How to Build a Small Pond

How to Build a Small Pond

How to build a small pond: Adding a small
pond to your yard is easier than you think thanks to TotalPond® . Begin by
mapping out your pond. Once you’re satisfied with the shape start digging,
keep some dirt for leveling if needed. Also digging a small ledge will allow a
nice area to place plants or stones. The next step is to lay the liner, when
laying it there should be at least a 10 to 12 inch overhang. Now you’re ready to
fill your pond, stop filling at the halfway point. Assemble the complete filter kit with pump, attach the novel head of your choice,
using the 1/2 inch tubing connect the ceramic frog spitter to the diverter
valve on the assembled kit. Place the pump assembly in the center
and continue filling the pond with water. We recommend adding chlorine remover
before introducing any fish or plants to your water. Move out any wrinkles in the
liner as you fill the pond. Once the pond is full secure the liner
with stones, add floating lily pads for a finished
look, and finally sit back and enjoy your new

74 thoughts on “How to Build a Small Pond

  1. Can you have one pump working two things like a squirter and a waterfall or is it all separate and what do you need to actually do that. Thank you if you do reply 🙂

  2. Here is a great place to learn more about ponds

  3. Don't follow this video you will end up with a bad pond. If you wont to find a good video go @Pondguru Outdoors . this pond will end up with dead fish.

  4. Hi allI would advice making the area around the whole perimeter of the pond raised a few inches at least. The reason for this is just in case it rains heavily and all the surrounding water won't wash into the pond. The reason for this is that if you treat your lawn with fertilizers the chemicals will wash into the pond as well.

  5. Love it when people do hard work and smile! Loved the video great job! Oh and you earned a sub and a like!

  6. Or you can dig a hole and buy a 15 dollar solar filter, the liner is pointless if you pack the soil in enough

  7. I have managed to build a pond into a small area check out my vids hope it can give you some ideas 😊

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  9. great video. what kind of ongoing maintenance is required? do the water for instance need to be drained and changed once a while? I live in Canada so winter is cold and likely the water will freeze: does it mean the water has to be drained prior to winter? thanks for your reply….

  10. It's awesome. But I find it funny how she keeps smiling through the digging part of the video. Feels like a TV-shop kind of thing 😀

  11. I gave my science teacher a plan for the garden and I said a pool and she said it's a good idea. But gotta find out the instructions and then I found this video! This video is really helpful! Hope we make our pond maybe! Thank you! ♡

  12. I built a pond but a bit bigger than yours, and we had to use 2 liners because they were 25*2 I used the excess liner in the middle of the pond to help stop any leaking. I filled the pond all the way up but after a few hours the water level dropped. What do I do?

  13. Where's the electric coming from ? If your going to show how to build a pond that you need electric for the pump, show how to install the electric !!!!!!!! Thumbs Down.

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