18 thoughts on “House NA / Sou Fujimoto Architects

  1. So, did someone pay for that? How does this house make money? Can someone rent it/buy it or is only kind of a museum-house?

  2. Non, c'est vrai qu'il est bien difficile de sortir l'architecture de ses archétypes conventionnels et qu'il n'est pas si évident de proposer de nouvelles formes d'habiter

  3. That house would be great if you are a cat. Maybe even a playhouse for some little kid. This place is so spartan. They dont really have any belongings there. Why would anyone put a glass house in an extreme earthquake zone? Thats insane to want to go to the bathroom or shower. You could never play hookey from work or school if you lived there too. Very impractical.

  4. Nope, we got in contact with the owners beforehand and seeked permission to arrange for a visit and they allowed. =D

  5. I went there few days ago, while i was taking photographs outside, the owner of the house was staring at us. Wish i had a chance to visit inside, did he invite you to go inside?

  6. Oui! C'était une de mes questions ? …Derrière une tenture ? Mais alors…on doit être …"Maquillée et Coiffée…" jour et nuit ? ! Exploit Architectural , y Vivre … choix . Merci. Vi

  7. Made a trip there, the owners were generous enough to let us in for a visit. It's located in along a small stretch of road therefore lesser human traffic. After entering, the space seems surprisingly more private than on the outside. Really really fun house.

  8. of course there is privacy. you can look in every house if you want. the house isn't very small. it's builded to save room and the people in japan don't need very much space. today I was in a german museum, where there was a tiny version of it. designed and produced by sou fujimoto. I think it's interesting to use not very much space for doing everything. and in the night they are using curtains to save their privacy 😉

  9. beurk, beurk, beurk! Aucune intimité, aucun confort et bonjour! le nettoyage des vitres!!! C'est du fou furieux!

  10. Because Life is nothing but an endless state of contemplation –interrupted by the occasional trip to the toilet 😉

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