longer you have this one here these are in a gold color and they're really nice so depend on what you want the style of your clock you can use different styles of hands too and some of them the longer one the bigger ones are going to be a bit more expensive but they're really nice and again you can color these or you can even trim a little bit the top here if you they are distant tiny bit too big it's aluminum it's really easy to cut apart and look at this these are old hands that I have and I wanted to give it a try for Christmas I like making clocks and I've just used a little bit of glitter on top just to see what it was gonna look like though so I left the back black and I've just used a little bit of glitter just to make it a bit more interesting for Christmas so again you can use acrylic paint to do that as well so that was really important I wanted to talk to you about that so now I'm just gonna see where I'm going to put my my hole so this is the longer piece that I have okay when you look at these that's the longest piece so this is going to be my reference and I want it to be somewhere around here I will put some decorations probably around it so maybe let's see there I just want to make sure it's not going off my my canvas that's a nice place to go to do it yeah I kind of like it so I'm just gonna make a little mark here and we're good we're not gonna see it anymore I'm gonna use tiny scissors and I'm gonna start making a hole it's really easy you don't need to press hard maybe it depends of the brand also but this is a very cheapo canvas and I'm gonna make the hole big enough so I can put my mechanism through and I'm gonna try and cut the edge a little bit to make it cleaner take your time when you do this I'm kind of rushing just a little bit because I just want you to see what is most important these are more details but they're important if you want to give this as a gift or maybe sell this clock well it needs to be neat so I'm gonna give it a try see if it's big enough yes it is so I still have some little bits here and there sticking out but I think I'm gonna call it good work just for now see how it goes that's good and what you can do I should have put this maybe underneath but honestly it's so lightweight I'm not gonna bother I am just going to put this on top this is going to fix your mechanism but if you wish to to make sure it's not moving you can also put double-sided tape just here in between your canvas and the mechanism so I'm going to pull it in place and really tighten this up make it secure you can use also some tools to help you that's good all right now I'm gonna put my hands so you have everytime you can see here this Mullen was the smallest one has the bigger hole and the other one has is more smaller hole so that you put the bigger one first bigger hole first all right that's going to be your ours then you put the other one on top gonna be the minutes all right and you can move them and put them in shape and then the second there you go I don't even know what time it is so I'm not gonna bother with this and now I've checked it out first it should be working I'm going to put the yes it is working good I'm happy so now you can leave this part blank if you wanted to I am NOT I'm going to put a little bit of decoration so I've got these tiny paper butterflies that I'm gonna put here I've got bigger ones but I don't think I'm gonna use the big ones I'm gonna use the smallest ones I have and they're done pattern paper so they're all kind of different and I'm bending them a little bit so I'll have something three-dimensional and I also have this one here that is a bit different it's another kind of butterfly and you know what I'm going to use two or three of these I usually like to use odd numbers so just let see where I'm going to put that one here maybe you want over there kind of maybe under my hands and I'm gonna flatten it out just a little bit so it it's not gonna block it I'm gonna put one here oops you could use your hot gun to do this I just totally forget about putting it on I am going to put another round another one here facing in another direction and I'm also going to use this tiny bitty one and I'm just going to put it there might change this a little bit what about if I put another one I know I just said I like odd numbers but yeah I don't want to make like a square ha I might put another one let's put one here just at the very bottom part and it's going to face this way there you go and you know what I'm going to call it good so this is a very fast and easy way to make a at the same time it canvas but also a painting but also a clock and I am going to hang one of mine the one that I just did on my walls and I am going to make three more to offer to my friends because I know that's the colors they like and it goes back with their interior you could make one very modern if you wanted to but this is this fits a lot of interior or even a room you don't in your bedroom you can put one of these or oh you know where there's always a lack of time it's always in the bathroom I need to have a clock so I might do a smaller one a smaller canvas because I have another one like this very small small canvas ready to put in the in the bathroom that would have the same colors there you go please leave me our comments I always come back to you or if you have any questions leave them down below give me some thumbs up also and subscribe to this channel hit the bell button and please share on social medias it helps my a lot thank you so much take care in see you soon

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  1. This is a great idea, sharing with my granddaughter who always loves to paint on canvas. Maybe she can add the clock embellishment

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