Home Decorating Basics : How to Furnish Your Home

Home Decorating Basics : How to Furnish Your Home

Hi I’m Ann Myrick and today I’m going to show
you how to furnish your home. It has to do with what you like, has to do with what your
budget is. Several things that I will tell you, I’m a decorator and I work with what
people have and if a person is starting out and they want to, they want to start purchasing
things, I will always tell people not to purchase their, all their furnishing, all their items
from one store. Because you don’t want to walk in and somebody say , oh this is a certain
store, you want it to be an individual look. You want it to be your look. You don’t want
it to be a store look. So buy things from stores but also the way you make it look individual
and then make it, the way you make it yours is to use those memories, use those things
that you find when you go on a trip. If you love garage sales, use things that you find
in a garage sale. Really mix it up. I love an eclectic look, I love using formal with
informal. I like using old and new so really mix it up. Think about your budget, think
about those pieces that you want to spend more money on. And then there are so many
ways like get a great table but then find furnishings, whether it’s chairs or other
pieces at flea markets, at garage sales. To have a real eclectic, have a real variety
of pieces, really creates interests. Taking, looking at this room, there are so many different
ways we can go with this room. We can make it look minimal, we can make it look more
traditional, you can really work with it in different ways. You’ll see what I did on the
wall. I did some really different things. I love frames, I like having a lot of different
things and real interesting pieces on the wall so I used a lot of old frames and created
different looks with the frames and with the mirrors. So just try to think outside of the
box. Try to really make your living room or your room individual to you. This is Ann Myrick
and that is how to furnish your home.

3 thoughts on “Home Decorating Basics : How to Furnish Your Home

  1. I have watched a number of videos by this woman. She has zero talent for decorating…. these places are depressing!

  2. To create a cottage look she needs to get rid of those slick, modern chairs and replace with stuffed or wicker chairs.

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