HOME DECOR HAUL! | HomeGoods, World Market, Marshalls | #TheRamadanDaily

HOME DECOR HAUL! | HomeGoods, World Market, Marshalls | #TheRamadanDaily

hello everybody welcome back to my channel my name is Aisha this is your first time here and welcome back to little Milan daily so as promised in yesterday's video I am doing a home decor haul hema deny it went shopping over the weekend finally and we went to home goods we went to world market also Marshalls well but I'm gonna be sharing basically just a couple things that we picked up I thought I was gonna be a home goods girl but I think I'm officially addicted or like obsessed with world market Cross Plus World Market is so much more inexpensive and they have such unique pieces so I picked up a couple things from there and yeah we're just gonna get right in so I'm actually leaving to Toronto tomorrow so I have a lot to do today I'm gonna film this home dig her hall and then I'm gonna bring you guys along with me throughout the day I'm gonna be meal prepping from Hamed so that he has like iftar and support for the rest of the week and then also I'm gonna be making dinner for us tonight so this video is probably gonna be kind of long but I know you guys enjoy my longer vlog so let's get started I am going to start with home goods so the first thing I picked up is a good old fashioned tea fell so we needed like a smaller frypan we have like a larger one that we also got from home goods last time which is so cute I always get questions about its like the beige one that is from home goods from a brand called master class and I just wanted like a smaller one so that I could make like I don't know what I'm making breakfast for just myself I have something so I got that and stuff but a medium sized t-fal and the great thing about home goods if you guys don't know I'm sure a lot of you guys do but basically it's like cheaper than regular price so this is comparable at eighteen dollars but I got it for $12.99 which I think it's pretty dope and then I also got a lemon squeezer because I love I have one of these at home in Toronto at my parents house I guess I should say no since uh here is officially my new home but um I love these things make it so much easier to squeeze a lemon especially when the lemon isn't like super super juicy so it's just a good old-fashioned lemon squeezer and I found this at Target or like when we're at Target I looked at the price and it was like 17 dollars or something and I was like why would anyone price a lemon squeezer at $17 it doesn't make any sense this was $4.99 and so and then I also got a whisk because I realized when I was making pancakes last week for my sort ideas video if you guys still haven't watched it you can check out wherever that card pops up I don't have a whisk so I got myself a whisk it was only $4.99 pretty good from KitchenAid as well and that is everything in that first bag and then in the second bag I got some stuff for the bathroom so I wanted to pick up some more like hand towels and stuff I have like towels for my face but not really for my hands so I picked up this it was only $6.99 and it's just a pack of five or six it's a pack of six and they're like really nice and plush as you can see so pick that up and then to go along with that I also picked up one of these things I don't really know what these are called Oh towels dead it's called the towel stand just to put in our like master bathroom because we have like an open space and I want to put something there I will show you guys kind of where I place things later on in this vlog but yeah I thought this would be cute in that little space and then we will use the little hand towels to loop them through I also got some China I really know what qualifies as China let me know in the comments if you do and you taught some bowls because I'm I really like eating out of these types of bowls and we have some I don't know they're not like fully set up but right over there we got them from West album and we love those but I like using them for like display and those are also the only bowls that we have so I figured I would get some huge bowls I got two of these and I mean you can use these for like salads and soups I mean this would be a lot for a suit but you know what I mean and yeah it's super cute and these were only $6.99 I was so shocked like they had some basic looking ones when they were like $7.99 and this was a nine and these are handmade and Portugal and they're like super super heavy-duty and good quality so and then the last couple things I got from home goods is finally like more like bedding stuff because we only have a plain white duvet on our bed right now and it's like kind of ugly kind of basic and I figured it's finally time to get like a full comforter set especially with my parents actually my entire family I don't know if I mentioned this but I think I did my entire family is coming here the last weekend from well done and I'm so excited actually the last couple days of Ramadan but anyways oh that's besides the point I got a new bedding set and this is what it looks like it says build a texture collection luxury bedding and it comes with like two cute little pillows as well as the with the sham the pillow shams and then this is kind of like the texture I don't know if you'll be able to see it but I'll show you guys on the bed when I actually like place it but it looks super cute this is what the little example looks like so I really like white bedding just because I feel like it just makes the place look super clean kind of reminds me of like a hotel or something and then I like to play things up with the pillows so we didn't get any pillows I didn't see any that I liked at the time so this is what we're just gonna have for now and I will set that up and show you guys and then we also just bought some basic pillows these are like very very basic pillows I mean we're mainly gonna use this for when like guests come over but specifically also for our comforter so the shams that come with that and you're gonna like use these pillows for and then we'll have like a full you guys know I mean if you're followers of my channel for a long time you know how I feel about pillows on beds I have like ten pillows on my bed at home in Toronto and I want to like do the same here and then we actually did get something for Marshalls so I'm going to show you guys we just got more plates because we realized that like even just for us I mean we have four large plates and then three kind of warranty core ones and we always run out of plates like you don't want to wash or like sometimes iron dish in the dishwasher or like I need plates for multiple serving dishes and stuff I figured it's just time to get more plates especially with my parents coming so that is what we did I'm just gonna open one of them because they all look exactly the same but it's just a plain white plate and I thought this would be great to add to our plate collection and they were only 399 there's still pretty good quality so that is everything that we got from home goods and marshals and now I will move on to a world market so I specifically it's funny because I specifically went to home goods first to find a chair for my desk upstairs and I had zero luck at HomeGoods if you guys saw in my halia in my vlog yesterday so I was like you know what let's go to world market because chef took me there one time and I was very impressed with what they had and it did me good and now world market is my official go-to place I will show you guys in my chair in a bit it's already set up but while we were there I also picked up some additional things I think the reason why I was like world market is that it's very unique stuff like I find full goods in Marshalls like always has the same brands they always have the same just the same everything but it's very unique at world market and I really love it so um super random I cut a mason jar I like drinking out of Haitian jars for my smoothies and we only have really small cups so I like making a lot and I like meeting a lot of them so I just got this literally to drink my smoothies out of they didn't have one specifically meant for a drink like ideally I would have liked one that has like a little straw hole here so that's fine I mean it's not necessary all right back in action the next thing I got from world's market I picked up some serving plates because we don't have any as I just mentioned I was using like our normal regular eating plates for that super super beautiful and just like simple dinnerware or like serving ware so I picked up this and I have something very very similar at home in Toronto and I love kind of serving like meat and vegetables and different things on these types of plates so I had to have one for my home here and this is actually a little bit bigger than the one I have in Toronto so it'll hold more this was 1099 so actually kind of pricey but worth it just a square so I figured this would be good for vegetables or meat as well and this was $4.99 so significantly cheaper I don't know why that was 1099 I really don't know and then I will show you guys my chair actually so my chair I am so happy with um basically I wanted to get a really cute but functional chair so don't mind as a mess on my desk but this is the chair that I picked up from world market as soon as I saw it I was like you know what not really my regular style but I think I'm kind of digging it and surprisingly like cow print is kind of coming back in style at least like in the fashion world so I thought this was so so cute and it has the little I don't know what this is called the tufted or button detailing which is so cute and the legs although they're wood they match really really nicely with this desk that I have from West Elm and I think it's just like so chic and so classy and it's actually very very comfortable so if I can find this chair online on world market I know they have an online shop which is another thing that I really like about worlds market as opposed to home goods I don't know I'm out of breath guys that was literally like 14 steps um but yeah I can find things online that can link them to you guys which makes it super easy for my life as an influencer social media person but yeah very very comfortable it's really nice on the back it's low enough so that it won't show when I'm filming videos and I am just obsessed with it there is some assembly required but it didn't take very long i'ma did it for me and yeah it's very very soft it's not suede so don't worry it's literally just like some kind of fabric that I am obsessed with this chair so that is all the homeware stuff but now to the random things that I got from world's market chef let me know that they have really great like random foods and foods that like you have seen from your childhood that you never know where to pick up again but yeah I picked up you know I'll show this last but I picked up some peanut butter it filled pretzels looks like this as soon as we saw this I mean cummins were like yeah we need to try that because I'm obsessed with pretzels he's obsessed with peanuts and and peanut butter so it just kind of worked out and they taste so good like they're so good they also have like a brownie filled one but we got the peanut butter one and I'm snacking on these after our lately and then oh my god they actually have I thought this was so random but they actually have coffee crisp there which coffee crisp is a Canadian candy I verified that in my trip to Arkansas I love you guys didn't know what coffee purse was in America but world's market sells it which I was so surprised about and the great thing is chemic loves coffee crisp so he was very excited when he saw this because he only gets it when he comes and visits me in Canada or when like I bring them to him so coffee crisp if you are a coffee lover check out world market this literally is basically like a wafer that tastes like chalk like coffee and it's like wrapped in chocolate it's just so good and then oh I forgot about this but I got a little baster because I really like using these when I grill and I know my parents are gonna want me to grill whenever they come here so I got a little baster and then they also had like honestly this is so random guys but they have this sweet and hot barbeque sauce honey habanero and I thought that this would taste so good on chicken we have a grill in our apartment complex like a communal grill so I figured it would be really nice to actually grill some stuff first our when my parents come here obviously putting like you know aluminum down so there's no contamination or anything but oh and then I told you let me show you this one so easy to go this but it's shrimp chips me and my brother grew up on shrimp chips and you could only get them at the Asian markets and I'm sure you can still get them there but I don't know we thought you just got so excited apparently it's 50 years of the original shrimp chips and if you guys somewhat shrimp chips is it's literally shrimp flavored chips in like a cocoa puffs like nut cocoa puffs um like a Cheeto type texture and they taste so good and everything that I got so I'm gonna clean up this mess that I just made as you can see it is very very messy I'm gonna be putting away everything so I just finished putting together the bed or the comforter set and I just wanted to show it to you guys because I'm kind of in love with it this is what it looks like it is very wrinkly so I'm hoping that over time the wrinkles just come out or if not then I might just steam it but this is what it looks like it is a great texture I love that it's just white but it just has the slightest bit of texture just to make it look a little bit more interesting and I love the pillow covers and everything I love that there are more pillows now it makes me happy and then these two cushions came with it as well and what's great is that you can actually remove the cushions at any time or remove the the cushion covers anytime that you want to wash it as you can see there's a zipper but yeah very happy with that and then I will also show you the little towel rack so this is kind of what it looks like so we have both our towels that we can use for our hands to dry um or it faces or anything like that

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  1. This is so exciting to see how you will continue decorating the house, green houseplants are also great they give a nice vibe 🙂

  2. Is it only me or is it a little strange to meal prep for a grown man? I understand some women enjoy doing that for their significant other…but I still find it really strange. Anyway…I really love the haul !!

  3. Ouuuu love your picks!!! Bed looks super cozy – love the chair too, it’s different but love the print and still a nice neutral

  4. Why us girls like a lot of pillows on the bed I don't know, my husband hates it 😂. I also like white bedding, makes room look bigger also and yes gives that hotel feel, nice comforter set. Shame I am in UK can't get that but will search for something similar.

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  8. World market sells things that are sold all over the world so it makes sense you’d find it there. Also, love coffee crisp!

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