How To Clean The Sticky Icky Off Old Interior Panels

How To Clean The Sticky Icky Off Old Interior Panels

sup guys so today coming at you with a
little how-to so as some of you already probably know I’m trying to finish the
goose for foxed over fist got a lot to do I’m gonna paint the
molding still probably and give this thing a buff and a wax but one of the
things I’m working on is the door panels so the door panels out in the armrest
and so one of the big problems with these cars because it’s like 30 some-odd
years old is that when these interior parts sit they get this really nasty
sticky like goo that comes out of the parts themselves and I don’t know what
it is I’m a Wyatt does it but I do know how to fix it so that’s what I’ll show
you today that one’s already done it’s nice and ready nice and clean ready to
go back in the car and show you the passenger side so as you can see it kind
of looks normal but this darkness here they’ve got this like kind of gooey feel
to it and that’s probably why it’s dark you kind of just collect dirt dirt and
dust that sticks to it and pound leaves this kind of leaves this shiny shiny
stickiness on my fingers colleagues that’s like an oil almost and on the
other side it actually leaked down underneath here when I took it off there
was like this wetness of goo it just kind of seeped out of this piece here
now the door panels themselves aren’t that bad at least on the Fox bodies but
this piece right here is just horrible nastiness I think that you run into this
on a lot of different vehicles not just the Mustangs I mean I will be honest this is not my
doing this action this idea actually came from Tom’s turbo garage if you’re
familiar that channel he did he did a special on an import that he’d bought
and it had that stickiness throughout the whole car so he tried different all
kinds different cleaners couldn’t find anything and ended up finding on a forum
I guess that was pretty prominent in that particular vehicle found on a form
that you can use soda crystals so he put on that cheeky soda crystals I knew that
I had the issue inside like sweet I’m gonna find some sort of crystals well
that’s where I ran into a small issue so looked everywhere for soda crystals
couldn’t find them and what it is is I think they don’t call them soda crystals
anymore they still use the chemical the chemical is do that stuff so basically while I was in the store I
just googled what is what our soda crystals and basically what I got was
that they are sodium carbonate so when you google what is what our soda
crystals it basically says it’s sodium carbonate
so I just look for chemically you know I just look for cleaning agents that were
made of sodium carbonate and what I found is that’s what oxy clean is now
oxy clean has another chemical makeup in it called sodium percarbonate I figured
they’d worked the same because I couldn’t find any soda crystals I tried
that and what I did was I just mixed a scoop of that stuff into a squirt bottle
with some warm water and spread on those panels and it worked awesome that stuff
literally just kind of melted away more so than any other cleaner would have
been able to do the only thing that I had to do after the fact was put some
like trim shine on it this particular piece here kind of had this kind of just
like white mist inside the little cracks of the fake vinyl you know fake vinyl
itself is not perfectly smooth it kind of has this pattern to it and it made
these like little white pieces inside that so well trim shine fix that hang up
it’s good to go getting ready to do the other side anyway little quick tip
little little how-to how to clean the sticky icky off some old interior partly
and thanks to Tom’s turbo garage OxiClean will get the job done mixing
some water there are some other things to primarily like soda crystals are used
to clean washers and dishwashers and that sort of thing you like run a cycle
without anything else you put this stuff in there supposed to clean all the
crevices of a washer or a dishwasher or whatever it is that’s
Merilee so if you’re looking for for this stuff and you can’t find OxiClean
or you don’t want to use OxiClean just basically go look for stuff that’s made
to clean dishwashers or washing machines look at the ingredients if it has that
sodium carbonate in it then that is a soda crystal and then the other thing is
too is obviously I’m no professional so if basically try it on a small portion
of your interior before you go soak in the whole thing just to make sure that’s
not gonna have some kind of ill effect but there you go I gotta get to work
not gonna be a long video little tech tip for you guys sodium carbonate or soda crystals clean
the sticky iki off your door panels

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  1. Good tips here thanks! Would love to see some more 12v electrical videos man, can't tell you how good that video was for the switch panel

  2. You guys should look into what sodium Carbonate can do for you, its good for Househould cleaning and several "other around the house" uses, just dont brush your teeth with it, its too abrasive

  3. Back in high school i used to detail cars at a gm dealer. For the tough stains and grime we used Citrol 266 from schaeffers. Comes in aerosol or jugs. Works great on a variety of things including road tar removel when used full strength. And it smells like oranges (I think because it has orange oil in it)

  4. Good tip. I've also found cars who's interiors have been sprayed with gallons of ArmorAll over the years and then locked in air tight garages or trailers will develop a slime that's hard to remove. A mild grease cutting detergent and warm water removes it without harming the material. ArmorAll is great stuff used in moderation but it needs some air movement after applications. In my career as srv mgr I oversaw the dealers prep departments and had to deal with all kinds of amateur automotive mistreatment.

  5. 1:38 Hello darkness, my old friend.😆 My old Mazda 4×4 truck was gooey when I got it. I've cleaned it a few times with soap and water, but it's only a temporary fix. Now, whenever it's high humidity and rainy, the steering wheel and shift knobs get sticky. So nasty and annoying.😠 I will definitely give this a try. Thanks for the tips, Kyle.👍 Now maybe picky Mickey can get rid of the sticky icky.😝

  6. Awesome tip my car has that same shit I was wondering what that was I thought it was the stuff I used to make it shine but noticed my windows had a coating all over them also
    Great tip thanks
    I do watch tom but new to the channel 👍 that guy can build a car 👍
    Ps thanks for the tip !

  7. Sodium carbonate is also called soda ash. Its used in pools as well. There is another name which i cant remember at 4 am.

  8. Have you thought about masking off your roll cage where the paint is getting scratched up and spraying on some rattle can Rustoleum bed liner? Pretty strong stuff, covers nicely and cheap.

  9. im not sure of the price point of "oxi-clean" but you may find "arm and hammer washing soda" this is sodium carbonate, its seemingly becoming harder to find locally as it was used back in our grandmas days of doing laundry before modern washing machines and detergents. if you can find it locally arm and hammer washing soda is very cheap, maybe 2 bucks for a 2lb box. you can also make sodium carbonate from baking soda by baking it spread out on a cookie sheet in your oven, i havent tried that personally.

    now washing soda, the arm and hammer brand of sodium carbonate, ive had very good results as an electrolyte for electrolysis rust removal. Maybe you were sponsored by oxi clean, if so i dont blame ya trying to pay the bills, but im sure the old tried and true, but likely forgotten arm and hammer brand is cheaper if its sodium carbonate youre looking for.

  10. yo the 99 cent store has a line of car products (weird i know) but i gave their interior degreaser a try .. works amazing almost too good like (might give you cancer good) but anyway i tried all their car cleaning products and would tell you to give them all a shot except the tire shine thats just garbage but the other ones :wheel cleaner, interior degreaser, tire degreaser work awesome for 99 cents

  11. Ha! I was totally thinking of Tom's Turbo Garage before you mentioned him! The YouTube car community is so close knit.

  12. I have that shit all over my 86. It's stripped down right now but glad I saw this tip to remember for the future. If you ever stop making videos never take them down. They help a lot!

  13. Tub O Towels cleaning wipe work great. I've used them for the same type of problem on my steering wheel. I thing is the residue from the oils that come from skin. Thats why it mostly builds up on arm rests and door panels but the Tub O Towels work great. Gonna try the Oxy Clean on some other stiff to.

  14. Old minitrucker preshow detail trick we used was Dow scrubbing bubbles bathroom spray. Iv e never had it cause any issue with color issues and it really cleans up workboot tracks mechanics track in their cars. Oh don't detail with red rags. We had a kid do that and tyhe entire car had a pink tint when his dumb ass was done……boss fired him.

  15. 30 yearsof people putting there gross dirty hands on it! More than likely it is just the accumulated skin oils an what ever else leaching out of the material…

  16. Very good tip! I will use it on my camera which sticks to my hand like crazy (maybe a safety feature?? :D)

    And what is that beautiful red truck doing there in the background? 🙂

  17. Saw your car. Very cool.
    I heard you describe how you made the motor mounts.
    Thanks for bringing it to Foxtoberfest. Will you bring it to Ponies in the Smokies?

  18. try" LA Totally Awesome". You can get it at Dollar General. Spray it on and let it sit for 45 secs. and wipe it off. AMAZING.

  19. Good tip. And I always wondered what the hell 'washing soda' was when I read about it in old mystery novels and such lol

  20. thanks that's a great tip I had a motorcycle that had that problem and tried all kind of solvents I ended ou putting a temporary cover on it

  21. Another cheap trick that does not hurt seats or some of the interior is lemon wash detergent, a thorough cleaning with a brush and venylmecop, on all plastics and it also smells of new car

  22. I used Oxi Clean on my 92 Vette, and it worked. Goo Gone did not work. I sprayed the Oxi on and letset several hours. It took 3 rounds to get it done…..but worth the effort ! Happy restoration !

  23. Sir, you are a life saver. The oxi clean remove the goo in minutes. I wasted an hr trying to remove goo off the subwoofer trim ring with Goo Be Gone and alcohol. Thank you for sharing this trick.

  24. Thanks for the cleaning tip.
    Also, can you tell me what you use to hold your camera so steady while your moving around?

  25. I have a Toyota with the goo situation. The plastic is blended with synthetic motor oil. This allows the plastic to be flexible. Unfortunately, it floats to the surface with heat. Thanks for the video and the tip.

  26. Genius!! Tried every type of cleaner/conditioner I could think of to remove a tackiness that developed on the vinyl of my 10 year old car door. Even went to the “experts” at O’Reilly’s and tried their $15 solution to no avail. But stumbled across this video and boom! The oxyclean and water mix worked like a charm! Thank you!!!

  27. My center console was a sticky mess on my '98 Accord. Took it to my local detail shop due to rust water stains on my seats (hauled an old fender in winter/snow). Pick up my car and it has the same sticky crap on the console. Shop said it's breaking down and there's nothing they could do for it. Came home and found this video. Tried it and did the trick! Like new. Thank you.

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