How To Clean Dirty Leather Interior | Tesla Model S | Chemical Guys

How To Clean Dirty Leather Interior | Tesla Model S | Chemical Guys

What’s up guys? Today in the Detail Garage, we have a quick
tip on how to keep your leather looking its best. Now, this is a 2013 Tesla. It’s got this tan interior which shows all
kinds of grime, debris, spills: which this car has all three of those. So, we’re going to show you how to properly
clean and maintain it to prevent any kind of discoloration or staining over time. So, starting with the armrest over here: this
is an area that gets a lot of abuse from either grease from your elbow or, say, the driver
of this was drinking some kind of soda and they spilled it all over this and this can
lead to cracking, it can actually dry out the leather. So, we are going to show you how to clean
it just using a simple product like Leather Cleaner and a horse hair brush which is going
to gently remove any of the embedded stains. To help penetrate the surface, I’m going to
spray a little bit into the brush. This 1. Acts as lubrication so we are not scratching
with the brush and it’s also going to help clean just by creating foaming action. This is safe for any kind of leather, any
color leather. Just work it into the surface. You can see a little bit goes a long way,
only a couple of sprays and I’ll wipe off the excess to show you guys the before and
after. And now we have a perfectly clean and dry
piece of leather: nice, soft, and supple, but we still want to protect it, which is
why we have our Leather Conditioner. This is basically adding the nutrients and
also a protective coating which resists oil, spills, and anything else that can discolor
and harm the leather over time. So, we are going to start by shaking it up
and then using a microfiber applicator, I’ll apply just a couple of drops because it’s
a very small section that we are protecting right now. And since there is stitching in here and these
deep grooves, we don’t want it to actually clot up in there, so I am actually going to
work it into the applicator to prevent any kind of build up or clotting. And now, I’ll just work it into the leather:
back and forth, side to side. Just thoroughly massaging it into the surface. And you can see it’s got a glossy finish. Now, you can either leave it like this if
you want that effect, or you can give it a moment and then buff it off for that more
natural look. So, I’m going to wrap this up. In the meantime , you guys can head over to
our website, If you like this car or video, make sure to
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15 thoughts on “How To Clean Dirty Leather Interior | Tesla Model S | Chemical Guys

  1. Man, that leather does not seem to be good quality for a 100k car. The leather in my 2017 VW Wolfsburg Edition Tiguan seems to have higher quality and better build. Plus whoever owned this Tesla is an absolute slob, ohhh those stains drove me crazy. My first C.G. products was the leather cleaner and conditioner.

  2. I bought this kit and the brush fell apart after one use. Left the strands all over the interior of my car. Sad because I really liked the cleaner.

  3. Hey, Chemical Guys, I have another quick question. If you have mold on a leather interior. How would you suggest removing it. Thank you

  4. So my foam blaster has letters and a zero that determine the amount of foam. Which letter will give me the most and which will give me the least


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