How I Got Tesla Model 3 RED Interior – Model 3 Red Seats!

How I Got Tesla Model 3 RED Interior – Model 3 Red Seats!

– If you were to buy a Tesla Model3 today your only option is to get black vinyl or aka vegan leather seats. That is unless you opt for
the much more expensive performance Model3 which
then allows you to choose between that same black vegan vinyl and white vegan vinyl. When I placed my order for the Model3, I didn’t buy the performance version. So I was only stuck with the one choice that being black vegan seats. I prefer leather and I also prefer a color That will pop a little
more than boring black. So when I saw that TSportline had a new Model3 seat upgrade kit, I jumped on it immediately. What is going on Tech Squad Andru Edwards here editor
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subscribe button down below along with bell notification icon so you don’t miss any future videos. As I mentioned this is my Tesla Model3 and this is probably
the first Tesla Model3 with red leather seats that you see. As I mentioned I wanted a different color. I like color options especially in my car. I don’t like to have the
same car as everyone else. I don’t like to have the
same look as everyone else. Since Tesla doesn’t offer that yet, I opted to go with
TSportline when they released their Model3 seat upgrade kit. Now as you can see what I have in here is a perforated red leather seat. This is real leather, not vegan leather. However if you are into vegan leather, they do offer that as well. I actually think inside
the vehicle it matches even better with the
black all around the car, then the red seats with
the black old school Tesla Model3 insignia. I got the insignia in
black suede as you can see to kind of match the rest of the car. I also could have opted
to get it color matched to the red as well. If you’re picking up a Model3 or you’ve picked one up already and you wanna change the color
of the seats in your car, I’ll tell you all about
the pricing and colors but the first thing you need to know is that this is not an
actual seat replacement as in they didn’t remove
the physical seats from the car. It’s actually reupholstered. So TSportline sells new leather upholstery or vegan leather upholstery
in different colors different options, different styles. You buy that. They send it to you. And then you bring that
to an upholstery shop, a car upholstery shop. And they take off the old upholstery and install the new upholstery
that you got from TSportline. That’s what happened here in this vehicle. The price for the
installation was roughly $600. So that’s on top of the cost
of the upholstery itself. If you’ve picked up a Model3
or you plan on picking one up in the future, and want to do your own seat modification. Let me break down the
four different styles that TSportline offers in
their Model3 seat upgrade kit. First up is the Tesla Factory style. This mimics Tesla’s
own Model3 seat design. So the seat pretty much looks exactly like what you get from Tesla
just in a different color. That one starts at $2,000. Then there is the Insignia design that also starts at $2,000 and that features the Model3 insignia. You can match the insignia
to the color of the seats or you can have them done in black suede for an extra $100. There’s also the Perforated Insignia. That’s what I have here. It’s the same as the insignia design rather you can see the
seats are perforated that starts at $2,050. I prefer the perforation. I think it looks better. I think it’s more comfortable as well. Then lastly there is
the Signature Diamond. This features a diamond quilt pattern on the seat back and chair. It reminds me kind of like one of those winter bubble jackets, bubble coats. I like this design. It starts at $2,200. The TSportline Model3 seat upgrade kit replaces all the seats in your car. Not just the front seats
but the back seats as well. That also includes the cup holder in back. As for colors, as I mentioned and as you can see, I got red leather here. But you can also get them
in white, black, brown, tan, and cream in both real leather and the same colors are also available in vegan leather as well. There’s also an even brighter
white called uber white vegan. Which is only available
obviously since it’s vegan in the vinyl material. And if you get the
Signature Diamond style, there’s also blue, gray, and
tangerine colors as well. So there you have it guys, that was your look at
the first Tesla Model3 with red leather perforated seats with the black suede Model3 insignia. Any questions about this process leave ’em down below. I will meet you there
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catch you in the next video.

21 thoughts on “How I Got Tesla Model 3 RED Interior – Model 3 Red Seats!

  1. Is it just me or does the finish on these reupholstered seats look a little off? There's bubbling at the seams, and at certain views the lines/edges do not look straight when compared to the standard black??

  2. The stock seats look better in my opinion. The red is fine if it was done correctly. It's over streatched pulled at the seams which means it wont look good in a few years. Its though to match the quality of stock seats.

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