How to Accessorize a Kitchen

How to Accessorize a Kitchen

Today I am headed to my daughter-in-laws
house to accessorize her kitchen. Normally, I’m going to a client’s house
to design multiple rooms but I’m really excited to kind of focus on a simple
project today so we’re headed over there right now. So this is my daughter-in-laws
kitchen. It’s beautiful they just built this house and we collaborated a little
design together but today we focus on accessories. Now she has two young little
munchkins and yes they are bloomin’ adorable, so I kind of like keep the design
pretty simple but yet beautiful. All right, we’re going to start with the
coffee area. I really don’t like cords showing but it’s difficult when all your
appliances have cords. What we’re going to do is push that back and hide it with
this adorable letter board. Next I want to add some canisters she already had these.
I love them because they’re glass and clear and you can see what’s inside them
and it’s a perfect spot set right next to the coffee maker but we’re still
missing something and all we need is a little bit of greenery and this area is done!
Now we’re gonna accessorize to the left of the stove.
Look at this beautiful tile my daughter-in-law picked it, excellent
choice. It’s a glass tile, it’s a spa blue. So I found some pottery look at this
flowers have a little bit of green in them and they just make that tile pop.
How beautiful is that? To add a little softness we’re gonna place a cookbook
just leaned up against the tile. This area is finished! All right now we’re
ready to do the right side of the stove. She already has a gorgeous Kitchen Aid
mixer so we’ve got a little box with a little maiden hair fern in it. She also had a
gorgeous pitcher full of wooden spoons a perfect spot right next to the stove and
that is all you need in that area. Another way to accessorize your kitchen
is just add some cute little salt and pepper shakers on the top of your stove. So I’m just gonna add some soap and lotion
right up against the faucet. We don’t need to overcrowd the sink so we’re gonna decorate this side of the
island. This is a big area but don’t overcrowd it. Remember, she’s got two
little munchkins so an easy way to do that is to decorate with the tray so
that whatever you’re placing on the tray make it look beautiful. It’s easy to pick
up and move out of the way quickly. I like this tray because it’s mirrored
so I’m going to set it there. I’m going to add a little bit greenery with this
little Boston fern in a cute little pot just these three little candles that’s
all you need. so when it comes to accessorizing your
kitchen, keep it simple and neat and you’re going to make it beautiful! I want
to thank my daughter-in-law for letting me use her house today to film. Please
subscribe to my channel, I’ll have another video out next week and I hope
you have a wonderful day!

100 thoughts on “How to Accessorize a Kitchen

  1. Awe I miss my mil. We were very good friends too as we also love each other very much. Sheโ€™s been gone for a little over 2 years. I wish she was still around. Your daughter in law is very lucky to have a mnl with great home decorating skills.

  2. You have beutiful decoration ideas! I truly love them! However, I can tell you like "cold" colors, like white, gray…. Do you have any videos that can help with my favorite colors? "Warm" colors, like brown, beige…. Please! I would really appreciated if you can help me with that. Also, my house is tiny and don't know how to decorate small spaces ๐Ÿ™ thank you so much! Love your work!

  3. Hello, the kitchen is so pretty!! I am loving the neutral colors. Do you have any idea what the paint color on the walls is? I love it!

  4. TFS! Wow comments were kind of harsh. I donโ€™t know if Iโ€™d have thick enough skin to do a YouTube channel geez! I get what you were doing. Would most of us cook a bubbling pot of red spaghetti sauce with the beautiful white book right next to it? I like to change up my kitchen and when itโ€™s clean have a new chotz out on the counter or a beautiful soap dispenser OR new towels! Yes towels will get used and red spaghetti sauce! After while switch out. Change like the seasons! TFS great tips!

  5. I like the kitchen decoration. To each his own. Some people like every appliance visible and some people like clean counters with items that make one smile and ready to prepare a meal. I would also suggest moving the cook book (for fire purposes) and decorating above the cabinet. Hugs, Kiki

  6. I dont like the extra plants, books and glassware everywhere. Since the cabinets are white, all you need to do is add a backsplash with alittle but of mixed shading or colour.

  7. Donโ€™t think itโ€™s necessary to put Knick knacks around. But looks attractive. Couldnโ€™t be bothered to keep moving them as Iโ€™m always wanting the space to be clear to clean and work.

  8. For all the people who posted negative comments… the video is titled "how to accessorize your kitchen". Hence accessories. I think it is lovely and not over done. Thank you!

  9. This doesn't feel like a functioning kitchen, the book by the stove is a fire waiting to happen. The only thing i liked was the canister with flowers and soaps dispenser, everything else was superfluous. I luv luv the kitchen design.

  10. This is really petty to look at and maybe if I was trying to sell my house but I have a huge amount of counter space but the space is used for items needed to cook and bake. We have a large family and putting plants along with flammable items next to a stove won't work. Now that I am older it gets even more cluttered with my kids and grandkids taking over some of the cooking and baking. I put appliances away and the miraculously reappear along with a counter full of baking trays and dirty dishes. Everyone loves my kitchen but I have learned to decorate it with towels curtains and new pictures on the walls and tablecloth.

  11. Itโ€™s. Its pretty bit not functional. And if you have a small kitchen without much storage space itโ€™s not practical. Maybe there is a way to have both pretty and practical.

  12. Lovely. I could use a kitchen accessorizing. We remodeled the kitchen last year and I still donโ€™t have it accessorized.

  13. I didn't find your video very informative or functional. I am a true believer in "Form follows Function" especially in a kitchen. Function can be quite beautiful. I was here looking for some creative ideas. Not the same ol, same ol. I do love your aesthetic. You have very nice taste and it works very well for the store.

  14. How about a basket with edible greenery or bowl of fruit, instead of a fern or perhaps a ceramic crock with some hand towels rolled up in a nice accent color (green on the vases) to pop that backslash color.

  15. Everyone is so upset about a COOKBOOK being near the cooking area ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚ I have food all over my cookbook- because I USE it.

    Then the same people comment saying โ€œitโ€™s not functionalโ€!?!? ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ gosh I love keyboard mommas.

    Jennifer- you rock. There is a reason you do this professionally and all of us are watching your video lol donโ€™t let the old hags of YouTube bother you.

    Keep helping us make our homes better!

  16. How beautiful. I wish I could accessories like this. But I have a typical tiny English kitchen (1m x 3m) and only one work surface (not including the one by the sink, which I keep clear for washing up)

  17. Wow, harsh comments ! Personally I love a decorated kitchen. I do spend a tremendous amount of time in the kitchen prepping , cooking and socializing with my family, never a problem to have pretty decor. Thanks Jennifer for sharing your talents with us โค๏ธ

  18. Most decorations are not functional and would be in the way when actually using this kitchen for cooking. โ€žItโ€™s easy to moveโ€. Why not move at all. In short, lots of unnecessary clutter and additional items to clean. Book by the stove, brilliant.

  19. Absolutely lovely but I am afraid The I am sorry for what I said when it was winter board would be overkill in our climate here. The SAD disease has taken hold and I am not sure there are enough Vitamin D pills available to cure it.

  20. I have a lot of appliances. Ninja cold brew, tea maker, keurig, blender, mixer, waffle maker, bread maker, toaster, foreman grill…The list goes on. My question is, storing these things is a pain! How can I minimal one these things ?

  21. It looks quite beautiful but for me it's a bit too cluttered. I really like to utilize my counter space – so for me all of the "pretty things" would just get in the way.

  22. Nice! Looks like our kitchen. We just bought our house 10 blocks from the beach in CA (Central Coast) so we are looking for beach decor ideas!

  23. What about the top of the cabinets? Mine are like that too. Mine look too plain if I don't put something up there. I put bottles, different sizes.

  24. this is how i envision my perfect kitchen to look until i start cooking in it and realize most of the pretty decor has to go. add spatulas and more things to the utensil holder, display olive oil and frequently used spices, cutting boards, more appliances like toaster.. love the look but not practical for someone who uses a kitchen

  25. Jenifer, the kitchen looks very pretty, however I have some questions and suggestions. I don't know if you noticed, you half covered the electric outlet in the coffee area (anyone who needs to use it, for a toaster for example, will have to move the items in front of it first every single time – in the busy morning schedule, this kind of delay makes a difference) , and the large glass canisters placed there have no relation to a coffee station – they could be filled with useful and pretty coffee related items, such as coffee pods and creamers, cookies & crackers, fresh bagles, etc…. I feel that every item of design occupying the premium work space in a kitchen counter needs to carefully curated, they need to have a reason to be in the space in which they are placed, some sort of efficient and useful function. For example, the 2 green ceramic vases could carry real flowers or a bunch of herbs, and since they are in the kitchen it probably they would be more useful and versatile if they had a wider hole on the top; the tray by the sink could carry also a bowl with some real fruit or vegetables, the pretty salt and pepper shakers on the stove cooking plate could be placed on the top of the steel panel where the knobs are located, in order to avoid the extra step of removing them while cooking, etc…etc… This practical functionally coupled with beauty is what gives a home its unique personality and character, and ease the necessary ease of use that reflect the every day rhythm of life of their owners and the needs of each Family. Best regards!

  26. Well done! You have given me some great ideas. As for the negative comments…….pure jealousy. Love your kids new home btw, they are so lucky to have a talented mother giving advice.๐Ÿ˜Š

  27. Too much! Keep coffee maker, pottery jars & utensil jar & washing up liquid/hand cream by the sink but keep rest of surfaces clear so they can be wiped down without moving everything off each time. Remember you bring out a lot of stuff to cook with in any case so it would become soooo cluttered in use. Lovely kitchen though.

  28. No one decorates their homes anymore with THEIR taste. It's all for other's approval and the wow factor. Our home should feel lived in, it should feel like a home and not a cold structure for photo shoots or social media approval

  29. Hi my friend my name is Elizabeth is my first time watching your beautiful YouTube channel and Beautiful home ๐Ÿ’˜ ๐Ÿ’˜ ๐Ÿ’˜ ๐Ÿ’˜ ๐Ÿ’˜ it and God bless

  30. What kind of cooking she doing in that kitchen with a cookbook sitting right up next to the eye of the stove so she must not be frying nothing no The cookbook don't get a greasy mess I don't like that simplistic kitchen how many kitchen is beautiful but whatever she just did the waste of time is a waste of video nothing she put in there except the soap and lotion that's the only thing she put in there that I like the rest of that I really can't get to the cookbook propped up next to the stove when she cook even if she cook sauces and even if she just boiling some hot dogs you got a cookbook propped up next to where she's cooking the stove that'll make no sense

  31. Bellisimas decoraciones lo neutro le da un toque especial bonito y mucha Luz saluditos ๐ŸŒต๐ŸŒต๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒท๐ŸŒท

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