we are in Monday mode over here get a Jan Monday Monday month it is Monday mode in the house and I wanted to share with you guys some house decor updates also a little bit of unboxing I got my Natasha Danone a package right there a few other goodies that I wanted to share with you guys and yeah maybe a little giveaway well I got a little Finn T action here that I wanted to show you and possibly give away to somebody Mondays I like to just catch up around the house kind of plan my week out see what videos I want to film and yeah I mean I'm mid house decor updating right now I feel like I finally figured out a style that I want I have some Pinterest mood boards I'll share some of my my pins bows that I've got with you guys I've got Pinterest inspiration images that I'm using to help me decorate my office area which is the room I'm in now I just got a couch this is the new couch that I just got for my office room this is technically the family room in the house but I'm using it as a makeup room slash office do you like it yeah this rug is just tragic okay yeah okay listen the rug is old I'm just using it for scope mapping out the space trying to figure out where rugs go on stuff coffee table I'm thinking about painting it black this is coffee table yeah no this is way fair I'm gonna be getting like a big plant to go over there cutting out gold trying to eliminate most golds that I had going on I did a lot of gold like two years ago finally making progress feeling great about it watch out Johanna I've got eucalyptus watch out Joe that's real eucalyptus right there okay I'm coming for you Joe so we're cooking dinner we're cooking dinner together tonight right yeah we're having yes you guys requested to see it on snapchat so we're gonna do a little impromptu so we're gonna do a little mini toot tonight of the black bean pasta with the ground turkey and you what you got in your hand she picked up something a new addition for it mystic fire roasted corn we're gonna be adding to it tonight so big day all right this is a package that I just got from Fenty beauty which is this is pretty cool this is their Mademoiselle Mademoiselle lipstick it's a giant lipstick tube you guys this is so awesome so this products came out the day after Christmas actually yeah it's a little little better than my video but not much so this is the full collection of the Mattoon Moselle plush matte lipsticks these have a really great formula they went on super smooth they have a matte finish I really really like this formula of lipstick I highly recommend them I'm actually gonna give this away because I have the whole collection already so I'm gonna give it away in this PR box if you're a fan of Rihanna or fenty or you just really like lipsticks or maybe all three then I think you're really gonna love this package so after this video goes live I'm gonna be doing it either on my Instagram or my snapchat so check out my Instagram or snapchat to see how we're gonna be doing this giveaway it's gonna be probably something very easy so I'm not obviously not gonna be swatching any of these but if you guys want to see the video where i swatched all these i'll link it down below excuse me real eucalyptus we just alright this next package I just got this from Marc Jacobs it was in a massive box I was like oh my gosh is this their new foundation I don't know if you guys have seen their new foundation it looks very promising so I'm really excited to try that one out but I don't even think they like launched it until the 29th or something so we got like a little ways to go do you guys like this couch sofas and area rugs are really challenging I think cuz it's like when I get a sofa I'm not I'm not trying to return okay I returned an area rug one time is 7 by 10 area rug and that was a challenge so these are the liquid lip crayon oh my so it's supposed to be a liquid lipstick in a crayon formula or a crown package oh wow wow that went on really nice this is the shade send nudes I think if you have dryer lips or even like me I have dry lips but you know I also talk about my creaky cut lips sometimes liquid lipsticks can be like a little bit too heavy feeling on me this is a pretty color to night mobs this one might be a little pink for me though look at the that's so like creamy very opaque very creamy Burn Notice okay I'm excited to try these out new formula I'm into it next cool item is Natacha de Nona diamond and blush this cheek palette is a hybrid of the classic Natasha de nonne aglow two different palettes here there's a citrus and a Daria these are really pretty looking palettes this is like one of those collectors kind of items you know this is Daria which is more of the pink tones in here so there is a glow cream base a cream is this cream blush oh yeah it is well and a duo blue so it looks like for powders and then two cream bases that looks like a powder but it has like a almost like you know how color pop kind of feels a little spongy that's what it feels like as opposed to like an actual liquidy cream and then this is citrus I have to feel like I'm more of a citrus kind of girl I wonder what this duo glow looks like maybe it's not wow it is kind of yellow that's kind of cool huh do you have a retail price natasha de Nona is expensive Oh $89 I know colour-pop also has the really good shimmery stuff too so it's kind of like whoa color pop is like five bucks natasha is like 89 bucks you know so here is the glow cream base and this is the duo glow I'm gonna put on top what almost turns green on top of this one I did turn green that one looks cool that is the diamond powder I don't know how I feel about that on my face though this is the duo glow by itself which is that really cool yellow one this kind of reminds me of something that's more of like editorial perhaps I don't know if it's for like everyday wear but she also came out with these these are the dual chrome top coats I just like that Natasha de Nonna comes out with like different products so if we don't see every single day you know that price point here I got this awesome package from goodie I got this they sent me some more elastics these are the elastics that I use in my hair half up half down video I love using these for little ponytails all my ponytails over that I got more nineties clips oh one more thing I want to show you guys that I just got in the mail it's over here I wanted like a round big round black mirror to put right there I have some so images of what I want to do for this entryway this is a lot of white going on this is I'm going to stay here I don't know what I'm gonna do with this yet the spear is cool because it has a black border but it's actually made of rubber so a lot more lightweight than a metal one this is from all modern calm you think I'm sold ok got a little wood table here maybe a plant right here oh yes I do the plant thing again with your mouth here and now it's time for the one room that I feel pretty good about right now John your phone is just blowing up non-stop yeah so my dining room table and chairs are here the whole gang has arrived you guys don't know Restoration Hardware it took a long time to get my long time to get my table so I'm really happy that the table is finally here the chairs arrived on time so that was good like this this is like a grown this is a mature chair right so I got two of the I don't know they're called captains chairs the head of the table chairs I got two that have the armrests I got a good bounce this material supposedly is an indoor/outdoor material so it's very durable we'll see I did a darker wood leg on the chair because I wanted a little bit of contrast between the floors the table and the chairs I think if it was all matching or if it was all really similar we kind of blend together so I like the fact that the chairs have darker legs and then for the table this one is the trestle table from Restoration Hardware listen you guys listen I love the look of this table okay I really really do but in terms of it being a table like this is a table where you sit and eat this is raw wood which i think looks really beautiful it's not shiny but if you spill on it like it's gonna stain there's been an incident we don't talk about it we don't talk about it it's actually like the first time we lighted – we don't talk about it so I really really like it it's beautiful you just have to remember like it's gonna stain if you spill stuff on it there's just they say you can sand it that's what they said it's sort of like yeah you know it's easy you just say it just wipe it down and sand it but it doesn't feel like this is a table that I should sand I'd probably go I'd probably get a different table yeah you gonna return this this is kind of one of those tables that like maybe you don't eat at very often but we actually eat here often often these place mats are from Crate & Barrel they're just gray placemats and the funny thing about these is they're actually like if you spill something through it it's gonna leak through here so that's also not something we show this to you but I love the color of the gray and this ooh this is like my baby right here these are actually these are fake eucalyptus leaves I got these stems from Michael's I just put water in there because I'm a fraud I want people to think it looks like it looks real so I put water in there to make it look like it's real this is from Target this is a hearth and home Joanna Gaines got a sport my girl I bought all three different sizes of them I have them throughout the house and this uh John installed this hey John so when we first installed this this thing was crooked it was actually like kind of it was loose and we thought the whole thing was broken so we were gonna hang it down and return it but then we started taking it down and it fixed itself whoa and then this shelf this is from West Elm this is again in my glass in gold face I still think it's a really pretty shelf it was over in the other corner of the house but I moved it over here I wanted something like tall and skinny and kind of like see-through to be over there the decor isn't finalized that's on there right now that's just kind of like stuff that I had like around I just threw over there so we're gonna paint that black so way it goes with this and then the hardware and the rest of the kitchen don't look at the kitchen though it's messy right now my living room is about to get a makeover this is from Crate and Barrel the Presley rug I bought a rug I committed to a rug that's like really hard step okay but yeah you know we got birch we got eucalyptus we pretty much got all the necessities to be a farmhouse in here I forgot to show you guys my stools so these stools I love them I had to get something kind of slim because this is a walkway right here but I wanted something with a back on it so it was hard to find I didn't want to get something too thick but these worked out really great does John and I sit here a lot and we work on our computer here all sorts of stuff here we eat here all the time so these tools worked out really great these are from living spaces and I promised to show you guys what my mom is up to as far as cooking so this is the ground turkey you get the taco preseason taco ground turkey and then you cook it what's also did you put in here fire roasted salsa and then this is the pasta that she used this is the black bean spaghetti it's literally just black beans is there any tips that you have for cooking this some people said it falls apart if you cook it too much so less than regular PI stuff yeah and then over here this is my new chopping block I got from Ironwood gourmet and we're loving it so far it's so big Serrano's a shitload of onion cilantro is is from the farmers market yeah yes tomatoes avocado some cheese and some limes and this is a salad with a lime olive oil dressing oh yeah so do you think there's a difference between doing this black bean pasta than just having this over black beans it's a different vibe it's a different vibe it's a story but is it a movement I already ate half my salad you know what this salad tastes like mom soul food San Rafael they're lemon and garlic dressing this is so good what is it just lime juice and olive oil you like a lot of lime juice a half a teaspoon in this whole salad I saw you put salt in there no I'm going to give me no salt and garlic what was that I think this is only good lighting I can get in here but I'm craving a little dessert I'm gonna have some of the fruit that we got from the farmers market we're eating so good today and then you pulled out the coke lip we just take care of that all right we got the whole fam here we're saying good night good night so hey hey man curbside pickup for cran here we go if you go like this it takes forever on the Jeep what do you see in there girl Turks and Caicos the Heysel we got a single shot of expressin espresso it's not expressive expresso not X half the


  1. Excuse me but I would LOVE it if you made a Pinterest so I can get ideas off you!!! Maybe you have one I don’t know about 🤔

  2. Hey Katyyyyyy!!! Love your videos and I have an advice for you! You don't have to sand the table to get rid of stains! Stain the table with darker wood stain in order to keep damages a secret and "Don't talk about it"! <3 <3

  3. I seriously have watched this video so many times hahaha the bloops are the best I love you guys so much!

  4. Katy where are the couch deets ?! The custom couch we saw on your snap ?? Share girl !!! Not everyone is as skilled at picking couches as you 😭😭

  5. I put a plane of glass on top of my raw wood table with gold connecting stands and then I got gold trays as my placemats and it works remarkably well!

  6. GIRL!!! put a waterproof top gloss layer onto your table !! you can get a matte, satin or glossy finish !!! its sooo easy and it saves the look of your table !!! <3 <3 also your house is coming along so nicely !!! I love it !!! <3

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