Homeless VS Rich Prank!

Homeless VS Rich Prank!

[Sound effects] Hey, what’s up guys? So in the past couple months, I’ve been talking to lots of homeless people and they all told me that people treat them differently. They don’t treat them as human beings. So today, I’m going to dress like a homeless guy and try to go in and eat at a fancy restaurant. Let’s see how they treat me. [Inaudible chatter] [Host] “Sorry, sir Can I eat here?” [Restaurant staff] “No no no no no” not inside” [Host] “Can I check the menu? [Staff] “No” [inaudible, points host in another direction] [Host] “I have some money” [Staff] “Yeah, no problem” [inaudible, continues to point host away from restaurant] [Host] “Can I eat here?” [Staff] “You know what? I don’t think you can do it” [Host] “Oh I can’t?” [Staff] “No” [Host] “Oh, so I…” [Staff] “Especially with the owner that’s here, he’s gonna complain, so…” [Host] “So the owner doesn’t…?” [Staff] “No. I’m sorry” [Host] “Thanks” [Host] “Can I see the menu?” [Staff] “Menu?” [Host] “Yeah” [Staff] “Do you have means of paying for the menu?” [Host] “Yeah I have some money” [Staff] “O…kay” [Host] “Can I…can I come sit inside…?” [Staff] “Not, not inside, no, no inside” [Host] “I can’t s…” [Staff] “No you can’t, sorry” [Host] “Oh, I can’t sit inside?” [Staff] “No you can’t… …she can show you upstairs, there’s a pizza, there’s a whole lot cheaper than this” [Staff] “Thank you sir, thanks for dropping by” [Sound of engine revving] [Valet] “How you doing?” [Host] “Good, how are you?” [Host] “Question: uh, can I just check some menu real quick? I don’t know what you guys have here” [Valet] “Okay” [Host] “Is it okay if I can eat here?” [Staff] “Sure” [Host] “Uh, can I see a menu real quick?” [Staff] “Right here” [Host] “Do you guys have anything like, really nice in here?” [Staff] “Seafood. Like…lobster. Like…shrimps, crab, mussels or something like that?” [Host] “So I can go inside and eat it? It’s cool, right?” [Staff] “Yeah!” [Host] “I was here a couple a…not too long ago. Do you remember me?” [Staff] “What happened?” [Host] “You remember me!” [Staff] “Yes” [Host] “Yeah! So yeah. ‘Cause actually, I had to pick up my car to pick up my clothes” [Staff] “Okay” [Host] “But now that you guys can serve me now It’s kind of like..I don’t get it, like… You guys maybe shouldn’t judge people by the way we look” [Staff] “No, no! That’s..you perfect. No problem” [Host] “I’m perfect now?” [Staff] “Yeah yeah” [Host] “Okay. Well you know what? I’m not really that hungry anymore Because of the way you treat people, it makes me sick” [Staff] “Okay” [Host] “Alright man” [Staff] “Take care” [Staff] “You came in with the little…” [Host] “Yeah yeah you remember me right?” [Staff] “Yes yes yes yes” [Host] “Cause I was asking you guys, you guys said, you know, ‘you can’t really eat here’ so I was like…” [Staff] “No I tell you…don’t be mad, you know? Thank you so much, okay?” [Host] “Yeah…” [inaudible] [Staff] “Next time, go inside the restaurant [inaudible] the poster, she order what you want and that’s it” [Host] “Yeah? That’s it?” [Staff] “That’s it” [Host] “Cheers” [Staff] “Sorry for that, okay? Order a triple and everything” [Host] “Okay” [engine starts] [Host] “Alright” [Staff] “Hey were you that guy?” [Host] “Yeah, I was here earlier, you guys didn’t want to serve me, so I mean I come back” [inaudible] [Host] “We just, we don’t want to judge people by the way we look, by status… …everybody should be equal, you know what I mean?” [inaudible] [Host] “Everybody should be equal” [Staff] “You know what? I’ll tell ya this, that’s me right there” [Host] “You know? Respect everybody” [Staff] “I told them…” [Host] “Dasvidaniya” [engine sounds] [engine sounds] [Music plays]

100 thoughts on “Homeless VS Rich Prank!

  1. This experiment was completely off, but overall it still showed discrimination due to appearance. No matter if it's unsanitary to look dirty or be homeless, if the restaurant doesn't have a required apearal standard, then anyone should be able to eat👍

  2. What if every people in earth is poor this look like 😎🙄sadly, many of us have no money mean they think we are not profitable customer😑😣😣

  3. I can relate! I mean I am a billionaire, but the way the restaurant owners treat the "poor" makes me sick! Everyone SHOULD be equal, regardless if they're poor, rich, millionaire, billionaire, trillionaire,etc, everyone deserves respect! Nice video BTW ❤❤❤😎😎😎

  4. Bro I liked the most part when u said at the end in Russian "До свидания" (good bye) Hello from Russia like your channel!

  5. So because he looks dirty and will possibly make the other customers not want to pay they wont allow him hmmm

  6. ( Hey bro.. drive car slowly nowadays most of youngstar lost their life ..only and only bcoz of accident..I lost my friend too ) ……..,…….,…..,…..❤️

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  8. bro you might be right but those people arent letting you in because you are homeless they arent letting you in because of your clothes you can be clean even when you are homeless

  9. Yeah but no shirt no shoes no service. Means you have to wear clean clothes to get into any restraurant. Could have had something contagious. Good video tho.

  10. Per me i proprietari anno ragione
    Comunque se vai in un ristorante dì lusso devi vestirti in modo adeguato

  11. What does it mean you have a car ???
    I don't know why some people think like that. Actually I have a lot of money but I don't like cars. I have a hooooorse lol

  12. Yeah really bad video… you gonna let some dirty stinky person in your Ferrari??? No exactly.. go find something else to fyi with your time buddy.. i'm sure you'll find something exceptional

  13. eu acho voce muito legal voce e aquele tipo de pessoa com carater gosto muito disso ,parabens te dou nota 11000000000

  14. pointless. u fuckboy! why would any human being with half a brain let a homeless person eat at a fancy restaurant! u just wanna get attention on youtube u spoiled rich brat. go get fucked. and have a nice fucking day

  15. i hope to one day travel and try out food all over the globe may you be blesed as for me i would forgive but this is why i say treat others how you want to be treated ..

  16. Dude obviously ppl wont serve people who look homeless, you have to have an open mindset. Saying all people should be equal in your case is like I saying its fine to eat dog poop. Videos like these and ytubers like yourself have no point of view. I dont mean to sound rude or mean in anyway, it's just that what you were trying to say and represent In this video is way off the lines of being fair

  17. In this video too many people blame the dude who pretend be poor ..
    Allright now i have my mind "People nowadays is suck and arrogant" allright for you all kept live with your arrogant thing and do not respect all poor people in this world , lemme be the one who be attached them who are unlucky like you all, rich bastard people!!!

  18. im sorry im glad you are trying to change the way people think about homeless people however its a sanitary and safety matter that can get restaurants shut down and jobs lost. we know not every homeless person is bad but some of them have dirty needles. you should have also gone into the restaurants and ask the patrons as well to see how comfortable they would feel if a homeless person ate inside with them.

  19. Dumb cunts I'm ex military and ex banker and I've seen people rich as shit that look like shit fkm immigrants

  20. They didn’t let you in mate because you look like a tramp and the restaurants have policies and rules that the employees need to follow. It’s not their fault so stop attention seeking you little prick.

  21. Don Penner will get the death penalty for making me guilty for the crimes his spoiled only child troy morgan committed whore fry him now and the other punishments will follow

  22. It is not the problem of the personal, which invites people to restaurant, it’s their job, don’t judge them , they get really little money, it’s the problem of the administration of restaurant which makes rules like this…

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