How I Use Canva || A Simple Canva Tutorial

How I Use Canva || A Simple Canva Tutorial

– In today’s video, I’m
gonna show you how to create brand imagery in Canva using
styled stock from SC Stockshop. And I don’t just mean
in the common-sense way like slapping text on top of
your styled stock imagery, which is super important
and helpful and useful, but I want to show you how
I actually add in shadowing, how I create pinnable images in a pinch, and even how I add in my own handwriting into these images, without
even opening Adobe. Hey guys. Welcome to another episode. My name is Ashlyn Carter. I am the calligrapher and copywriter behind the brand Ashlyn Writes. I help creative entrepreneurs
and women like you sell more with your words so you can work from a
place of rest, not hustle, but today we’re actually
talking about imagery. Imagery is so, so important
when it comes to communicating your overall marketing
and messaging strategy. Now I am no photographer, as
you have probably noticed, and every single time that
I try, and boy, I try, to take my styled stock imagery or flat lays here in my office, they’re just not quite that great. Even when I try to use
Lightroom and different hacks, I’m not a photographer. It’s not my thing, so
I have to outsource it. My favorite resource has been SC Stockshop for various reasons. Primarily though, they are huge graphics, so you can get really tight
zooms and crops on them, which I’m gonna show you when we move over to the computer to
look at this in Canva. I like that, and I also
I like that her whites are actually really white. So I have an easier time matching imagery across different looks and
different brand stylings that I want to show off in my business, so that’s been super helpful for me. I will link it below if you’re interested in looking at her different
items in the shop. So let’s go ahead and
hop into the computer. Before I do that, I do want to
say, so I am a calligrapher, which means I digitize
a ton of my artwork, and I lay out a lot of
different invitation suites. I know Adobe like the back
of my hand, but I use Canva when it comes to a lot of
different things in my business, sheerly because it just
moves so much quicker. It is fast, it is so easy,
the files are a lot less bulky and small, so it takes
less time to export them and use them in other ways. So yeah, I wanna show you how to use Canva to create different brand imagery using your SC Stockshop images. All right, here we are on the computer. I’m gonna go ahead and pop open Canva. Viola, here it is. Now I was pretty tempted
to go ahead and hop in here and clean up my account
for you, but I thought, let’s just show you the whole shebang. It’s like hot mess express in here. I’m sure there are fantastic
organization videos out there on the internets about sorting
all of this using foldering. I’m gonna be honest, I just find things a heck of a lot faster
if I just pop in here. So the first thing I want to show you is just how to create a digital
mock-up with your images. So we’re just gonna pop over here. I have my templates already laid out. This is what we use for
Pinterest primarily. So, yep. Gang’s all here. Okay, and let’s just say
I want to make an image that had the background be
one of my styled stock images, and I want to show off
a document on an iPad. So I’m just gonna go
ahead and clear this out so we have like a fresh space to work on. I also like in Canva, you can set up your brand colors, your
document colors, and your fonts. If you’re not familiar with Canva, I would get familiar with it. It’s just fabulous. So let’s go ahead and add
in a background image. Over here, these are all
the different folders for imagery that we have in Canva, not just anything that we
have over in the dropbox. We kind of import in here the
things that we typically use to work in Canva. So let’s just pick an image. I like this guy. I’m gonna make it big
and scoot it way over because I want to show off, let’s say, I want to show off a download that I have that I want people to grab. So I love being able to have mock-ups. Now one of the things that
you need to watch for is size. You know, that looks like
a little teacup next to, that looks a little bit
better, next to this iPad. So one thing you do just
want to always make sure that your size is on point. So there, boom, good to go. Now let’s add in an image. I do have an entire folder
just with random images that we’ve used for opt-ins, which I’ve found pretty
helpful when I do this. Tweak it a little bit. Pull it over here. I’ll speedbar off on that. There, that’s better. All right, now one
thing I want to show you and this is kind of far on the side And I’m not really sure how I came up with this or if I saw this somewhere. I’m gonna be honest, I have no idea. But I’ve been doing it
and I really like it. And it’s called The Triangle Trick. So, do the Triangle Trick. It just makes things
look a little more real. You pop over to Elements, open up Shapes, and grab this triangle
guy, where is he there? That’s not the one I like. What is this? Who did well in geometry growing up? Isosceles, maybe? Whatever. Dye him white and I’m
gonna pop it over here. (soft mumbling) Well that’s probably good enough. Nope, it’s definitely not, but okay. And the trick is to do a little bit of this action. Okay so all I did there was go over to the Transparency of
it and pull it way down. And there’s not really a magic number. It just kind of depends
on what this image is and everything all together but that just makes things look a little more real. So there you have it, the Triangle Trick. And you can also use that so let’s say… And the beauty of the Style Stock too… Let me interrupt myself for a moment, is say I wanted to sub this
out for something else. Let’s pick… let’s do this one. You know I could do something like this. See if I can cover those up. Well actually I can so You would want to shrink that down. See how that works? And I’m gonna obviously
want to pull this over. You get what I’m saying. You can pop in and out of the print images until you find the look that you want. I did not edit this professionally. So that would be how you do an iPad or a iPhone or any kind
of small portable object. Well let’s say you want
to use one of Shay’s desktop images, then you can still do that Triangle Trick
that I just taught you. I would add in like a
screen shot back here. Delete this madness and you would just do the similar effect. You get what I’m saying. Alright? So that is how you do a digital mock-up. Maybe you want to use that
for your client magazines or your shop product’s
downloads that are digital. Anything like that, that’s how
you’re gonna show that off. But let’s say that you want to show something that’s like a hard copy. So how do you do that? Well, you don’t use the Triangle Trick, you use something else. So let’s pick another pretty image. Here we go. This guy can work. This is a shop item, so move that. Again, making sure sizing,
stance to paper ratio, looking kind of on point,
so we’ll go with that. And then instead of the Triangle Trick over here you’re gonna
use The Rectangle Trick. Not as great a literation,
still fantastic. So you’ll find this square. This time I’m gonna make it gray. The beauty is that you want to make it about the same size as the paper that you’re trying to mimic. And then you just want to send it back. So you can go over to Arrange. You can also click on
the image and do that. And so match it a little better. And I’m gonna use my arrow
keys to get it just precise. I don’t want it too much… Yeah, that looks pretty good. So let me see if I can grab it again and you bring, again,
the Transparency down. So let’s see if that looks good. Yeah, not bad. I would probably even make it actually even more transparent. So I’m gonna pause here and remind you that this is how you create those killer Pinterest graphics that get tons and tons of re-pins and downloads because you’re showing off an opt-in or a freebie or just an shop item that is tangible instead of just digital and that can be really helpful. So let’s say one other
way you can use this, I’ve kind of showed her
off in a Pinterest format, but one thing that, as a copywriter, I always wanna tell people that it’s so very important to communicate what you do visually
alongside your words, right? Copy dictates design but at the same time it’s the image that
kind of hooks somebody. So let’s say that you want to demonstrate part of your client process. Maybe that, right after they start working with you, they get your welcome magazine and ah how great that is. So, one way that you can show that is hopping over to… maybe I want a square-size
image on my website. So, I’m gonna go ahead and
pick an image from this shop. I like this one from
the collaboration that she did with, again, sweet Meagan. Okay. That looks pretty good. So this is gonna be for
some website imagery to illustrate my client process. So what I’m gonna do to kind of grab those images of our client magazine is just do a quick screen-shot. So, let’s do that. (camera shutter sound) So this (mumbling)
uploading the screen shots. Here we go. So, shrink it down. Make sure the size is ish (mumbling). Again, always tilt and this guy. And now I need these (mumbling) pages to match up in size so… There we go. Alright. Page 2 of our client magazine. Just gonna give it a little bit of tilt. That may be too much but I want some of the text to show because I’m gonna arrange this to the back. Okay. There we go. The Rectangle Trick will
come into play here. (soft computer beeps) I would go with that. That
looks a little more real life. I’m gonna probably pop
one behind this guy, too, just to give it a little
more depth and texture. And that is how it’s done. Go to take a picture of my handwriting. I pop over to an app called Union. (whispering) See, I do this all the time. Alright. For the background we want to hit blank. That’s a good enough size,
so I’m gonna click yes. Pop over to foreground. This is where I wanna pull in this guy and make him pretty big. Yep. That works. And mask. So I clicked the erase option. Let me show you that one more time. See of these 3 options, I clicked Erase then had the Magic Wand selected and I’m just gonna go in
and clear out all this little riff-raff that’s
running around in here. Let’s get that guy and… Alright, that’s good enough. Okay. So, yeah. We’re pretty much ready. So, now I’m just gonna export it and I save it to my camera roll and I drop it into any kind of app where I can share it with my computer. So say you want to make a quick social media image with the handwriting that I just showed you how to use. We’ll pop over, Social Squares is SC’s Stockshop’s social
media-sized images. So these are a lot smaller than those big ‘ol guys that you can use and do that really tight zoom crop on. But let’s just say we need a quick image for something to post on social media. Let’s see, I want this one and I’ll go through the checkout
process really quickly. Okay, I’m just gonna download it. Great. I’m gonna zoom this in, open. Sweet. Like I showed you earlier, let’s just do a social media-sized image. Perfect, that’s what we want. I’ll pull over… this…boom. Perfect. And now that I’ve imported that handwriting picture I had, we have that. Perfect. Okay and that’s
uploading and great. And it already has that
transparent background which is exactly what we wanted which is why I love the Union App. So see, if you can pull this
in, there it is. Perfect. Yeah, there you go. That is exactly how it is done. That is how I use SC
Stockshop images in Canva to create different brand
imagery for my business. If you like this video,
give it a thumbs up and I’ll be back next week with an all new video to help you out.

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