House Tour | This Luxurious Home Takes Daring Design Risks

34 thoughts on “House Tour | This Luxurious Home Takes Daring Design Risks

  1. This is one of the best designs on this channel! Well done! The wall paper in the bathroom was very bold! Very elegant

  2. Her redesign is very chic and glamorous, but it looked lovely before! If I had bought that home I probably wouldn't have changed a thing.

  3. Thank you for showing how to pair a traditional console table with a modern marble topped round dining table and retro chairs! Your style is inspiring and innovative.

  4. Aaah! What a lovely lady…
    The type of person I would love to work with…
    Genuine, Humble, & that feeding people thing I can relate sooO much with as an Indian! 😅👌

  5. They must've deleted all comments that go against this designer's vision. I just don't see anything beautiful about the design of this house. A pink ceiling??? NO. The worst parts besides that sofa when you first walk in and the master bedroom was that bathroom with the floral mural on the walls. I can't imagine a man would want to live in this hodge podge of 1980's Eastern European interior design machinations. Honestly the place looked better before she got her hands on it.

  6. I LOVE the French sliding doors. I'm looking for something just like it, may I ask where you got the glass doors from please? Many thanks!

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