Home Decorating Basics : How to Furnish Your Studio Apartment

Home Decorating Basics : How to Furnish Your Studio Apartment

Hi, I’m Ann Myrick, and today I’m going to
show you how to furnish a studio apartment. Studio apartments are very small. Usually
it’s one big room, and then you have the kitchen and the bathroom, so you want to be sure that
you have the pieces of furniture that you need, but you also want to think dual purpose,
and you don’t want to over buy for your apartment, which would be very easy to over buy for,
because you don’t want it just crammed with stuff. So, in this studio apartment, the way
we furnished it is I have the sofa, which makes out in to a bed. So by night it’s a
bed, by day it’s the sofa that we sit on. I love little chest and trunks, and we’ve,
I found this at a little store, and it’s a little chest, but it’s the great, perfect
size for a coffee table. So this is great because I can keep all of my paper work storage
in. So I’m using it, it’s dual purpose, using it for storage along with, you don’t have
to use the glass, I just put a glass on it top, but it’s a table and a chest. Also, over
here, at the unfinished furniture place, I got this great table many years ago, and used
it one way and had it white, but then when I moved to this little apartment, painted
it black, and I have all my winter sheets and blankets and quilts in it, and then also
can use it as a T.V. table, so dual purpose there. Have several blankets just decorating
the chairs. These blankets, when it gets cold, go on the bed, but right now, I just have
them laying over to bring in a little bit of color, and just to hang on the chair. So,
that’s a little dual purpose also. Garage sales are great to find inexpensive, interesting
pieces at. I go to garage sale all the time. This basket is just a great basket, because
it has the top on it so you can put anything in it. I just put gloves and hats in this,
and then this table, right now I have it sitting on the table, but you can use this if anybody
is, has come up to visit and they want to drink a coke or drink a cup of coffee,I can
put this little table over here, and they can use it as a table. So think, think about
on the lines of what, what are the needs of the studio apartment, and how can I get pieces
that I could get the most use out of. This is Ann Myrick, and that is how to furnish
a studio apartment.

8 thoughts on “Home Decorating Basics : How to Furnish Your Studio Apartment

  1. I think this apartment looks fine. When you don't have a lot of money you can't really make it fancy. I used to live in a studio and it was hard to keep it simple. I know have to downsize due to fincial reasons. This lady has a lot of good ideas.

  2. All of her videos are very unappealing and boring and offer no inspiration for small-space living. I will be looking for a small apartment soon so not only am I looking for functionality but I'm also looking for style and design inspiration. I don't get that in her videos at all.

  3. I would suggest you add some color to bring life to the apartment. Check my new page out, I just did a young ladies studio apartment with a little less than a $150; working with the furniture she already own and added some accent pieces, paint and accessories.

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