How to Choose Exterior Colors for Your Home

How to Choose Exterior Colors for Your Home

(upbeat music) – You know, when it comes time
to select the exterior colors for your home, whether you’re
building and making all of the selections at once,
or just replacing one of the key features of your home, it’s a good idea to
start with some research. Now, many of us rush
out to the paint store or siding and roofing contractors, and forget the most important
part of the process, making sure we know what we want. Well, exterior color selection,
and that means new roofing, siding, garage doors, windows
and entry door colors, are difficult decisions. Now, they cover large surfaces
and they’re expensive, so you really don’t wanna
make a color mistake. Now, here’s how to avoid it. Do your research first. There’re all kinds of magazines out there that you can find that show homes, there’s regional magazines for your area. Architecture books, I
have a couple of here. And you know, I’m not seeing
as many of those out there now, but get into that architecture department in your local bookstore or library, and pull some things out
so you can breeze through and look at the different homes, and the colors that they’re using. Historical color pallets, a
lot of the paint companies have color pallets for exteriors, where they actually give you
options on what to choose, as far as colors, and
colors in combination. And then you can also drive
through your neighborhood. I find this very helpful. Find that favorite house that
you have in your neighborhood, and go up and ask them,
“What colors did you use,” you know, “What do you have on your roof?” That type of thing. So you can really make a
home that you’re proud of. Then keep in mind, there’s
an order to how you select your exterior colors. For example, you wouldn’t
pick the shutter color before you select the siding. So the order goes pretty
much from top to bottom. You wanna start with your roof, then your siding, trim and windows kinda go together, garage doors, front doors, and then your accessories. So let’s start with roofing, then. Now, roof colors are
generally warm or cool, whether they’re asphalt
shingles, cedar shingles, tin, or even clay tiles. Warm roofing colors are the
browns, reds, oranges and tans, just like you see at the
end of the table here. They can dictate the rest
of the colors of your home. Now generally, a warm roof
looks much better with a warm siding color. Now, something out of the
same or similar color family. And then obviously, the
opposite holds true. The cooler roof colors that you see here work best with cooler siding and trim. Now, the cool roof colors
are generally the blacks, cool grays, blues, and
sometimes in the green family. Now you wanna keep in mind, and I have a little
picture here to show you, that when the roofing and
siding temperatures don’t match, something just doesn’t seem right, as you can see right here in this picture. This red, rich, warm, and the
brown in the siding and trim, and then that light, cool roof, it’s almost like the roof
is flying off the top. So you really do have to make
those blend and work together. Now, let’s take a look at siding. It is step number two. These are some beautiful
examples of vinyl siding, and aren’t the colors soft and pretty? They really have improved
their selection over the past few years. Anyways, siding is the
largest surface on your home and everyone sees your exterior. So your siding decision is critical. But here are a few other
things that I want you to think about when you’re
selecting your siding color. You want to keep your roof and
other non-changing materials, like brick and stone, in mind as you select your siding colors. Just kinda what we talked
about, warm goes with warm, cool goes with cool. Also, you want to gently
blend into your neighborhood. Take a look, if the homes
in your neighborhood are in sort of historic colors, stick with the historic colors, don’t suddenly do a
bright pink or something, so that you stand out. Another tip is to consider the landscape surrounding your home. If there are no big trees,
you wanna use natural hues and kind of blend in with the landscaping, like you see here. If you have lots of trees
and lots of shrubbery, then go ahead and contrast, so that you can stand out a little bit. Don’t forget that classics
are always picture perfect. You know, we have the
white, the black shutters, and the red door. You know that’s gonna look great. You want to take the chance
or the opportunity here while you’re doing color, to possibly change the size of your home. Which sounds silly, but if
you choose light colors, it’s going to make your home look larger. Dark colors are going to make it shrink. Alright, let’s move on to trim. This includes windows and door trim. Facades, vents, dentals,
brackets, posts, railings, gingerbread, all that stuff. Now, the rule of thumb with trim is to take the safest route and
simply go two steps lighter, or two steps darker than the siding color. Or you can simply just go classic and use either white or
off-white for your trim. Now keep in mind that the
warmer color pallet looks best with the off-whites. Cooler color pallet goes best with white. Now, I think this is a good photo. Be aware of high-contrast colors, because high-contrast
trim like you see here is going to outlike, outline, excuse me, outline your home, make it look kind of like a coloring book. Now, if any of you
purchased windows recently, you know that your color
selections are limited. And you know what? That’s just fine. White, off-white, and
sometimes a bronze are offered, and these colors go with
just about everything. So just do your best to
match your trim color, and you’ll be fine. If you’re painting wood windows, you can be more creative, of course. And then we move on to garage doors, which might seem odd
because you would think that the entrance of your
home would be more important, and really, they are kind
of equally important. It’s just that the garage
doors on your home can be up to as much as 30 percent
of your home’s exterior. So I guess it kinda depends
on whether you see it from the street, or if it’s tucked behind, or to the side of your home. But it’s a very large
surface, so basically, the placement of your garage
door will help determine what type of design statement
and finish you choose. For instance, if you’re near the street, if your garage is near the street, maybe it should blend into
the siding and trim colors, but detailing can still occur with pretty windows and moldings. Now, if your garage is more
in line with your home, you can contrast in color
or blend if you want, but show off intricate details. And just look at some of these
really pretty garage doors. You know, replacing a worn-out
garage door can really add value to your home,
as I’m sure you can see from these gorgeous options. Remember, this is usually
the first thing you see when you arrive back home,
so make sure it gives you that warm welcome you deserve, when you’re back in from
one of those tough days, out in the world. (laughs) Now, when it comes time
to really make a statement at your home, the one
that any guest arriving at your home will see, you
make it at your front entrance. And that’s step number six. This is the one area that
you can say who you are without actually being there yourself, so give it all the personality you can. And your front door’s the perfect place to make a first impression. Now, you might consider using
interesting panel details. Here’s something with
a lovely inset window. You could use color, certainly,
like we saw that red door, or even some wood grain
to make a statement. Now, the color of your door
should stand out a little bit from the sidings and trim,
because you really want it to show off and be sort of
a focal point in your home. And wood doors can give the appearance of quality and elegance. And accessories are the final step, from shutters and window boxes,
to lighting, door hardware, mail boxes, fences and more. Now, since that is such a huge topic, I think we’ll save
accessories for another time. So get your exterior in good shape, first by doing your research. And remember, we talked about
magazines, home magazines, architecture books, you
can find at your library or local bookstore. Regional magazines, historical
color pallets that you find at your paint store. And drive through your neighborhood, is a great way to get a
feel for what’s going on, right in your own area. Plus, forgot about this, but there’s some fabulous
decorating software out there for the exterior of your home. You can put your own colors in on a home that looks just like yours. Now, remember to consider
your home from top to bottom, roof, siding, trim and
windows, garage door, front door, and then accessories. And don’t forget the
whole warm and cool story. Warm colors are the reds,
the browns, the beiges, especially for exterior. Cools are in the greens, grays, and blues. Now, if you do all of these things, you are going to be making
good, sound color choices that are going to make you, certainly, the envy of your neighborhood. Get out there and take some photos of those beautiful houses you create, send them on in, I’d love to see them.

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  1. This was very helpful. My husband remodels homes and we often have problems choosing exterior colors- sometimes painting twice! This helped give a clearer view for choosing colors. Thanks!

  2. Yes I have gray and black shingles so when I go to the store to get paint, how will i know if it's cool or warm?

  3. White window and door trim moldings and six inch fluted or non fluted corner post give the million dollar look. It goes with any color of siding

  4. White window and door trim moldings and six inch fluted or non fluted corner post give the million dollar look. It goes with any color of siding

  5. This has been the only paint exterior video I could stand to watch until the end….nice sensible lady speaking with knowledge…bravo…and thank you…sorted my dilema out and saved me from making a massive boo boo.. I was going to put a grey on my terracotta roof tiled house…!😵

  6. thank you for the video… roof and black door and white trims….. i know we should go with cool color for the walls…is so hard to choose. what do you recommend!!! tnx again

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