How to Color Wash a Wall | Paint Techniques

How to Color Wash a Wall | Paint Techniques

In our series on decorative paint techniques
we’re going to explore how to color wash. Color washing is a technique that was basically
made very popular in Italy. You’ll find it in a lot of the Tuscan walls. It’s an absolutely beautiful technique. You just need a glaze, you need at least a
three or four inch brush, and obviously your base color. So the key is to apply the glaze onto your
base. You are going to be working in a cross hatch
technique. The base I have here is very small, but when
you’re working on a wall you use your whole arm to make giant X’s. So you don’t get… I will actually show you how to do that on
here, but I’m first getting all the glaze onto my surface. And color washing by and large is done in
terracotta, so warm siennas, very Tuscan colors. As you can see, the cross hatching is becoming
much bigger. So, having these brush strokes showing is
a very, very desirable part of this technique. And if you do want to soften it I have a very
special brush here called a badger brush which is made of 100 percent badger hair, and it
is used to soften techniques, soften brush marks. And you use it in the direction of the cross
hatching. It just gives a nice, mottled look to your
finish. And there you have color washing in a single
color glaze.

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  1. Please Let me know what is the color paint & brand you used? Very beautiful color – exactly what I want. Thankyou

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