HOUSE TOUR | Come Take a Tour of our New, Mountain Modern Home

HOUSE TOUR | Come Take a Tour of our New, Mountain Modern Home

– I’m taking you on a home tour today! (upbeat pop music) Hi ladies, it’s Erin and
welcome back to my channel. Through my channel, BusbeeStyle,
my goal, my mission, is to help women just like you,
who are busy juggling life, look like you have your act
together, even if you don’t. Today, I wanna show you
around our new home, it’s in Telluride, Colorado. We moved here, into this
house, about three months ago and it feels a lot longer, but it’s really only been three months. I know a lot of you have
asked for a home tour and I really haven’t
felt prepared to do that, because, you know, as you
move in to any new home, you have to develop new systems
and organizational systems and you’re unpacking and
you’re getting organized and settled, so just haven’t felt ready, even though we bought the
house fully furnished. There was still a lot of those t’s to cross and i’s to dot. I did videos on our decision to move here, why we moved here, why we
love it, and I’ll put links to those below, so if
you’re curious, you wanna know more about this area
in Colorado and why we moved from Texas to Colorado, you can check out those videos below. But I wanna get right to that house tour, so let’s get started. (upbeat house music) We have a deck on the third
level and that’s where the grill and the hot tub are. We have a great view of
the mountains, although it’s hard to see right now
cause it’s pretty cloudy today, but on a clear day, you
can see the mountains kinda up over these houses, it’s really a gorgeous, gorgeous view. So this is just a little
nook, a little eating area, it’s also kinda where the
kids can do their homework. At first I was like, “I
don’t know if we would really need this or use
this”, but we do use it, quite a bit. I love that it’s got the
built-in booth-sofa element to it, so it’s very cozy. Here’s a wet bar over here. We don’t drink, so that’s
not really an essential for us, it certainly
isn’t something we needed, so we’ve kinda stocked… There’s a few beers in
there, but it’s mostly soda. So the wet bar area has
a little sink and then two refrigerators right
there, which is really nice for extra drinks. I feel like we really use
that, that extra space for refrigeration. I’m on the lookout for a
painting for right here. What I really wanna do is a
painting of New York City. That’s where Chris and I
met, that’s where we both lived for a very long time and holds a special place in both of our hearts. Off of this hallway, you’ve
got a little powder room right there, for guests,
and then to the left is one of the bedrooms. This right here is a loft
area, I’ll take you up there in a second, but essentially,
it’s another space for the kids to play, to do homework. Chris was toying with the
idea of putting an office up there, but I don’t
think that’s gonna happen. We spend most of our time
in this room, obviously. It’s just the big main
living area with a kitchen. So its a big, open living
space, see the fireplace, and lots of seating and
then I love the kitchen also for, I don’t know, just
families and entertaining because you’ve got the bar
seating and then you’ve got the other seating so close by. One thing this kitchen
has that our old kitchen did not have is this huge refrigerator and I really, really love it. Today’s a really gray day, so it looks quite dark in here, but
on a typical sunny day, and it really is sunny
here most of the time, this room gets a lot of
light and so I always feel like it’s light and bright and airy and it’s just a nice space to hang out in. The kitchen’s a little
bit cramped on this side for cooking and, again,
there’s two of us in here, it’s a lot, but I love it
so I don’t care. (laughs) I don’t cook that much anyway, I mean, I really cook for
necessity, not because it’s my passion or my love. There’s a wine cooler here but, again, since we don’t drink,
we’re using that for sodas and waters and drinks for the kids. And we have the oven here and then you have another oven over here. Not sure we’ll use both
ovens a lot, we didn’t in the old house, either. I love the lighting in this house, all of the pendant lighting
and the chandeliers are all so modern and
interesting and funky and I just really love it. Okay, I’m gonna take you
up to the loft space. So this just slides right over. (ladder rolls and squeaks) And ya line it up with the entrance. I hadn’t anticipated doing
this with the camera, but let’s go for it. (Erin panting) It’s hard to see, there’s
these two giant beanbags and then there’s kind
of a daybed right there. And that’s pretty much it up here. So it could be an office
space, but it’s just climbing up that ladder
would be challenging I think. Okay, so let’s head back down. Slide that back over,
oh I forgot to show you, we do have a small pantry, it’s not like our Texas-sized pantry, but fits a lot. We also keep our cleaning stuff in here. Don’t really have an option, so we’ve just got nice hooks for everything. This is where we eat most of the time. It’s a nice big, long table. Again, for entertaining, it’s terrific. I love this chandelier,
it’s probably my favorite. One of the thing I wanted to show you before we move on is this. So the house is so vertical,
mainly because it’s very close to a ski trail and the lots are valuable, very valuable,
so they built vertically and also to give you better views. It’s not here right now,
so I just push three, it comes up to three. I usually keep it on
the base level because that’s where I would
load the groceries in, but I can call it up
here, like, if I wanted to send garbage down or anything down to the garage, I could. Okay, so it’s here, oh! Yeah, see, I sent this
stuff down the other day, I forgot about it. (laughs) So it’s like recyclables
and my shopping bags, so I put those back in
my car for shopping. And then I just close it up, like that, shut the door, and I’m gonna send it back down to one. So it’s there when I need it. This house also has, these are terrific, it’s a in-floor heat and
also has built-in humidity, so it pumps air through the
house cause it’s so dry here. So this is the powder room
I was talking about earlier. I found these really cool soap dispensers at a place called Bath Outlet. See how pretty that is, it’s very modern. And they had, also, toilet brush cleaners, so I bought this one, it’s
hard to see, but it’s blue. See, it’s just very nice. Hi, cutie! (laughs) – [Child] What are you doin’? – What am I doing, I’m taping you. And see, there’s a lot of
light flooding in her room. And she missed her room
in Texas, cause she did have a beautiful room
in Texas, so I told her she could put up these
My Little Pony decals. And it makes her feel
like it’s really her room. And then they, she has
a teeny-tiny closet, which is okay right now, cause
she has teeny-tiny clothes! The bathrooms I love in this house, they’re all so modern and nice. Just like all the choices, like I may not have picked this sort of river-rock look, but I like it and then subway
tile, it’s really pretty. (upbeat house music) This is my hall closet, it’s
where all my jackets are. So I use every bit of this closet. I do a lot of shoes in
here, jackets, and handbags and then some really long hanging pieces. So I definitely use that
closet, which I guess most people would use as
a coat closet, since it’s next to the door, but our master is small, so that’s my closet. So that dumbwaiter
stops on this level too. This is our bedroom, Chris and my bedroom. It’s a pretty big bedroom,
especially for Telluride. I almost was thinking,
like, “Why didn’t they use a little of this floor real estate and add it to the master closet?” And there’s a little deck
out here, which is nice. And then this is where
I work and it’s also where Chris has his desk set up. We didn’t really have
another option unless Chris decides to move up to the loft, this is where we’re going to stay. But he has an office in
town, it’s just really me during the day, working from here. And then here’s my
little gym in the corner. It’s all my workout
gear, so I just grab it from there and workout. But this is fine, for, I
mean, it works really well. This is a mirror that was
there, but I’ve ordered one to put right there, a
really nice floor mirror that actually is from
West Elm that will go with that counsel table. Alright, let’s go into the bathroom! I love this sink, trough
sink, really cool. And I like all of the fixtures and the color choices in here. I love the dark cabinets,
I like the pendant lights, I like the tile, I like all of it. It feels very spa-like in here and I, I like it, I like that. This tub is so deep,
when the kids get in it, all you can see is kind
of the top of their head, it’s like a swimming pool. There’s a TV right here, and then there’s a little, like,
potty room in here. I just, Chris just
installed these shelves, those are from West Elm. There’s a built-in TV right there so, I guess, if you’re spendin’
a lot of time in the potty, you can watch your favorite shows while you’re doin’ your business! I’ve really gone to great lengths to organize everything
in here so it stays neat. So I’ve got some trays down in there, and then I have kind of
essential toiletries in here. That cable makes it look
messy, but it’s really pretty neat in there. These are cool, I don’t know if you guys have seen these, it’s from Pottery Barn. It’s a smart sensor
light, so you can tap it, or it just goes on automatically. That’s our bedroom! This is built-in, so we won’t be able to monkey with that, it’s built-in. And then the closet, I’ll show you, there’s some built-ins also. I’ve already showed you guys the closet, but I’ll show it to you again! I just did a whole bunch of wash from my trip to Mexico,
everything was gross. And everything’s kinda
hangin’ dry right here, that’s the shelf that we put up, from Pottery Barn, remember that? And then these are built-in,
so that’s built-in, this is built-in. I got those bins from Container Store. I gotta keep it lean in here,
it’s not the biggest closet in the world. There’s another bedroom
here and it’s identical, basically, to the other
bedroom, just a little bit different decor but the same bones. This is where we put guests
and it’s a king-sized bed so its better for guests. Gets a lot of great
light in this room, also. And it’s got a small closet
and each of the closets has a built-in, built-in
dresser which is nice. Another bathroom that’s very modern and new. This is another closet
I’ve sort of commandeered because I have to. So I put t-shirts, shorts,
and sundresses in here, along with extra toiletries at the bottom. And I’ve gone to great lengths
to organize this as well. These shelves are from a
website called and then over here you’ve
got extra sheets, towels, blankets, pillows, and that’s it. (upbeat house music) So this is our mudroom,
which is a vital thing to have here in Colorado. It’s very dirty and muddy
and you’ve got all seasons and it’s just an essential space. If you can figure it out
a way to have a mudroom, I think it’s up there with,
like, a master closet. We’re real excited to have this space so we can hang coats there. So in the winter, we can put
hats, gloves, and scarves in these cupboards and in these baskets. Last but not least, I
just wanna show you this quick little laundry room tour. Two dryers, one washer,
lots of storage down here. This is probably one of my favorite rooms in the house besides
the main living space. I just think it’s such a fun room. It’s where the kids can play and hang out, it’s kinda their space. All their toys are here,
the games are here, there’s the biggest television
in the house in here. It’s a really nice space for the kids. And I didn’t have that at the old house, I didn’t have, like, a kid room. And then these are bunks,
the top two are twin and the bottom two are full. Right below the fulls
are trundles, so those pull out as well and create
even more sleeping areas. So our sleeping room. And then the couch is also a futon. So if we had a couple
families comin’ to stay, you could just pile all
the kids in the bunks and the futon and maybe
even one on the floor and you have plenty of
room for all the kids. And then they have their
own little bathroom in here. This bathroom’s just fun and colorful, it’s got a lot of personality with the orange and the blue. That’s tile and there’s
also a shower down here. I don’t know if anyone’s actually used the shower down here. And they have a little
drink fridge down here. This is the garage and we’ve just recently had a garage overhaul and both of us are really excited about it. Chris worked really hard
installing that shelf right there, just up over
my car, and that has been a huge helper in
providing storage solution because, if we try to
park two cars in here, there’s not a lot of ancillary storage. So we’ve got the ski
rack to hold all the skis and the bike rack to hold bikes and the boot rack to
hold the boots (laughs) and another rack for the helmets. So we can fit both cars in here as long as we keep it organized like
this, which will not be easy, but we are going to try! So that’s a tour of our new home. Do let me know if you have any questions. Again we bought the home fully furnished, so I’m still trying to
figure out where everything is from, a lot of you
have asked about pillows and stuff like that. I think that I will hopefully glean some more of that information as I can search more for it. We also will be adding
some of our own personality into the home as we live here longer. You know, I’m one of those
people, wanna move in and get it all done right
away and my husband’s that same way, but I feel like
sometimes when you do that, you make mistakes or you
get things that you’re not totally in love with
or you haven’t had time to really assess the space
and get a feel for it and what you want and what you need! So I do think it’s important to kinda live in the space for a while before you start buying key items. I did do a video also on organization and how I kinda got the closets organized and some of the key areas organized, like the kid’s toys
and stuff, so if you’re interested in watching that video, I’ll put a link to that below. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel, here’s the button right here. If you haven’t already,
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watching, so, so much and let me know if you
have any questions at all. As always, just comment below and I will see ya next time, bye! (upbeat pop music)

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