Home Lighting – a Designer’s Tips

Home Lighting – a Designer’s Tips

My name’s Graham and I confess to being a Lighting
Designer and I’ve been doing it over 10 years. Mood lighting can be as simple as one circuit on a dimmer and maybe a table light that you’re switching on and off. So it doesn’t have to be sophisticated, but of course we’d all like to use lots of dimmers and lots of channels of lighting. A typical example of that might be the lounge where you would at some point be
dining, you could be reading a book or you could be sitting down watching a
film and the lighting scenes or moods, would ideally… Don’t ask your electrician to do the
lighting design. His exposure to in particular LED products is gonna be the LED products he sees in the wholesaler. The wholesaler by definition isn’t gonna be stocking expensive good quality products. You know, their remit is to, you know, have a stock of items that they can turn over quickly and make a profit on. I was actually given this piece of advice by a Bricklayer and he basically turned around to me and said: “If there’s anything that you see that you don’t like at any point, let us know because anything that I wasn’t comfortable with I would have to live with and he wouldn’t… because he was leaving site.” So, and sure enough a couple of days later I came home and found that they’d carried on bricking past some of the windows and I had to remind him of the, of his wisdom and he did hold all his guys back and take out two rows of brick so that they could go back to the sill
height of the windows and that was a really important piece of advice that he gave me that day, that came into effect straight away and that I’ve passed on to lots of people. So… And my property secret is, but I don’t know what it is yet.

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