How Clean Is Your Interior? | Dodge Viper GTS ACR | Chemical Guys Car Care

How Clean Is Your Interior? | Dodge Viper GTS ACR | Chemical Guys Car Care

Hello everybody welcome back to the Chemical
Guys Detail Garage! I’m Nick and this is a 2000 Viper ACR and
if you have been following our detailing mini series, you saw that we washed it using Black
Light Soap which enhanced that black shine but once we were done washing we noticed that
the paint was a little rough and it had scratches and swirls. This brought us to our polishing step where
we used V36 and the TORQ 10FX to refine the finish and restore shine. As our last step we have moved to the interior
which as you can see needs a little bit of attention. This car sat in a dealership where it was
test driven and also driven by mechanics, now it has grease and dirt because with a
car that has nearly 500 horsepower you’ll want to put the windows down and that draws
in a lot of dust. So, we’re going to start by wiping all the
plastics and leather to draw the dirt down to the carpet which we will vacuum up. We’re also going to protect it so it can last
as long as it can. To start off, there really isn’t a right or
wrong way to detail your interior but as my personal preference I like to work from the
windshield back and finish by cleaning the glass. With that being said, we will begin with the
dashboard. It’s plastic and someone has dressed it with
something that was oil-based and it collected dirt. Nonsense cuts through filth and old dressings
and if we want to we can add a new dressing later or leave it bare but we will add some
protectant to prevent deterioration over time. Using a yellow microfiber towel, I’ll spray
a little bit of Nonsense onto it to control over spray. I’ll start right here and gently wipe in one
direction. Although the dash looked clean already, there
is a ton of grime on this towel, flip it over to buff off the excess and reveal a more natural
look. Like I mentioned earlier we can apply a new
dressing on there, probably something water-based rather than oil-based so that it doesn’t collect
dirt. It’ll be dry-to-the touch with a more natural
look but more importantly it is protecting it against UV rays or staining and discoloration
which can harm the finish. Can you see that? Already the interior is looking a lot better. Just by giving it a simple wipe down it has
removed the light layer of dust and debris and given everything that “like new” look. I should have mentioned before we started
the interior detail that I bagged up all the owners’ personal effects and placed the in
the trunk. This way, they aren’t in my way as we detail
and I’m also not making a mess out of them. When we return the car I’ll give them back
to the owner. Lets move on, by cleaning the leather and
in the same way I’ll wipe it all down to the carpet which will be our last step cleaning
wise. This way we aren’t repeating unnecessary steps
by dragging dirt into areas we have already cleaned. We will clean the seats which you can see
have grease, dirt and other filth. The seat has perforations so we don’t want
to spray directly onto the seat which can cause saturation and over time can cause mold
or eat at the foam inside of the seat. Instead, I’ll spray the brush and scrub the
seat before wiping off the spent cleaner. There is still debris in the crevices of the
seat but I’ll spray some Leather Cleaner into the towel. This is just like a quick detail for the exterior
of the car, simply wipe in one direction to collect dirt and grime. Now we won’t be scrubbing abrasive particles
into the leather. This was all hiding in the crevices and hard to reach areas of the seat. I don’t want to grind any of this into the
leather because potentially could harm the leather so by gently wiping it away this will
preserve it and prevent damage as we detail. Now that we have taken care of the loose dirt
we can actually start scrubbing the leather. Using a Horse Hair Leather Cleaning Brush,
I’ll spray the Leather Cleaner into it. This will gently penetrate the hide to lift
up any body oils or grime because black leather hides a lot and it may look pretty clean right
now the truth will be when we wipe it off. After wiping it off I see that there was some
sort of staining on there, maybe jeans which tend to stain pretty easily. All that grime and filth block protectants
from bonding to the surface. So, by cleaning and drying thoroughly now
we have the best chances for a long lasting protective barrier and it is going to help
with the overall longevity of the leather. Do you know how long you spend inside of your
car? I don’t know either, I was just asking. ” two hours a day, so ten hours a week?” Roughly, so why wouldn’t you want the interior
of your car to look it’s best as it can. These are high traffic areas the handbrake,
shift knob and steering wheel; and that is where all the body oils end up. That’s nasty! I will say that on my own cars, even if I
don’t have time to clean the exterior I’ll still clean the interior because this is where
I spend most of my time. As you see, the leather is now clean and thoroughly
dried which means it is ready for the protective dressing. I’m going to use Leather Conditioner. This has the natural nutrients that any leather
goods actually needs to enrich and enhance which restores the supple, soft feeling and
great leather scent. First, I’ll shake it up and using a tan applicator
pad which we have designated for leather goods. Applying some to the applicator but rather
than blotching this out on the seat, I’ll use my finger to spread it over the pad so
that we don’t clot the stitching or perforations. We’ll protect it without buildup. Spread it out in an even layer, you can also
work it in. For a more natural look you can buff off the
excess or leave it to dry for a wet look. I’ll catch the bolsters while I’m at it. A little bit goes a long way, it doesn’t take
a lot of product. There’s a horse back there. ” Yeah you could say that” I’m going to finish up with this and then
vacuum. In the meantime, you guys can head over to
our website if you want to check out these products for yourself. Now, if you like this car be sure to give
it a thumbs up, don’t forget to subscribe and comment down below. We’ll see you guys next time right here in the
Detail Garage. It’s okay if it gets on the plastic, not the
end of the world. Don’t dress steering wheels and pedals
or control surfaces for that matter. I like the natural look and feel of the shift
knob so I won’t dress it.

25 thoughts on “How Clean Is Your Interior? | Dodge Viper GTS ACR | Chemical Guys Car Care

  1. Hey guys I am from india and I love the way you work and I love your work your detailing is superb can you let me know how can I buy your products in here…

  2. ordered a mystery bucket, and you guys sent it out a day too late, now I have to wait the whole weekend till Monday 🙁

  3. The satisfaction is immense, I'm straight out to do mine tomorrow aftwr watching this!. I have Meguiars product for leather but I always use your 'Inner clean' product on the rest of my Jaguar XE. Lovely mild pina colada scent whilst using it and gives an excellent natural finish. Works great on the touch screen and the piano black sections also. I got some ez cream glaze and butter wet wax for my birthday along with some sealent spray. Ill wait until spring when I get busy with the claying before using those 😎

  4. Does the leather cleaner have conditioning properties? Would it be okay to use the leather cleaner and not apply the conditioner afterwards?

  5. Wow chemguys that interior was filthy honestly I couldn’t agree with you more nick. If you spend that much time inside your car wouldn’t you want it too look it’s best. You guys did an amazing job and it looks show room ready. Take care chemguys and see you on the next video.

    Sincerely your number one fan,


  6. Do y'all have a video or link to your forum on what to do with a new car from the lot? Just picked up a 2018 JL wrangler and want to keep it nice and new as long as possible.

  7. Great job on the detail. Pending on status of the carpet, I would do that after brushing off dash and seats. Reason being that you have to blow out areas with compressed air, thus getting dust everywhere. Guess you have to adjust if the carpet is clean or dirty

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