Home Tour 5.0 || Indian Home Tour – Part I

Home Tour 5.0 || Indian Home Tour – Part I

Come and be charmed with the beautiful space
of Shilpita Sengupta, as we show you around. Everything in her home speaks about her impressive
and outstanding decor style. You wouldn’t believe that this is not even
a 1000sq ft house. But it is done so nicely, that it has taken
a lot of time and effort to present it to you, with due justice to the lovely interior. Today I will show you the living area, Dining
room, Foyer area and the kitchen. To enjoy the rest of the home tour, have some
patience and wait till I share part II with the Guest room, Kids room and the Bedroom. Shilpita mixes patterns and colours beautifully and it’s definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. In this home tour you can get inspiration
for an efficient use of space and strategical placement of large mirrors to make the room
look much bigger than it actually is. So rest assured, you are yet to discover more. Don’t just go away and now let’s start
from the foyer area. The entryway to the home is as impressive
as the interiors. The main door is flanked on either side by
antique finds that creates an arresting first impression. Traditional shoe rack or cabinet at the entry
is conspicuous by its absence. As she doesn’t like to show it, it has been
hidden nicely. Souvenirs displayed tastefully, which has
been collected by the family, while travelling around the globe. You will come across more such lovely pieces
around the beautifully done home. Shilpita knows very well how to play with
patterns, textures and colors and how to blend them well in decor. With the use of so many decor elements, result
is not overwhelming clutter but an interesting expression of each piece that tells a story. This warm, bright and lively corner in the
living room, has been created by merging the small balcony. And here is a wall full of masks, a real treat
to the eyes. Masks in the most exciting colours and different
sizes to entice the visitors. These are the recent collection from their
vacation at Bali. Plants can be an awesome home-decor-element. Arranged neatly in the corner that gets maximum
sun. Being a professor, her love for books is not
surprising. Her household is immersed in books, which
you will see soon. Visual interest added to the space with the
interspersed placement of art and books. Dining area is demarcated by a raised flooring. I just loved the setting done so beautifully
in the small space. Especially the centrepiece, low height lamp
focussed on the table and the large mirror to give the spacious look. Living room wall is brought to life by a collection
of favourite family photographs. The frames all in similar style come together
to make a perfect display of happy memories. Mirror on the other side of the wall magnifies
the effect of the display. This white L-shaped sofa with the bright red
cushions, brings a whole load of personality to this space! Shilpita’s passion for collecting has found
expression in every corner of her home. Now let’s have a look at the kitchen. Bengalis and their love for fish needs no
introduction. So this beautiful wooden fish from Bali welcomes
you to the kitchen. Well organized kitchen done in bright orange. That’s all for today. Will show you this kid’s room along with
the Guest room and the Master Bedroom in the 2nd part. Hope you all enjoyed today’s home tour. Do leave your feedback and suggestions in
the comment section below. See you all very soon with the part II of
this lovely home tour. Till then, Enjoy!

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