25 thoughts on “Home Decor Finishing Touches (Music Studio, Closet, Bathroom)

  1. Love that you went ahead and made a sign yourself when you couldn't find one that worked for you. You're amazing!

  2. Your house is really lovely. It all matches because it's all earthy tones, but there's still enough variety in the colors and textures so that it doesn't get boring. The house has really great energy, well done!

  3. For me you're the synonym for inspiration:X:X everytime i need it i just type "rachel talbott" on youtube:D

  4. Loved the The storage diy.
    The closet chandelier that you had. before I love it.
    although the one you put is nice as well.

  5. I have the volume on my computer turned up all the way and youtube volume all the way and youre still very quiet….

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