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  1. Cute. The table in the hall in not aligned with the mirror. Needs to be slid over just a tad bit away from the corner of the wall.

  2. I am with one of the people below, you don’t really need anything on the bottom! Love it though girl !!

  3. Everything looks great I agree with you sometime it takes time to figure out exactly how you want to place and arrange your decor take your time tfs

  4. Everything is looking good! I'm still of the opinion (you asked what we thought last year when you first moved there) that the mirror turned vertically would fool the eye into believing that the vignette is more balanced. I really like the tiered cleared glass stand. Thank you for letting me into your home, and I look forward to the next visit.

  5. Very beautiful, love the decor….the tall vase is beautiful with the flowers draping. TSMFS 😊❤👸🏾👐🏾🌹

  6. Girlfriend I am about to jump on the bandwagon for that fireplace diy since I already have that console table from target. Love that idea, tfs

  7. You have an eye for design ma'am and I love how everything came together may I ask why everything is off center and I think the pineapple will be overdoing it however you could put an animal print rug down emerging from beneath the table

  8. I just do not understand the two tables together, it looks so obvious that its two tables its not a seamless look. The two legs in the center do not meet. I guess its not for me to understand lol. I would rather find a table that length or have it custom made

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