Home Tour -2 – Dining Room Tour – Decor and Organizing ideas

Home Tour -2 – Dining Room Tour – Decor and Organizing ideas

Hello friends Welcome to queen bee paradise Today’s video is one of the most requested
video that is my Dining Room Tour.. After I posted a video on My Kitchen Design
and organization, There were plenty of requests to post a dining
room tour as well.So here is the video. This video will be useful for friends who
are new home buyers looking for interior ideas and for friends
who are looking for organizing tips for their dining room. Before getting started I request you to subscribe
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Please follow me on social media for more updates. We are entering into the dining room from
my Living room. the first thing we would see is the pooja
cabinet as this is the center place of our home. I have already posted a detailed video on
pooja cabinet design and oragnization. Please take a look
if interested. From our dining room we can access all other
rooms in our home. Our dining table is a 4 seater table, out
of which only 2 chairs are used frequently. So I have placed
the other 2 chairs inside to get more free space in the
room. the table can be pulled forward whenever all 4 chairs
need to be used simultaneously. I have picked table cloth and curtains in
the colour combination of dark brown and golden, so it
goes well with the dining room interiors. I have chosen contrast color dining table
mats and arranged it like a table runner.To match the theme
i have used a brass pot as flower vase. Above the table is a crockery unit with a
glass shelf to place decor pieces and artifacts. This is
a crokery unit with top lift hydraulic doors or shutters. The
interior work is made with commercial ply wood. In the glass shelf we have placed some decorative
bottles This is a perfect dining room decor. Towards
the left this bottle is a diy with colourful orbeez that
my daughter made. Below the crockery unit is a TV unit With
a small TV. In many of the houses the dining table is
not used at all, as the family prefers to have food in the living
room watching TV.Even we use to do that in our previous
home. This will not only leave the living room messy after the
meal time but also living room furnishings will be spoiled when
food spills. So when we did the interior work of our home,
I thoughtfully placed a small tv in our dining room. This tv unit has a small storage space,
On the top we keep the landline phone, some decor pieces, UPS for wifi modem and the TV. Inside the cabinet
i keep some batteries for toys and remotes , a screw driver,
Tv setup box and the remotes. This unit also helps in concealing all the
wires inside. Next to the tv unit we have a Wash basin unit
with mirror. The mirror frame is matching the cabinet. This wash basin is made out of resin and it
adds so much beauty to this room.
It is available online and comes for a very reasonable price. I have provided the link in the description
box for your convenience. In the cabinet below we store the shopping
bags, nicely rolled like this, we store our lunch bags
and steam vapourizer here.The door space is used to
hang the dusting brushes. Next comes a window. Towards the other side is a open wooden shelf
unit which is placed behind the fridge. In the top most shelf i have placed some indoor
plants. I have selected the ones which will stay fresh
for atleast 10 days without watering, so even if we are out
of station it would stay alive. In this shelf, I have placed the snacks containers.
Placing the snacks containers behind helps to keep it out of sight of children. The fruits are placed in the front. The fruits
that will attract fruit flies will be placed inside
this netted cover. In the below shelf, potatoes, onions and garlics
will be placed open in seperate baskets In the botton shelf i have placed our vacuum
cleaner . On the top of the fridge , I have placed the
honey, jam and chocolates in a small basket, again to keep
it out of reach for children. This is our kitchen, I have already posted
a video on kitchen design and organization. Please take a look.
I have tried to match the color of the fridge with the color of the kitchen cabinets. The dining room interiors are matching the
living room interiors as it is visible from the living
room. I love decorating my home with my own craft
works. The entrance hanging, this door hanging and
the pinup board that you are seeing now are my DIYs. I have already posted videos on all these
DIYs. I am leaving the link in the description box for your convenience,
please check it out. Hope you liked the ideas shared in this video.
If yes, Please give me a big thumps up and share the video
with your friends and family. Thanks for watching bye bye.

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  1. Hello friends.. Did you find any useful tips from my dining room tour and organization?… let me know in comments.

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