Home Wine and Cigar Cellar Design Ideas   Anaheim Hills California

Home Wine and Cigar Cellar Design Ideas Anaheim Hills California

Hello and thank you for visiting Coastal Custom
Wine Cellars today. I’m going to take you on a short video tour about our 3-dimensional design
packages we offer to everyone. Before I do that, I’d like to show you some before and
after photographs a recently completed wine cellar project in Anaheim, California. The clients had a basement that served as a playground
for their small children, and after some hard work, we turned this area into a beautiful
wine tasting room, climate-controlled wine enclosure. There’s a seamless glass wall.
You can just make out the metal frame at the top, on the sides, and along the bottom, a
little door hardware here. This is the entry. This side of the glass is the wine tasting
area. The opposite side of the glass includes refrigerated climate control products, custom
wood wine racks, with the humidor. The humidor is right here. We’ll talk about that in
a little bit. There are some label forward horizontal metal display wine racks. Let’s take a look at the actual drawings.
These are complementary. They consist of multiple pages. We’re looking at the Plan View, which
is the overhead view of the custom wine room. This particular page will always indicate
the elevations of each wall, which are labeled alphabetically. The dimensions are posted around the perimeter,
the bottle capacities. In this case its one thousand two hundred three bottles, and how
those bottles break down into the different components, that’s posted just above the
total bottle capacity. The entry is here. The left side wall has
custom wood wine racks with a combination of the label forward horizontal displays,
which we also placed in front of the glass wall here, utilizing floor to ceiling frames. Elevation B is the back wall and consists
of a very wide Cedar top area, with double deep storage below that and above the tabletop
area. As you see, when we move forward to the next page of this single depth storage,
a lot of working space, a lot of capacity, on this particular job. Elevation A is the left side wall, and let’s
first look at the side view. The side view here will always be on the right side of the
page. It shows the depth of the wine rack. It will also indicate the base with a toe-kick.
In this case, we used an inch and a half because we had limited height that the ceilings were
actually less than 7 feet. So, we didn’t want to oversize the toe-kick and the base
molding too much. But there are indeed other sizes available. These vertical and horizontal lines are simply
support racks with the adjacent wall. You might recall seeing in the picture, there
are beams that span the entire width that we worked around. This open area is meant
for the label forward bottle displays. There is a tabletop area below it. This is a bulk configuration utilizing a diamond
bin. The diamond bins are great, not only for adding character or personality to the
wine room, but also a good management tool because you can place like wines, for example,
or a case of wine, into an individual opening. The quadrants or the partial diamonds around
the perimeter could be used for large format bottles, a liter, or even a 3-liter bottle
will fit into those openings rather easily. This vertical piece is actually a quarter
round display shelf, with approximately 25 inches spacing between the actual fixed shelves. Most of our clients put decorative items here,
decanters, sometimes corks and other cordials and liqueur. For elevated n B, which is the wall directly
across from the glass wall, and looking at the side view first, you’ll notice that
there’s a 27-inch total depth dimension posted here. That’s because up to tabletop
height, we’re utilizing double deep storage, which means all of these openings will accommodate
two bottles. The icon on the bottom left and bottom right
here, these are wood case storage options, which could actually store up to eight cases,
rather than the four that are visible. Most of the bottle openings are for 750 milliliters.
However, we have created some vertical columns for magnum, this case on the far right. We have a single vertical column where the
openings are slightly larger than our universal bottle openings for 750 milliliters. This
particular column will accommodate the 1.5 liter. This is the open area that includes a stem
rack that spans the width of the opening. Glasses can be hung upside down here. This
is 42-inch opening, here, this component is actually the lattice grill cover. It is made
of the same wood species, the same finishes were used. Its intent is to conceal the evaporator
that was used to cool the wine room. Here are the three-dimensional visuals of
the room now. You can see an overhead view. It gives you a good idea of countertop space
available, the glass wall with the label forward displays on the floor to ceiling frames. And these floor to ceiling frames, typically
on the glass side of the frame, single-depth bottle displays used were on the back side
or the cellar side of the frame. One could utilize single, double, or triple
depth, displays to accommodate the capacities that are needed for the particular project.
This is the beam that I mentioned. It is slightly concealing a portion of the wine racks. This wine room has a humidor. We have double-deep
cabinets here. The cabinet on the right is a standard cabinet for storage of additional
items, decanter, or glasses possibly. It does have a glass door, but the cabinet on the
left is a humidor. It’s a Spanish Cedar lying cabinets, with
a little weather stripping that goes around the perimeter of the door, because in the
cigar humidor environment, you want to try to achieve a little bit higher temperature
than in the wine cellar temperature, 58 degrees. With cigars, you would like to have a little
bit closer to 70 degrees, and what we’re looking at here is a picture of the inside
of the cabinet with the Spanish Cedar, weather stripping around the perimeter. We have 1, 2, 3, 4 shelves in this case, which
was slightly tilted to display and store the boxes of cigars, where the bottom shelf has
individual cradles for single cigars that are to be displayed there. Take a look at some more 3D visuals. If I
can be of any assistance on a California wine cellar project, reach to us at www.winecellarbycoastal.com,
and ask for Jerry. Cheers!

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