House Beautiful Designer Visions by The Rockwell Group – INspaces Video

House Beautiful Designer Visions by The Rockwell Group – INspaces Video

getting a special tour of a showcase that is put on
every year by the Hearst Design Group. Each year, Hearst Design
Publications, “Elle Decor,” “Veranda,” and “House Beautiful”
have selected one designer to decorate an entire
apartment that is the subject of an exclusive photo
op in the magazine. I’m here in the House Beautiful
apartment at 250 West Street with the lovely, the
talented, Rockwell Group’s Tim Pfeiffer. TIM PFEIFFER: How are you? ERIKA STORM WASSER: I’m good. How are you? TIM PFEIFFER: Very good. ERIKA STORM WASSER: So tell
me about this apartment. TIM PFEIFFER: When you’re doing
design, you want the backstory so that you start to
build a structure, from the big moves to the
small details. For us, creating this sort of
family history, a heritage, really started to help direct
us on the path to take and some of the elements. I think the first thing you
always have to think about is, how is this space actually
going to be used? So we decided that we wanted
an open plan in this room. Obviously, the room doesn’t
allow for real dining space, so we decided that it was
going to be really a salon-style environment. It just makes the spaces
as completely flexible as it can be. So this is kind of his little
man cave, his media space, but also just their hangout
evening time. I think one of the coolest parts
about this room is that this really becomes kind of
his collection space. You want to live with what
you love, right? ERIKA STORM WASSER:
Right, exactly. TIM PFEIFFER: And these guys
really love pottery, and so they’ve found a home for it
amidst their bookcases, essentially. We wanted this to be,
definitely, an evening space, so we converted that front
closet into a bar, which made this an intimate entertainment
space, but also an overflow from the living room. This was a fun room to do. So the idea here is that she’d
had her rather big role in fashion, and this was
going to be her new, just creative nook. ERIKA STORM WASSER: So when you
were creating this space from a design sense, what led
you to the big table and the very cool, vintagey accents? TIM PFEIFFER: Very little
did she actually bring from Europe with her. Her favorite chair over in this
corner so she can chill and read, that’s her one
little thing that she brought from home. She needed a workspace. And so they found this great
desk, and she just readapted it for the kind of work they
she would be able to do in this space. So this is their
private domain. And again, we’re seeing some
pretty moody, bringing it down, but with some really
nice pops of color. It’s the idea that in the
private space, it gets a little sexier, a
little moodier. ERIKA STORM WASSER: It does. TIM PFEIFFER: So it’s a really
beautiful day to night room, and then the drama. ERIKA STORM WASSER: Woo hoo,
yeah, speaking of. Wow. TIM PFEIFFER: So they’ve
got a flair. So this performance thing of
his, it kind of meets her playful space. I think it was just a beautiful counterplate to some of the– obviously, you’re seeing a lot
of pattern on pattern. ERIKA STORM WASSER: I do
love “The Ring” child. I feel like she’s going to
crawl out, possibly. Are there any tricks or tips
that you have in using such bold patterns against each other
that someone could bring into their own home? TIM PFEIFFER: Yeah. I mean, I think what you see in
here is that, though it’s pattern on pattern,
we’re not mixing patterns of multiple colors. It’s that balance of solids with
the multiple patterns. ERIKA STORM WASSER: If we had
to do a rundown of this apartment, it would be bold
color choices, bold patterns, tons of art. TIM PFEIFFER: Tons
of great art. ERIKA STORM WASSER:
Tons of great art. What would be the takeaway for
someone at home who wanted to be inspired by your space? TIM PFEIFFER: Just to really
recognize that you want to live with things that you love,
and that when you start to create a space and try to put
your own personality into it, that you have to start
there and just really be willing to mix things up. ERIKA STORM WASSER: Thank
you so much, again. This was amazing and
stunning and beautiful, and I’m obsessed. I hope you guys are as inspired
as I am at home. There are actually two other
apartments, part of the Hearst Designer Visions. Check them out on Spaces TV. Love home and design? Make sure to subscribe to
Spaces TV on YouTube.

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