How To Buy A Ceiling Fan – Buying Guide – Lamps Plus

How To Buy A Ceiling Fan – Buying Guide – Lamps Plus

How to buy a ceiling fan. This series
will help you find the right ceiling fan for your needs. Consider the location. Is
the fan for indoor or outdoor use? If you’re looking for an indoor fan,
take your pick. Nearly all fans can be used indoors. If you need an outdoor
ceiling fan, here’s how to find the right one for your outdoor space. There are two
types of outdoor ceiling fans, damp listed and went listed. We suggest a damp listed fan for outdoor areas that are covered and not directly exposed to
water. For example, covered patios or covered
gazebos, but some outdoor areas such as open-air decks and uncovered gazebos are
exposed to water. For those areas we suggest going with a wet listed ceiling
fan. Ceiling fan size. To find the right ceiling fan size you’ll need to know the
size of your room. To measure your room, take the length and multiply by the
width. This is the room size, also known as the square footage. With the square
footage on hand, you can now pick the right fan size. If your room is 75 square
feet or less, we recommend going with a fan 44 inches or smaller. For rooms that
are up to 350 square feet, we suggest a fan that is 48 inches to 58 inches. and
for rooms over 350 square feet we’d go with a fan that is 60 inches or larger. Ceiling fan down rods and mounting types. To pick the right mounting type and
downrod length you will need to know your ceiling height. Measure from the
highest point of the ceiling to the floor. Now pick the type of fan you need.
For low or standard ceilings of 9 feet or lower, consider a hugger fan. Hugger or
flush mount ceiling fans can be mounted directly to the ceiling without a down
rod. Low profile fans can also be used for standard ceiling heights. Low
profiles have a dual mount feature which allows you to mount close to the ceiling,
or with a down rod. For ceilings higher than 9
consider adding a downrod for better airflow. If you need a down rod, here’s a
handy chart to help you find the right length. Using this chart for example,
you’ll see that we recommend a 36 inch downrod for a 12-foot ceiling. For safety,
mount standard blades at least 7 feet from the floor and metal blades at least
10 feet from the floor. Ceiling fan controls. There are three control options
for ceiling fans. Pool chain, remote control, and wall control. The thing to
know is that not all ceiling fans have all three controls. Pick a fan with the
control, or a combination that’s right for you. Now you can buy the right
ceiling fan for your indoor or outdoor space. Thanks for watching.

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  1. Thanks for this great guide. So many questions about choosing the right fan. I liked for the 60" Tri-Lago so much that I just ordered it. Will look great in my bedroom.

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