HOME DECOR HAUL | Week 5 2017 Spring One Room Challenge

HOME DECOR HAUL | Week 5 2017 Spring One Room Challenge

hi everyone its Christina from the DIY mommy calm and today I want to give you an update on our dining room makeover and show you what I found for a set for you thanks so much for tuning in to my channel today i am on week 5 of the one room challenge in case you've never heard of it the one room challenge is put on by a blog called calling at home she asked some guest bloggers and some designers to make over one room in their home in the period of six weeks I can't believe we're already on week five next week is the final reveal I don't want to show you too much of the space at this point because I kind of want it to be a surprise so what I want to do today is walk through the brick they are partnering with me and providing some of the furniture and all the accessories for the base and I want to do a little shot for some info whole farmhouse accessories and show you the hall at the end of the video let's get started okay so I'm just in store right now at the bridge what I'm looking for is some artwork so they actually have some really nice canvasses here so I'm just going to take a look through and see if there's any art that might match with my boho farmhouse space this is my dining room and remember I have kind of like teal colors gray and I'm kind of hoping to put maybe a metallic in there this is pretty whoo this one is actually really nice it's actually a modern piece but as you can see we have this really nice metallic gold in here so this might be a really nice option I think that one's maybe a little too industrial for the space I'm doing that one's nice that doesn't have the colors and then I think those are a bit too modern yeah I think my favorite system we're going to go for this guy here I think that's just really different and really pretty and ties in all the colors when I love this mirror this actually has the same teal color that I have in the rug that I got I shared the rugs on my blog last week this is really pretty and I love the shape that one may be a yes and this piece is also really nice too it has specks of gold and it's a little more organic with the tree this is also a possibility okay so I think I found the perfect mirror and the perfect piece of art for the space so now I just want to walk out and look for sentiment accessories like some candlesticks needed something to fill in the buffet and maybe some table 24 these candlesticks I thought were really pretty kind of have like a French Country look to them and they might be the thing that could look good either on the buffet or on the table so I spotted something else here that I really like these jugs here they have a little bit of gold on top and then the chill on the bottom I thought it would be fun to throw in a little bit of this kind of Goldy copper color to the space that matches that first piece of art I found I think really nicely another thing I'm looking for is a tray because I really like trays to corral things on top of tables like coffee tables and dining tables so I think I spotted something over here that would work I like these I don't think you can go wrong with galvanized for like that farmhouse look and the neat thing about this one is that kind of has a little bit of cool on the edge I think that's a really nice peach how that would work I think I'm going to grab this one too thank you so much for watching my video today if you liked it please give it a thumbs up let me know in the comments below which accessory was your favorite stay tuned next week for the final reveal I hope I can finish it for you guys on time I think I can and thank you so much for watching nice

39 thoughts on “HOME DECOR HAUL | Week 5 2017 Spring One Room Challenge

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  2. Everything is going to marry well together. I love the painting and think I might be able to recreate it?! It is a creative statement piece…lol

  3. country fo is different that look you pulled to get her isn't to bad. the candles don't go with the look to me maybe a differ type of white?

  4. Loved everything you bought Christina! You are really good at putting things together! Loved the tones running through all of them. Love your channel xxxx

  5. so wish I lived near you,the horse art is what I have been searching for everywhere!!!! Good luck on your room I know it will be gorgeous!!!!!!

  6. I loved the picture, mirror and the vases they looked wonderful together…. Loved them really. Loving teal these days…TFS!!!!

  7. I have teal in my home so I really loved everything. If I had to pick a fave I'd probably say the painting.

  8. I think everything you found is right on target. Teal is my favorite color. The painting is gorgeous but, I feel the jugs/vases are unique. Can't wait to see the end result. When is reveal day? I'm dying here!Lol

  9. I went ooh when revealed the teal painting, so I guess that's my favourite. Looking forward to the final reveal. Cheers

  10. Oh my gosh I love the colors. My favorite was the first painting. I'm always drawn to that blue/green color!. So excited to see the room finished next week!❀️

  11. I think my fave accessories were the jug vases! Hard to chose though, they all work so well together πŸ™‚ Can't wait to see your space!

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