How to Build a Recording Studio : How to Design the Interior of a Recording Studio Control Room

How to Build a Recording Studio : How to Design the Interior of a Recording Studio Control Room

I am Matt Bodi with Up All Night Productions
located in Miami, Florida. You can find us online at I’m going
to show you a little bit of the actual studio room. Now this room also was built from scratch.
As you can see you know the walls have a nice material. We try to make the room esthetically
pleasing, so that when a client or somebody comes in to record they are comfortable. As
you can see we have you know a couch located directly in the middle of the room. This couch
is placed here directly in between the speakers; so that when somebody is listening they get
the full feel of the studio and the sound. This right here is called the diffuser. This
is placed here strategically on the opposite side of the monitors from the speakers so
that when the sound comes it bounces off here and diffuses off. Now you can see up here
there are Ossett diffusers on the ceiling and this has the same function. This is so
that the sound bounces off and doesn’t hit the same spot twice. Now all of these things
are strategically placed for sound but also esthetically you know so that things look
nice and the client or whoever is in here recording is comfortable.

54 thoughts on “How to Build a Recording Studio : How to Design the Interior of a Recording Studio Control Room

  1. its ok but its not really in dept. it could help if some one could tell me were i can find architectural drawing on how to design a studio

  2. Oh, that's a good idea… put your unshielded PA monitors right next to the computer. Good thing the hard drive that has all your music on it is unaffected by magnets… oh, wait…

  3. "as you can see, the walls are made of very nice materials"

    i could totally tell that just by looking at it.

    cuz that's the first thing i always notice when i walk into my friend's room. "OMG I LOVE YOUR WALLS!!"

  4. yes, that helps me record music at home! right, i'll drag my couch upstairs and stick some reflective material on my walls- hows about some help with the recording equipment. tush!

  5. Detail of defusser construction and dampening could be more useful, opposed to 'making the client comfortable'. How about explaining standing-waves and room freq response? Nice shirt and wallpaper!

  6. This Guy doesnt have a clue, he's all geared to the way the place looks, then hes got the audacity to speak about attracting clients, Hi Highlighted the defuser on the back wall cause daddy said 'it better be worth what i payed for it'

  7. if this is a video about a recording facility shouldn't the sound be at least standard? This recording of his voice flutters around like crazy!

  8. @Jimmmeeehhh
    m-audio bx6
    krk 6 inch
    anything smaller than 6 is great for a small room.
    large studio monitors 8" can have several troubles in such small areas

  9. Jesus, I keep clicking on these fucking expert village videos. Haven't learnt a thing from them yet!!! I guess I can only blame myself for keep on clicking.
    What a waste of space though…

  10. it said on the news that it was the 5th year running ( youtube ) and that it would take you 1000 years to watch all of the videos…. well if you take all of these expert village videos out then it will dramaticaly drop to 1000 minuits !!!! god there are so many of them !!!

  11. this is a tour of a studio, not a how to video. although i probably enjoyed this more than expert villages how to videos.

  12. i like the video … no i like the sound of the video because i can`t see anything with this annoying text … and the lenght of the video i also let`s call it "not so good"

  13. @tttooommm111222333 Maybe they have money to make a studio , but failed to upload a video with shareware software restricted to rip videos to 1minutes XD

  14. @tttooommm111222333 Well, because some people are looking for one specific thing and don't want to sit through an hour of crap just to find out the info is not there.

  15. @NowOrNeverOfficial

    thats technically called a deflector, not a diffuser. And they have nothing to do with bass traps

  16. Guys.. I've watched most of your videos.. Advice. If you want to show people you are professional.. get a professional sound that doesn't have drop outs in it. There is no worst thing for Audio "Professionals" than having a bad quality sound in a video.

  17. I truely hope that's not your control room.. really.. tell me it's not. 0:44 Your speakers are so spread out that you are completely destroying your stereo imaging. Don't you know that when mixing, your monitors must be exactly the same distance in between them that they are from your ears making an equilateral triangle?

  18. Not mentioning that the tweeters are supposed to be at ear level. If higher pitched down toward your ears.. never under your ears……

  19. mayb sum of these instructers arent that bad…………………mayb its because they cant explain sumthing so complex in 1 min THANKS TO EXPERT VILLAGE AND THEIR AMAZINGLY SHORT 1 MIN VIDEOS….so therefore we learn nothing

  20. Right and to follow up on my comment on proper Near-field/mid-field placing. Not only do they have to make a perfect equilateral triangle, but the tweeters also need to be at ear level. If the speakers are over your ears, the speakers must be tilted down, so the tweeters are lining up with your ears. NEVER.. NEVER should the speakers be under your ear level, even if pitched up. You screw your frequency response that is picked up by your ears that way.

  21. @drummerguyhughes yep, obviously this is a sub par home project studio. Not a pro or semi pro recording/mixing studio. And I can only imagine what the techs actually knows about wave length, nulls and tip. Mixing and recording techniques in general.

  22. "This is a diffuser"… Uh.. I'm pretty sure that's an absorption panel. Diffusers have a bunch of inset gaps in them to make the sound reflect rapidly inside, so by the time the sound shoots out of it to the other walls in the room, it's very very thinned out… Hence "diffused".

  23. How to build a studio 1 1/2 minutes!!! Why on earth did I spend all that money I spent for engineering school????? Better try next time bro!!!

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