How To CHOOSE a Successful CAREER?…| #Students #Motivation  #Success #ABetterLife

How To CHOOSE a Successful CAREER?…| #Students #Motivation #Success #ABetterLife

take you to meet Riya & Siya Riya scored 81% in 12th Exams and she scored 85% where Riya wanted to Choose Interior Designing but she needed a secure future Where Siya wanted to be a best Interior Designer didn’t knew about future but had passion to decorate big houses as an Interior Designer she had all those things but also had stress, anxiety and she finds herself feel misfit whereas Siya Giving out her best on small projects sometimes she had to do work all day long and night but it doesn’t matter as she enjoyed her work this Questions comes in our mind what we should opt for our career and what are the factors we need to take care while choosing a career as our career gives a direction to our life so must keep these factors in your mind before choosing for your career to which we’ll gonna to mention in this video target to this video is 5,000 Likes if you enjoyed this video don’t forget to Share this video with others Passion means that work which you wanted to do upto such an extent it doesn’t matter if you wouldn’t get the salary to that such a work Never you would get tired of doing that. whether you spend hours on doing that if you’ve such a work means that is your passion

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  6. Thank you very much , it helps me to decide my career easily because I am still of 12 years old and my parents are wondering if I could become a doctor

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  13. Very nice video and very inspirational video .
    Please make a video on how to prepare for board exams . It will really help me .

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  15. Mam i am new on your channel.You saying true.I am gonna be your biggest fan.And my passion is to become interior designer likin mujesab log kehte the ke profit ki taraf dekho lnterior designer menu kuch bhi nai ha likin ab muje pata chal geya ha ke muje apne passion ki taraf Jana ha thank you so much for giving such helpful information😊😊😊😊😊

  16. Thanku very much di. Guys nothing is impossible in life , impossible Means – I m possible 😊😊

  17. I want to be actress at any cost but my mumma never allowed me I say her I have the talent plz suggest dii something

  18. I love your channel….your videos are very informative….but its tooo late for me to watch this because now i am a architect…😘😘😘 my name is Sonalika Sharma

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