Home Design Tips & Tricks | Overhaul

Home Design Tips & Tricks | Overhaul

(pleasant guitar music) – Hey everybody! I just wanted to give
you some tips and tricks on how we put together
Tenny’s amazing space. It’s all about the color
palette, the color palette that comes directly, actually,
from Tenny’s fireplace. So it’s natural color on the wall, really beautiful blue-grey in the sofa, natural heather in the chairs. We put all the elements together so that it feels edited, and complete, and really driven from the fireplace. Tenny’s signature style
is all about the mix. We chose references
from all over the place, whether it was medieval, traditional, the ’20s, all of the natural elements. If you’re gonna mix things, go wide, try a lot of things, and edit down, and you will get to a place
where you’re very happy. Make zones in your space. The central zone is really
based around the architecture of the fireplace and grounds the room. We have another zone which I am calling Tenny’s entertaining zone,
which is really reflective of her personal style, a
great mix of references: Gustavian sideboard, with some more ’20s-type standing lamps. We’ve got Tenny’s nod to the animal, and it just works really well. It’s extra seating, it’s a bar, it’s somewhere for her
to display her things, but it’s really another great zone. Final zone in the room is
Tenny’s two cathedral chairs. They’re tall, they
create a graphic element, and they actually lead the
eye right into the office. We’re creating zones, but
we’re also creating flow. Here we are in Tenny’s
amazing dining room. And we did a lot of things
to pull this room together so it really reflected
Tenny’s sense of style. Tip one: think about a
graphic nature in your room. So, Tenny really wanted this room to feel like the medieval kind of rectory, library, dining room. What I love that we did
is there’s a graphic black on the casement windows,
and we’ve picked that up with accents through the room. So find a focal and pick it up again in the accents through the room. Statement art. So, this room was almost conceived around Tenny’s really
beautiful framed vintage scarf. That was kind of the setup for the room, and we wanted all the
colors and the furnishings to work with that and highlight it. So if you’ve got
something bold and a piece of statement art, you can
build your room around it. For Tenny, it’s all about the mix. We have the mid-century glamorous chair. We have a rustic
large-scale rectory table. We have a traditional nod in the banket at the head of the table. And we’ve brought it all
together with some gold accents. So I think what’s really
important with a mix is use things like
scale, so that, you know, the table and the chairs
work well scale-wise, the banket gives it a
little bit of height, and we’re tying it all
together with black accents. Mix fearlessly, but make sure all the elements work together. Here we are in Tenny’s
bedroom, and I’m gonna give you some tips and tricks on
how to get this look. Tenny really created a kind of glamorous, a little bit girly bedroom, and she did it by layering color. She chose a grey, gold, mauve, dusty pink, nude color palette, and she used it all over her bedroom. And what this does is
it creates consistency and it really makes the
room pretty and very zen. A little symmetry around your
bed creates a sense of calm. So, with Tenny’s bed, we have
this really great tufted bed in this deep mauve color, which is really the grounding color in her room. And we flanked that by two side tables that are matching, two
lamps that are matching, and it really makes the
whole scene very clean, very calm, and, for Tenny, very balanced and a place she wants
to spend her evenings. Tenny has a multi-functional bedroom. Part of her room is a vanity, part of her bedroom is a closet, but what we really wanted to do was create a central area where she could get ready, where Tenny can hang out. She can put her shoes on, she
can watch tv, she can relax. It makes this room
really multi-functional. And given that it’s Tenny’s
closet, it’s her vanity, and she’s got this seating
area, and where she sleeps, she can get a lot done in this one room.

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  1. BTW- That's a Batchelder tile fireplace, which is unique to the arts and crafts movement in Southern California in the 1920s.

  2. I think in the dining room not one thing fits to the other… and the bedroom is not really calm because it has got too many doors and too much stuff in it.

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