How To Apply Lighting Effects Using Vray for Sketchup

How To Apply Lighting Effects Using Vray for Sketchup

Welcome to channel, your solution providers. I am Sophia and i will be teaching you how
to apply lighting effects using Vray for sketchup. The first thing that we have to do is
to fabricator model. In this one, I am using a Japanese vase for the models absent. Here, I have a picture of the lighting
effects variations from 1 to 30. In this photo I will say, I am going to use lighting effect number 15. Friends catch up. Click on the IES light icon. Then position the light where you want to locate it. In my case, I will put it in the center of the hall to achieve a beam like effect. I am going to drag this down. And scale by pressing letter “s” Just I want it to appear big in the model. Position the light right exactly in the center, where I want it. This time, we are going to added it the light. Right click the IES light, here we go. Then choose Vray for sketchup and click edit light. I suggest that, you add light color in filter color, to achieve wonderful effect. In this instance, I am going to choose a warm light. So I will settle on yellowish tone. Then press OK. Power here means, the amount of illuminance for your light. So I am going to enter 5 million. Then we are going to load our IES file. Fro this picture, I choose light number 15. Then I’m going to load the file here. I am going to choose for IES 15 and click open. If everything is fixed, press okay. Before rendering, make sure to go through environment study and uncheck both GI color and BG color to make the rendered image appear dark and light will be very visible. After that, I am going to position the
model and then let’s start to render. Let’s wait for a few seconds for the rendered window to launch. By the way, you can download these IES
files from and make sure that you get the latest IES file versions. Okay, this is it. We are aboutto finish our rendering. I am going to save it. Okay, this is our finished product after applying lighting effects using Vray for Sketchup. For more tips and tutorials, please visit Thank you.

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  1. Sofia, thanks for educating me by using this outstanding video tutorial. This tip is very helpful to me because I am already in the process of setting up SketchUp Pro. From this video, I have gotten much information about the things that I should consider while I am working with SketchUp Pro. This is my first experience working with SketchUp Pro, so for a new beginner, I need more information about SketchUp Pro. Now, Sofia, here is my request: could you explain more about SketchUp Pro?

  2. You can download trial of Light-Up, a Sketup plugin or purchase it from this link:

  3. Excellent Video! After watching this video I have come to know that SketchUp Pro is useful for hundreds of professionals in architecture, construction, engineering, commercial interiors, light construction, landscape architecture and plenty of other fields. This software is like a pencil super-powers, which starts by drawing lines and shapes. I can make anything like stretch copy, rotate, paint and so on. Building models with custom behaviors and attributes, SketchUp Pro is as easy and powerful as I want it to be. It can show me exactly what I want to see from anywhere in my model. Thanks Techyv for attaching this wonderful video which for now I am able to use SketchUp Pro perfectly.

  4. SketchUp is one of the most extensively used and cool to learn 3D Modeling software on the marketplace right now. With V-Ray for SketchUp, users will now have one of the greatest powerful rendering tools available, to visualize their models with the topmost quality and realism. V-Ray works within the SketchUp environment, allowing the users to competently incorporate the task of rendering within their present workflows. Thanks Techyv for such a great tutorial! It helped me a lot.

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