House Flipper - Building a Farm House Interior!

House Flipper – Building a Farm House Interior!

if you dream about a home among the trees as this is it perfect to offer a building that requires a lot of work and dedication located in a quiet forest plot for sale highly recommended this house remained unoccupied for such an extended amount of time it became overrun by reeds and vegetation no pasteurizer didn't stay there for long must have left some trace behind lack of plumbing long story short it's hard to live without a bathroom all right guys what's up and welcome back to house flipper we just purchased this bad boy for seventy four thousand dollars and I've got a feeling this is this is gonna be a good one oh look at this a mole has nestled in the neighborhood he used to shovel to bury all mounds of ground mischievious mold creating new ones until you find him good luck oh heck nah I'm getting my whack Amole out we're gonna take him down but no seriously I feel like we're gonna be able to do a lot with this thing so you guys could see we are in somewhat of like a forest wooded area can I get rid of this stuff oh yeah goodbye goodbye to everything we're gonna completely change everything out but um we're gonna clean this entire place up and we're gonna go with the theme so our last episode to be honest what is this is this the mole stuff our last episode to be honest was just kind of like a figure it out see how it worked you know what options were available to us type of so this time we're gonna have a full-on theme so because this thing is out in the out in the woods I think we're gonna go with kind of like a farmhouse feel like I think on the inside we're gonna go with the farm out so like lots of wood lots of bright colors that sort of thing and then on the outside I think we're gonna set up some some some little plots where we plant carrots and pumpkins and whatever else so I think it's I think it's gonna be kind of cool I'm looking forward to this episode it should be a good time and we'll see what happens right now I'm just gonna kind of pick up all the trash and stuff that we can make sure we scoop up all these bricks and piles of junk that we have over here so we can start with a nice fresh canvas nothing like pick it up every individual soda can my goodness do this is this is pretty look at all these things sometimes it's just like one one single water bottle sometimes they they go in a group like you can collect the group but then sometimes you'd only do it one one bottle at a time which is kind of weird like why was that one left they're all right um I think we're pretty good I think we're just gonna want to get this shovel outward oh Jesus what is this dude that actually scared me like I'm not lined is it I hope he's gone I didn't know that was the mole mounds I thought moles kind of dug down into the ground didn't leave like big piles of dung up top or whatever this is maybe that's it's just the effects maybe dug down and that's like the dirt they dug out I don't know but that that actually scared me a little bit okay anyway we've got to get after these uh see this is like the worst part of this this update the whole shoveling the brick thing this takes forever we're gonna take these down they'll see you guys the sec okay so I think I think we're good here so far on the outside we pretty much pulled all of the the debris and everything else we've got to pick all these weeds dude oh my gosh just like the tedious things that you have to do I guess it actually beats pulling weeds in real life though no no doubt about that I don't think I'm gonna cut the grass yet just because I think we're gonna start on the inside with this video and then in the next episode we'll move to the outside and work on the outside we'll have some fun with that I feel like it might be a waste cuz we might end up just putting a lot of dirt and stuff down to be able to have our farm so if we go through and mow the grass and then we go through and just put dirt over it later anyway I don't I don't think that helps actually you know what that's that's something interesting I'm not even sure how that works so if we wanted to do can you put dirt down you can put down put down grass how do you put down dirt plants surfaces other no I guess we could put down a bunch of like sand and pretend it's dirt so like let's let's buy this sands if we put that down it cuts the grass for us so that's that's a little pro tip I guess all right anyway my goodness dude this thing is is struggling holy cow we've got hold doors that are missing all the windows are dirty hole outside is all all messed up and stuff we've got a garage here which is kind of cool and blood everywhere what the world happened in here dude we're gonna switch the garden hose it's go ahead and hose this thing off this is gross got cockroaches need the vacuum cleaner for this couldn't suck these bad boys up you can't even quite quite reach them here let's sell that and then we're going to how do we get the vacuum cleaner out oh shoot it's not giving me the option anymore they might be dead oh they'll die with time I think I think we took out the the what's it called and now they're gonna get a die with time took out the nest alright got all that looks good let's get our little cleaning brush out mm-hmm mm-hmm make sure it's all spic and span nice we actually I just realized we didn't check any of the outside I wish we could we could clean the windows with the hose that'd be a lot nicer than using a squeegee dude this thing takes forever although it looks like it may have been upgraded it may have been improves it was definitely improved dude oh yeah that's nice all right so we got that I'm gonna go around the outside make sure there's isn't any dirt or anything on the outside that we need to watch out for and then we're gonna make our way inside we actually we could probably put the paneling on so I was thinking like we're probably just gonna go with like a traditional farmhouse look maybe add some slightly modern elements but nothing too crazy so we probably once window is dirty from the other side who I didn't I didn't know you could have that we probably want kind of like the white white wood paneling on the outside so kind of like we did in the last episode but then on the inside probably like white walls and lots of wood lots and lots and lots of wood if you stand on the outside you can clean the inside with the hose that's kind of fun but as soon as you step in here it's gonna switch to the mop all right so we got all that not too bad who's this huh no then like hosing down your house from the outside am i right but yeah we're gonna go with that and then I mean I we got a we got to have like a little spot for a stable for our horses and stuff I don't think we can actually make a stable but on the outside we're gonna at least pretend we're gonna put down some wood chips and whatever else maybe have some some grass for them to feed on and then no no it's it's gonna be interesting so I think I think we're good here I think everything is just about clean we do have that one room in towards the back that we're gonna have to do do these windows let's go in there and check that out I'm not even sure it's like a little mudroom I guess interesting we can only do one window at a time yeah they definitely they definitely fix this dude that's two and then here's three it used to be so bad you would streak so easily but now you can you can actually go pretty quick nice looks good okay anyway as I was saying I think for the outside white or kind of like maybe like a red or something like a barn let's see here so we were gonna go for walls we are gonna go for wall panels and let's see we got some white panels outside why we could go brick I wish there was a red in this color I feel like that would look the best the wallpaper is not well can we can we put that on the outside I'm wondering if we could put that on the outside we can do you guys do you guys think we'd go with this or do you think we go with the white hold on I'm gonna I'm gonna put like five of these here and then I'm gonna go back here let's go back two walls wall panels I'm gonna go with the outside white what do you guys think I I think the white I want the red I really wish they had like a horizontal line red but they just don't and I I think this like it's kind of like almost like a Chinese or an asian-inspired kind of look to it like design I just feel like that's gonna look so stupid like I like the color but I don't think it I don't think it fits the theme of this house so anyway I'm gonna go through we have a ton of work to do this is going to take forever to get this thing done my goodness this is like the most one of the most tedious parts of this game but we're gonna make it happen we're gonna wrap this thing in white and I'll see you guys in a hot second alright guys so we are we're pretty much done we do have to get the second story you know kind of like these areas in here with that scaffolding but you guys can see it's looking pretty good so far cleaned up pretty nicely I wish we could change the color on the shutters and the windows add like a little bit of red or something into that but that's alright not the end of the world but some anyway I was looking through the inside I went through I kind of cleaned everything there are a couple more cockroach nests and and some trash and whatever else and I realized how weird of a house this is so here we are walking in the front door you've got the garage across which makes sense you know that's kind of like main hallway that you can get to from either side and then you have a little room here you've got another little room here this actually is probably the master it looks pretty big you've got this hallway here with like a little walk through here and a tiny little back mudroom here and then you've got this room in here that connects to this over here that like what what in the what we need to open this up all this stuff is going to have to come down probably to go for like a two bedroom one bath large kitchen type deal this really isn't the biggest house not to mention the garages is kind of kind of too big dude two-car garage for a house this small is a little overwhelming but anyway we are going to come back here let's grab our tiling we're gonna be going up we were gonna just go ahead and put it like that I like that the the the large areas up top on that second level that just take one panel that's all you need just just one I'm wondering hold on a second to put that there are we able do you guys see that little green line right there are we able to get that chute no I don't think so I don't think it's gonna let us that's alright though it was come over here and get this nice looks good yeah see there's that green line all the way around gosh that looks awful dude but I don't think we can I don't think we could touch that that's fine all right so you got this I think there's one more spot around back I'm just gonna slowly make my way over there you know we got a section a section right here and then a section there and I think that's gonna be it so let's grab one of these come back I feel like it turned out pretty well though I do I like the white our last one yesterday we didn't really do that great of a job with because we put the white and then we did like the the white and gray on the inside it just didn't have any pop to it but we weren't really trying that hard to be honest so I think we're gonna do do a little bit better today let's grab this can up top boom looks good on it so we can sell our scaffolding not gonna need that anymore we can sell all of our extra paneling and then like I said it's gonna be time to get to work we are going demolition style dude I'm just gonna say let's just not let's knock everything down we're gonna take down the entire house bro this is a pretty much everything with the garage everything but the garage is coming down we're gonna open her up we're gonna make this make a little bit more sense so in this game you cut I have to hit a wall twice to be able to knock it down I hit it up towards the ceiling to start and then down on the ground at the end dude this looks like some sort of a war torn house or something everything but the garage is is barely standing this would be a cool like paintball map you know what I mean so anyway let's come in we are gonna hit these walls now this game it kind of it kind of goes a little bit crazy with the framerate and gets really really laggy when you get to this point but um we're gonna make sure that all of this all this BS comes down and we're gonna have a fresh clean new slate to work with it's gonna be nice the final wall that's it my friends oh my goodness this looks so good okay so we have a bunch of a bunch of little outlet covers and stuff we're gonna have to pick up on all these walls that we had knocked down but we're looking pretty good now we're gonna have to figure out what kind of kind of layout we want to have so like I said I'm think in large kitchen farmhouse always has a large kitchen two bedrooms one bathroom is is kind of the the feel that I want to go for here so I'm thinking I'm thinking kitchen and living room in here I think that's cool because we could have the sliding glass doors and stuff so yeah kitchens gonna be here living rooms gonna be here very very open I mean these are these are just gonna have to be small bedrooms huh we could actually no we can make the the bathroom kind of like the walk through would be like a bathroom mudroom combo I don't love that idea we just don't really have a lot of room to work with maybe we make it a one bedroom dude I'm thinking maybe a one bedroom yeah I don't know this is this is tough let me see the garage do we have any space to close no we can't give any of the garage up here I guess technically we could make the garage a little bit shorter and then we can make this into two bedrooms yeah I'm gonna do that all right so we're gonna take the garage back to around here we're gonna knock down he's like six to eight blocks they're gonna have no space for two bedrooms this is so much fun whee I'm pretty sure we have a home on let's let's see this I'm pretty sure we have max upgraded perks negotiation cleaning demolition muscle strength I mean I guess I I could try that five percent muscle strength middle we might be moving just a little bit faster here I think it might be placebo though all right so we got all that now we're gonna hit the walls on the base take down the entire thing looks good almost hit that good wall okay we're good that's all taken care of so yeah it's gonna be kind of a tight fit in the garage unfortunately but hey what can I say I guess we don't really need that much room to park our tractor you know what I mean or either that or we're just gonna be a rough and tough farmer with a farm a smart car a little little Prius or something last two slots here but a bing bada boom looks good to me all right I would say that's probably enough room except you know what it's gonna be really awkward because we're gonna have to split this window oh shoot I guess we could have a this could be the master and this could be just like a little bunk room splitting the windows gonna look so stupid so we're just gonna go like this it's it's gonna be a tiny room it's gonna be for like when the in-laws come over and we don't really want to give them that much to work with we don't want them to be that comfortable so sound sounds good to me just gonna gonna do what we got to do man we're gonna bring this all the way out to here dude we have so much changing to do for the floors and the walls and everything I'm wondering if we should just paint it white on the inside since half of these are already white let's go ahead and put a door it's gonna go for the store door I'm thinking just like an interior white door internal door buy it probably want it to open against the wall so it gives us a little bit more space so we're gonna put it like that opens up against the wall nice okay so we've got that so now we're gonna build these walls here this game is so chill dude there we go and then we need our lentils up above the doorway be able to make that bonus bedroom looks good all right so we've got that and then oh shoot that's kind of that's kind of awkward how that doesn't line up whatever we're gonna make it work more area out in the living room no no problem with me so we're gonna put this like this do we want which side do we want the door on I'm actually you know what we probably would it be weird if the two doors were side-by-side we'll put the door over here it's fine all right so it's time for a door here we're gonna buy another one of these same situation we want it to line up so that it opens up against the walls so we don't lose any space there build that build the lintels I just realized we probably should have put our wood flooring down before before doing all this it was one big area that would have been nice and easy but I guess that's fun dude this is already ten times better no joke like big open area we're gonna have a huge table big kitchen bathroom over here I like it let's see what we want for flooring so we're gonna go for floor we want panels or no panels yeah I'm thinking do we want let's see this and then we're gonna put the white next to it the lighter one ooh yes yeah I feel like that might be a little bit too dark I feel like this like a light bright airy farmhouse I think with the white walls that is gonna look better all right so I I think I'm gonna put that throughout for now we may actually probably probably throughout apart from the bathroom we may end up changing that later but we're just gonna we're gonna put it throughout for now let's get the front entryway area I don't know what we're gonna do for the garage we'll put this down here oh we did get a piece of the garage there let's here let's let's finish the inside first all right so bedrooms sure why not looks good to me dude this is eating away at profits right now ninety three dollars to lay in the bedroom what about the little in-law room 44 yeah I feel like once we get the white bright law or white bright walls and lights and stuff up in the ceiling that's gonna look a lot better as for the garage should we go with tiles I don't I'm gonna go with like a concrete tile look maybe let me see how this looks is that stupid that's not bad they don't really have like a garage floor option now that I think about it let's let's close that garage I don't want the neighbors peeping in on me all right looks good to me I think the next thing I guess we can build the walls for the bathroom but I think the next thing is going to be kind of what's it called setting up the the paint colors and I'm thinking we could go for wood paneling again but I'm thinking we're gonna go for for just white plain white it can be kind of kind of boring I'm not gonna lie but I think for this house that's what we want all right so that's going to open up toilet right there I don't know that we're gonna have a shower I don't think we're gonna be able to fit a shower in here but what beggars can't be choosers this is way too small of a house anyway I'm gonna set these up I'm thinking I don't know white sometimes looks really really good but it sometimes looks really really boring so let me let me do this wall real quick oh this is already white it just doesn't look that bright is there anything is there it a brighter white or should we go with like a cream I knew that was a white but I thought it was like a gray white oh we could go with a beige um I'm thinking once we get lights and stuff in here the whites gonna look better I'm going white we're just we're gonna send it we're going white I'm not gonna worry about it half our walls are already white anyway so we're gonna make sure that we we've finished this thing out we're going white boys I'll I'll see you guys in a second this is this is gonna take a hot minute are you guys ready for this say here we go let's take a look at the new inside yes sir welcome to my crib won't you come in baby check this out man it looks so good oh we need actually one thing I haven't done yet you guys can see I did add lighting I got a couple of chandeliers in here a couple of different channel leaders in here I also just realized that I forgot to paint this wall rip I actually I think I was saving it so you guys can see it so let's oh we had just enough left nice good stuff I love it but um anyway we need some some lighting in the garage I'm thinking we just go with a couple of the big big kind of like floodlights okay if I can talk like I'm not having a stroke we're gonna go with lamps ceiling lamps I'm thinking one of these big rectangular ones so we're gonna go for this and I'm thinking put one here put one here those line up looks pretty good to me turn on the switch why is that switch do you see how I'll high up that switches I'm gonna go for the modern switches switch we're gonna go for the modern switches put that a little bit lower boom but yeah looks good to me so we've got got lighting in the garage I feel like these could be kind of moved over just a little bit line them up evenly that looks better so we got lighting in the garage to be able to park our tractor in there and then over here we have our all white walls and everything I mean it's not perfect I wish the white was a little bit brighter I also dude I wish we could do like insane stuff like have have like the exposed wooden beams like running across the ceiling and stuff that would be pretty cool we might do like a wood panel to access wall or a brick accent wall over here access wall I said accent is what I meant but yes so overall looking looking pretty good I'm gonna say I did leave the bathroom completely blank because I didn't know what I wanted to do with it I'm gonna say I guess let's start with the bathroom here we go easy important one of the most important rooms in the house okay I think I think my keyboards messed up we're gonna go with the toilet plumbing system we're gonna put this right underneath the window except we're gonna Center it the windows not really centered unfortunately so we're gonna put that there got the plumbing system we're gonna buy the toilet I'm gonna say let's just go with a standard buy that thing assemble it oh is this new this is upgraded I think yeah I have not you couldn't see the actual interior of the toilet before but it's still the same process to put it together so we've got a toilet we're gonna need a little sink mountable sink system we're gonna put that here it's definitely a little bit laggy when you pull up the iPad too tight so we're gonna go back we want the sink probably just the prism at we couldn't make it we couldn't make it a bit more farmhouse II do you want the browner to went the light oh I like that the beach you're acting like a little beach all right we're gonna go with that looks good to me kind of interesting open that up let's assemble it haven't done one of these in a long time give me this if you do the other side first it doesn't keep switching back and forth and you can end up doing it a little bit quicker if that makes sense boom boom boom boom boom looks good to me she's all good to go alright so we've got that of course we're gonna need some sort of a mere oh that's new lots of new mirrors I'm just gonna go with the traditional mirror here I'm gonna go with the beach frame let's buy it I'm gonna say let's put it vertical I feel like that's kind of cool oh shoot it's not it's not centered with the sink but we're not gonna tell anybody sheesh so we've got that and then we're gonna go with the sconces the bathroom Scots I'm gonna feel like we kind of need to keep the cream theme going now that is that is ugly we're gonna go with the white I think we may change to the white the white mirror I feel like we've got too much wood going on so we're gonna go back we're gonna go for a mirror by many actually I kind of like it when it's sideways I'm gonna go sideways here and then we can bring this down that looks a bit better so we've got that we're gonna need a light switch go ahead and grab this modern switch throw it on the wall but a bing bada boom looking pretty good what do we want to do with the walls in here and the floors I feel like I want a fun color but that may not match I don't know what the bathroom of a farmhouse looks like I would imagine it wouldn't be the most exciting thing in the world we're definitely gonna want tiles in the bathroom I mean how does the brown tiling look no I did love with it but it could do let's let's see what it looks like with wall walls wall tiles I want to add I'm gonna add something just like a little a little fun ceramic tiles two shades bluh or should we just go like pure white she I forgot we have to dude I hate the tiling how do we how do we do this I think I'm Artie okay we couldn't pick it up because I was already holding something different I was holding a potential accent wall in the kitchen that I was looking at earlier I think this looks pretty good I think we're gonna change up the flooring I don't love the flooring but the the white tile looks solid we may do like a pop of color behind the toilet though man oh man this this part right here is rough look at all these tiny little sections we have to do individually every time you have to hold it all the way through the circle you got to look down you got to pick up your tiles you got to scrape your putty all over them so they stick that's what she said we're almost done last three sections almost there we're good all right I do feel like that looks good I feel like the Browns gotta go and then I also feel like let's let's do this up the scien I like that something bright and colorful ooh actually you know what that might be too much I'll try to think of something fun but still fits but if we went with this because that's kind of the color theme of the house like the dark woods and the light woods and stuff I don't know I'm not a professional interior decorator you guys let me know if this looks awful I'm just gonna go for it we're gonna change the the flooring though for sure got that now gonna have to get up top we've got some some exterior siding somehow up top there that's interesting not really the look I'm going for or we gonna have enough to finish this thing out I don't think we will I think we're gonna have to buy a whole new pack let's buy another one of these one there and one there all right looks good to me I honestly don't love it but we're just gonna go for it for now and then we want like I said we're gonna want to switch over to floor floor tiles we may want to do something pretty basic let's just I mean white and black you can't go wrong right got that got that boom done that kind of that clashes should we just keep the wood coming in here whatever we'll keep we'll keep the same wood from the outside that way it's all congruent boom boom done love it easy peasy nice good job we're done with the bathroom actually maybe put like a little little plate in the corner so you can have have some nice some nice reading when you're in there for way too long what the heck oh it's probably decorations that's what's under plants not gonna work alright so I'm gonna go with this we're gonna put these on each side because it's a throne and then we're gonna go for toilet paper they've got new holders and stuff that's kind of cool I like the standing holders I think those are unique so we're gonna put the standing holder right here and then we're gonna have a couple of rolls can you actually put it on the holder you can't we're gonna have a couple of rolls around that make sure you never never run out alright could you put rolls in here that is attention to detail if you can you can't that would have been cool anyway pretty good-looking bathroom I don't mind it at all weird that it goes out to the outside but hey maybe you want to feel one with nature boom close the door we're done son looks good so we did the bedrooms real quick I feel like the bedrooms don't really matter all that much let's go in here we're gonna look I guess we start with the the beds what am I looking for here furniture beds I feel like I want the big bearskin one for the master so we're gonna put this like this looks good to me that's that solid alright so we've got that we're gonna want a TV on the wall yeah we work at a farm but we want to be able to watch Game of Thrones on Sunday so looks looks good to me I'm gonna want some sort of a dresser got the furniture I feel like the stylish wardrobes kind of cool let's buy this I'm gonna say let's do a let's do a his and a hers we're gonna have to that's kind of nice I like that his and a hers dresser could probably put some bedside tables furniture tables we have any good ones might want to go we're gonna go for a darker color or a lighter color I'm thinking a darker color yeah match up with the bed all right that looks good there and this looks good here probably add a a fern on each side I like this little fern thing these things are cute got that got to be one with nature bada-bing bada-boom we're gonna need a picture above the bed but we'll do pictures in a second I think overall that's that's pretty solid not too bad kind of a clean simple room got the job done alright so we'll close the actually no we got to leave that open because we need the pictures I just have to go find the pictures and then upload them later alright so for this room definitely gonna have some sort of a bunk bed want to be able to house as many people as possible I was hoping for a bunk bed that was like ah we could do two two singles probably the white details where does this even go I'm gonna go with I'm gonna go with light okay so I think we could do this kind of like a it's like they could be separate if you have two guests or you could put them together if they don't want to sleep together or if they want to sleep together it's it's kind of it's got a pretty close regardless but that's that's okay what kind of TV options do we have do we are we gonna be able to hang one on the wall I feel like that doesn't fit and you know what they're just guests they don't really need all that much so we're gonna go back to furniture like we said this is the in-law suite we don't we don't really need to need to give them all that much we want cupboards we're gonna want something super small like this probably with the the darker is that too dark steel shoe thing doesn't really fit got out a spot to put their clothes though alright looks looks good to me I think I think that's it I think we're good there extra room like I said it doesn't really matter we're gonna call that one done now it's time to get on to the fun part so I say let's get our glass doors I'm gonna get our sliding glass to there's this on it they've added some new stuff glass cabinet glass table that's pretty cool where where do you see sliding doors we're gonna go with the white but do we want the gray I might go with the gray just to make it a little bit more interesting all right so we're gonna go like this looks good to me actually I think we want it further back in because otherwise we can see the side of the house and the grass coming through okay and you know what I think we want it in white boom so we're gonna have three sliding glass doors that's kind of cool it's gonna be it's gonna make for a cool dining room for sure so you've got that I like that a lot dude you can just kind of open it up get out to the fields check out everything looks looks good to me for the living room definitely don't want a huge table with like an oversized rug so we're gonna go in here furniture tables I don't know I like I want the huge table you know what I mean and it needs to be in a dark darker Brown I don't know that they're gonna have exactly what we're looking for here I mean that's not bad okay I'm gonna say let's let's put the dining table here that's not exactly what I wanted but honestly that I mean it could have been worse we're gonna Center it with these windows maybe move over one boom looks good to me we could probably put some sort of a ceiling light kind of like a little triple I'm gonna lighten that up put this directly overhead looks good kind of got to move it to the right a little bit boom looks better four chairs I don't even know what you go for here I feel like yeah classic chair that's a farmhouse chair if I've ever seen one right so we're gonna buy one we're gonna put it there I'm gonna put another one here and here and then here and the last one right over boom all right nice little farmhouse table eat some big breakfasts before we go out to the field and now we're gonna worry about the kitchen hmm I don't I haven't seen the kitchen options so I'm not sure what we have I feel like a lot of it's so modern a lot of it's pretty modern what can we do with this I mean that's does that match the floor too much though you know what I mean and it's also kind of awkward because it's the corner and this isn't really a corner kitchen spot unfortunately we just don't we don't really have the customization here that we would like do we like that but do we like the white better I feel like I don't like that it matches with the floor I think the white and gray is gonna be our best option here and this is the one that we always use for pretty much all of our kitchens but honestly I mean it's it's the best-looking one so we're just gonna set this up it's all right buy this and throw this in here we'll throw another one in here all right so we've got that then we're gonna want the sink right underneath the underneath the window as centered as we can possibly be that's about about as good as we're gonna be can we brighten up the sink color you get one option and that's it shoot are we not backed up against the wall why won't it let me back that up against the wall weird all right we're just gonna have to pull the sink out then boom looks good and then probably back to one of these will by this line that up one more and then I think we're gonna put the fridge next to that I mean we got plenty of counter space man refrigerator probably just go with the mono and we'll throw this bad boy in right there not too bad could be better not awful we need um hmm I guess we need some stuff on the counters I don't know let's let's see what we have going on electric equipment we could put a little stove on here put that over on this corner I want like a little toaster what else do you have we have an electric cooker microwave oven get that angle in the corner looking good so far do they have toasters loudspeakers coffeemaker definitely gonna want a coffee maker make sure we're all caffeinated before we work what else do we have here router Fez I don't even know what that is console Oh Oh like a router I didn't understand what Fez was but they added in consoles and routers and stuff that's kind of cool that makes sense a little hot plate there don't really need that I think we're good I think we're I think that saw we don't really want to over overdo it I mean we could do I think they have like a cutting board see sometimes it's all about the details so we're gonna buy a little cutting board angle that like that because we're cutting the carrots and stuff that we grew out in our garden that we're going to be planting in tomorrow's episode and then I think you can get like a big knife set it right like that and then we could get the knife stands and put that over like this boom looks pretty good not bad did I feel like I'm so sort you guys like I feel like I'm like down looking the sink in the eyes I'm usually looking down on the sink anyway yeah I feel like that looks pretty good probably want to set up a sofa and a TV here so we're gonna throw a TV on the wall do this why why was it like that is it upside down no okay we're good let's see we have for a sofa kind of an open floor plan here we're gonna look for sofas I feel like the cow one would fit this farmhouse theme or an elegant leather a big big leather yeah I think a leather I like that so we've got that probably put like a do we have like a leather sofa chair I want a sofa chair round armchair I mean I feel like this would fit in a farmhouse you know what I mean kind of ugly kinda doesn't match but it's there anyway we're gonna set it up like that alright looks good to me we need some sort of a coffee table so we're gonna go into furniture say bowls some sort of a coffee table let's get the slightly darker wood looks good Center this just like that is the TV Center no it's got to go to the left a little bit nice all right so that's not too bad I feel like we need rugs in here rugs are tough though rugs are hard because you want them to be big and there's not really like a ton of customization for rugs in this game granny carpet Nancy it's not it's not big enough like that that's not bad that kind of fits I'll throw this like that looks good I'll take it so we've got that they're simple carpet can bring out the warmth in the house sure whatever you say ma'am and then I mean nothing nothing really matches this one it's kind of okay but kind of weird where's I always go for this one this is like one of my favorites should we just throw this some of the kitchen table and call it a day whatever dude I'm looking forward to getting to plant in our plants so we're we're we're just gonna do that we should probably do some tile in the kitchen let me just go with a white tile tiles white so I'm gonna do tiles in the kitchen I'm gonna take it to here to get halfway through that wall Oh got it guessed it but we got it let's buy the rest right here not bad not bad not bad at all all right it's not perfect I don't know a lot it seems a little cozy it's its depth like we need to add some plants and stuff we need to add the details we need to upload some photos so we can get some photos in there so we've got that some sort of like a coat rack or something somewhere I know there's like a coat rack and stuff we could cabinet with changing table that's interesting we could put some sort of like a TV oh this shoe cabinet with tree hanger I like this let's buy this and put this somewhere this thing is kind of cool I'm gonna put it here nice is that a dog bowl or is it a trash I'm not sure so you got that um I don't know this is just a big wall I don't know what to do with it I guess we could put like a little table put like a little Lin table thing is is we're getting a lot of weird Browns now but whatever we kind of want a smaller table hold on we could do a stylish stool I don't know this is this is beyond my expertise picture I know there's like there's a little thing of a cat there's a little picture picture frame of the cat here we go framed cat photo where we can't put it we can't put it on there seriously alright well put it on the ground next to it whatever you guys know what I was going for there all right not not bad I like it I would if we could actually I hold on I think there might be a giant horse painting I was envisioning a huge like oversized picture of a horse painting of a cat guarding the night dude that is pretty cool but it's really really small I'm pretty sure they have a big horse photo this aha this is what I was thinking of now envision that being like three times the size like big and kind of covering the whole wall and that's uh that's the look I was going for there but hey it's alright I would say that's a pretty pretty good job I I think we did did an alright job we've got a decent sized garage here it's a little small walk in we have a nice kitchen we've got a dining room we've got a living room we've got this thing I mean it's not the most tastefully decorated thing in the world but it is better than what we started with you know what I mean so I feel like this is a good start to the farmhouse I may add a few touches here and there before we end up calling this a day but um next up and the next episode we are gonna work on out here and we are gonna be tilling the lands baby we are gonna be planting all kinds of crops doing all kinds of fun stuff out in the outdoors and I'm excited for it so hope you guys are too I'm gonna see you guys in our next episode drop a like if you guys enjoyed subscribe how it already peace out

45 thoughts on “House Flipper – Building a Farm House Interior!

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  2. If you like creating and designing a house, Sims is where it's at. I've lost track of hours building new houses especially with all the custom content I've downloaded.

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    Trevor:Let me make this half one colour and this half another

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  7. Also if you have a scroll wheel on your mouse you can build several walls at once. Since you have the perk maxed.

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