Home Decor Haul | Gemary

Home Decor Haul | Gemary

hi everyone today's video is going to be a home decor ha and this is actually a collective haul these are things that I've purchased or that have been gifted to me within a span of three months so some of the things I've had for a while and some things are a little bit newer so yeah if you guys are interested in some of the pieces that I purchased for my house where the husband gives it to me just keep watching me so the first thing is actually this basket and I'm going to do product shops of everything I'm obsessed and baskets lately I love the whole trend the reason I'm obsessed with this particular basket is because of the wiring and the mix between the very modern like industrial wires and the more traditional basket so the reason I purchased this was to be able to fit all my pillows like the pillows that are on my couch or my throws if we don't want it to be unattached because you want to lay on the couch and we kind of want to get things out of the way and I've ever spastic as Target next I have a throw which is actually the throw that I always put in the basket because I have another to do on the couch so we just use this one when we want to cover ourselves nor watch movies or whatever and this one's also from Target I really really love the stripes I love how minimal it is but it kind of still makes a statement and it looks so so pretty inside the basket and it's really big and it actually covers like it feels very thin but it actually really does cover and I absolutely love it it's by the Target I believe it's their threshold collection which is my absolute favorite if you guys have been reading my blog you know that I mentioned you and amber bottles like three times already in a span of like one week and I just I can't get enough of this trend I really really love bought apothecary bottles old vintage medicine bottles I don't know what it is I have these little bottles which I have had for years and I got it on Etsy so I also got this next thing that I'm going to show you on Etsy and it's just an apothecary bottle or a regular you know jar but I use it as a base and right now it's holding my eucalyptus mix with some other little branch that kind of looks like an olive branch but I'm not sure what it is I forgot what the Flora's had said that it was but I really really love the way that the Greens look with the dark amber bottle I really want to get more amber jars or bottles as bases for blood faces but I think it looks so elegant and it just makes any space nice and I really like to have fresh flowers or fresh branches or whatever it is right now I'm really into like greens and branches but a lot of the time I do love fresh flowers especially like panties and things like that so I purchased a new vase and this one I got from my local florist I'm not really sure where I can find this online but I'll try my best to find something very similar I really love the way that looks this is sitting on my kitchen island right now and it was definitely the touch that was missing my kitchen hiding was very plain and I wanted to find like the perfect base I love how hot it is and again I have more eucalyptus and more of these little branches in it the next two things that I'm going to show you I don't know if they're really considered like home decor in my opinion they are and I don't know if you guys are very into like home decor and interior design but if you are would have probably seen that dark like em soap dispenser bottles are very on trend right now and they've been for a while I think it all started with the whole like a soap soap I recently found this company and it's called Murchison Hume and they sell dish soap you know cleaning products regular pencil and lotion and things like that and I've been seeing this little duel in a lot of the kitchens that I would pin on Pinterest and I just really really love the way that they looked together before this I had my II soap little soap dispenser and one that I used on my bathroom and I purchased these and I'm so happy I did I thought they were going to be really expensive but II soap is a lot more expensive and not only am I really loving the way that this looks like on the sink I wanted to talk about the scent because I am obsessed it's the original fig scent and I got their hand soap and their velvet about hand cream and you guys times told me my wife and I were like this smells amazing like this smells really really good if I could make a perfume or if I can make like a room scent it would be this scent right here it's the original fig and before I purchased this I was like you know I'm just going to use the bottle just like I use the e soap one and I'm just going to put whatever soap i want and reuse the bottle but honestly after smelling this I really do think I need to purchase the hand soap again when I run out and the notion is just as amazing I'm so obsessed with the way that it smells I'm not even kidding like I don't know I really love the way that looks as well obviously this is a home decor video boys to smell and to me next I have a pillow cover and this did not come with a pedal hose inside I got the pillow on Amazon and I'm going to link where I got this and everything that I mentioned as always I'm going to link it down below but I've been obsessed with mud cloth lately and not just like the mud cloth trends but bohemian or I guess some might call it tribal prints in general I think that they just kick any space up a notch and really brings a little bit more edge so I plan to collect these little pillow covers I really love the fact that you can just take off this cover and put another one you just have to buy another cover the size of whatever pillow you buy so it's kind of smarter to buy a pillow cover as opposed to buying a pillow and then what if you don't like the pillow and like a week you're stuck with a fiddle so yeah next to have a dishtowel which I got from home goods which I put over my oven and I just really love the way that it does I know how simple it is I love the stripes again I think that these kind of like very muted neutral stripes go very well with almost anything else you put in your kitchen it's not like a very loud dish towel that's just going to bring too much attention to a certain area in your kitchen I usually don't find a lot of the things in home goods surprising I know a lot of people are obsessed with homeless but for some reason the homeless by my house just never had two things so I was so happy when I found this and they're super soft and huge have some cookbooks and again you're probably wondering that's not home to court why are you mentioning that in this video and it's because I have exposed shelves for those of you that didn't watch my house tour you wouldn't know that I have exposed shelves so I actually use my cookbooks as decoration so the first one that I chose was the Mexican slow cooker cookbook because I have a slow cooker and because I absolutely love Mexican food the next one is sub kitchen and I got this one because it was like Amazon's number one best-selling cookbook and a lot of people have actually told me that the recipes in this book are actually really good and not like impossible to follow so I'm really really excited to try this one and I really love the way that you know like black and it gives a little bit more edge to my shelf which I will do a kitchen reveal very soon I'm going to show you guys how I style the shelves and everything so don't worry it's coming and then the last book that I got is the skinny paste cookbook and it said this light on calories book big on flavor and this is another best seller on Amazon and it's also a New York Times best seller and honestly what sold me on this is number one obviously it's a low calorie cookbook but number two has shrimps in the cover and I love seafood especially shrimps I really really love anything with shrimp in it so that kind of sold me and again it's a pretty looking book but I do plan on using all of these books next was actually a gift that I received from one of my family members in a family housewarming party that we had and it's this bowl I think you could call it or pop I don't know it's made out of ceramic and it says market fresh in the front and it's so cute and I have this on my shop as well in my kitchen I know it looks really pretty but we don't have Bowl in this house yet I haven't purchased like a good set of bowls like to prepare food or salad or you know the big bowls that you would need in any kitchen so we have been using this for everything from literally preparing meat to serving popcorn this actually serves a purpose and I kind of like that I kind of like to affect everything on my shelves serve a purpose they're not just sitting there to look pretty besides my class but the majority of you know everything almost everything that's on my shelves is for a purpose I don't have anything on there it's collecting dust for no reason so I'm kind of digging the fact that I can use everything and say that everything you know it's not only pretty but it's practical so yeah this is from Bed Bath and Beyond and surprisingly they have a lot of cute things for the kitchen another thing that I had put in my registry from a housewarming party was this little cheese board and I actually thought it was a cutting board until I received it and then the tag said that is a cheese board and it makes sense because it's very small so whatever you serve does a very good cutting board but I just really love the way that this looks on the show I do it I do plan on using it as a cheese board but it's just so pretty that I kind of don't want to ruin it the wood is just a perfect color and it has a lighter one in the middle and then it has this like marbled kind of top to it it's really heavy and it'll work as a perfect flat lay prop so that's always a plus nice for you guys so my main favors you would have seen that I talked about this and obviously have to mention it because it is something that I purchased from a house it is a decor piece and it is men on board I'm kind of tired of talking about it but it's great i dub it and I just really make any area that I put it in look so much better if you guys don't have one of these I definitely recommend it for your room your kitchen your house your apartment wherever you want this is just so cute honestly and if you're into quotes even better but I mean even if you don't want to put quotes on it if you want to put it in your kitchen and so many wonõt or whatever I don't know I'm just obsessed with this little letter board and wasn't that crazy expensive compared to other letter boards that I've seen on the market I knew that I was missing something and I can't believe I forgot to mention my round mayor I've been obsessed with this mirror ever since I bought it I love the way that round mirrors in general look I'm really really loving that trend right now but I love this mirror and it's brass detailing I cannot believe that I forgot to mention it but yes this is also part of my home decor ha I got this at Target and it was like 50 bucks and that is everything for my little consecutive home decor haul thank you guys so much for watching don't forget to Like and subscribe if you enjoy and I'll see you in my next video

42 thoughts on “Home Decor Haul | Gemary

  1. I love the items you purchased. Seems like you and I are two of the same. I just found some gorgeous amber bottles at target from hearth & hand. Looking forward to more videos!

  2. Love your style.  I wish they still had that throw blanket from Target available but unfortunately they no longer carry it  🙁    I also see you burning PF Candle Co candles.  I just placed an order and waiting for them to come in.  Can't wait!

  3. Can post the link to where we can get the amber bottles? I love them so much but I can’t find any on amazon or etsy.

  4. I am a new subscriber, however I love your house and all of your decor. I have that mirror I just love it.

  5. I love the bottle collection. I like using jars and have found that Apple Cider vinegar comes in brown glass so a cool upcycle.

  6. Everything about your style is amazing and so pleasing to watch! It makes me want to redo my whole home and spend tons of money 😂 you are also so beautiful! New subbie❤️😀

  7. I love all Your decorations, continue show cause I use some ideias for inspiration for decorate my house. Kiss from France

  8. Eucalyptus branches trend: finally something that is inexpensive or free for Australians! I love those amber bottles.

  9. You have the absolute best taste! Been following you for over a year now and it just keeps getting better!

  10. Awesome haul video! I want everything! You're definitely my new favorite decor youtuber and yeah… off to follow you on instagram now! i'm @the_linda_edit (Instagram & tumblr if you want to check out my feed). Have a lovely day!

  11. Yay for 20k, super proud of you and love watching your channel grow! I love how you put your plants in the jar, that is so cute! I want to get some cookbooks when I move to use to cook and to use as decor, I think they look so modern and chic!

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