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  1. Suggestion: Describ the item and stop the comments to justify why you got it. It makes no sense to us the viewers. In one video you say you are sellin and giving thins away in the next you have tons of things you went back and got it…..we don't care that you bought just because is cute or aqua, we do the same πŸ™‚

  2. you found some lovely things you love your plants i cant keep them alive not green fingered thanks for sharing

  3. So many beautiful things love the planters from Home Goods; I have one at the corner of my house but I stay away because I know I'm going to suffer since I can't buy everything I like and love 😬

  4. Love these goodies. I would totally use 3-5 of those cute hexagon plates as wall decor, put it together in a collage or alone. Super cute! Binging on your vids right now Kelly πŸ™‚

  5. I would love to see the items you've collected for your daughters play house. you always find some awesome things!

  6. I'm obsessed with those planters! I may have to take a trip to Home Goods soon! 🀞🏻

  7. I love everything! I love your style so much. Love the pot you thrifted and bowls, so pretty. And those plant stands!! Love!!

  8. I picked up one of those hexagon plates to use on my desk at work to sit my glasses on when I take them off. Great finds as usual.

  9. the checkered rug on the steps, how long is it? price? I would like to protect my steps, but do you trip on it?

  10. make sure the black pot has some sort of hole or drain if you plant something in it. it will help the plant live longer.

  11. I love how your style keeps changing a little bit, I'm currently in love with black and darker moody colors combined with crisp white!

  12. Great finds! I had seen the canisters in one of your Instagram pics and I went looking for them. I couldn't find them, i was too late. πŸ™ I'm wondering if you would make another home tour soon, plz?

  13. So many great finds. I am being more selective of what I bring into my home, so the hauls are at a minimum for me now.

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