How to become a car designer

How to become a car designer

(upbeat music) – I’m the head of design at Tata Motors. I’m responsible for the UK design studio. It’s a global design
studio, designing cars. We’re one of the three
brands owned by Tata so the other ones are Jaguar,
Land Rover, and then Tata. But my responsibility is
to deliver the products that are being developed and designed. I always wanted to be a car designer. So I discovered OCA and I
discovered industrial design, and basically actually
still an integral part of my skillset designing cars. It’s the combination of all design, I said, I think, disciplines. It’s sculpture, it’s
materials, it’s ergonomics. Everybody, even if you’re
not into cars, people look at a car and they go, I
like it, I don’t like it. So, it’s basically a hobby,
I just get paid to do it. My biggest recommendation for
young designers is basically to be ambitious and be
risk-taking and be creative. Designers’ first responsibility
is to educate society about the strengths of what
design brings as a value, and that’s an economic value. And it’s also something that
will make society better. So, a young designer’s job is basically, you have to self-believe,
you have to know that you know better than the
current sort of status-quo. (upbeat music)

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  1. I like how the most difficult part of this video is to understand what he's saying, because of the freaking music!!

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