How to Create 5 CINEMATIC RGB Lighting Setups

How to Create 5 CINEMATIC RGB Lighting Setups

Hi, this is JP Morgan you might not have recognized me but today on the slanted lens We’re gonna talk about RGB lights and how to use them in practical cinematic setups and I have with me today Hi, I’m Jemma. Jemma is here all the way from England via Hollywood to help us show you these cinematic lighting setups today So let’s talk about the color science of RGB lights It really is built on an additive system, which is RGB is red green blue And those are the primary colors, but it’s an additive system where you add colors together to get other colors We have our color wheel here It’s just like back in primary with crowns If you understand how to mix colors your RGB lights are gonna give you a lot more Colors to play with when you add red and green together. What do you get? Yeah, when you add red and blue together, what do you get magenta and when you add blue and green together? Ah So there you have it. Those are the basis for mixing colors together You can take each of the channels on one of these teletext you can add some blue You can add some green and it’s gonna give you different colors now You can just look at it and say what do I like you don’t have to get freaked out about oh I’ve gotta know exactly how to add them But you know and you know those basic color Additive process which ones to add to kind of go the direction you want if you want your life to go a little more yellow You’re gonna play with the red and green channels to make it go that more yellow Direction when you add all three of these colors together equally it’s gives you white light That’s what white light is a complete array of red green and blue. So there’s just kind of basics of color science Why are people using RGB lights? It’s just very very simple It’s having the ability to control color onset quickly easily You don’t have to put gels on you don’t have to have another expensive item to bring on a set You can from a remote of the camera change the gel color and just really make it work seamlessly on set So we’re gonna take a look at several lighting setups using color options And these are gonna be almost in a fashion vain Because we’re gonna be on a white Background and the ability to change that color into a little more of a practical thing at a window So let’s get started and see what can do do we get started. Oh, yeah. There we go for our first set up we’re going to show you how to light your person separately from the background and then light that background with Those RGB lights you can change the color of the background to any color you want Okay, let’s talk about our lighting setup here. First off. I wanted kind of a a butterfly light on her face So it’s gonna come in from the front I’ve got a grid on it that’s gonna keep it off from the background because I’ve got to protect my Background get as much light off it as possible. I set my camera. I turned my camera on I’m in Live View and I’m looking at the Background when I said this key light and there’s light all over it. It basically gives me a white background So I added a a flag here. It’s gonna take the light off from the background. I’m good I brought that flag in and flagged it right it just at the top of her head because I’m trying to kill as much light on that background as possible because the more White light you get on that background the less saturated Your color is going to be on the background. Then I added the two RGB lights from tell attack on each side there’s each other only at about 75% Red when we started out at 255 which is full red. It’s just overexposed. We have to bring our exposure way up It’s it wasn’t very red as you pull the exposure back as you give it as you dim it down when you dim these down By simply going from 255 to 155 to 75 and as you dial that down It acts as a dimmer and as they get less and less bright they become more and more saturated So there’s our set up to lights in the background to give us our red 1 light in the foreground to give us that light on her face with a grid and then the last thing I did is I Slid in just a reflector underneath just to open up the shadow just a little bit on her face and there’s our first setup For this next setup. We’re going to just put color gels on her face now This is a very heavy-handed application that we’re doing right now. We’re just putting heavy blue and heavy red on her face So my first light is a blue and I’m set that about a 190 I mean, it’s all compared to exposure if you go down to f11 I’m gonna have to dial this up to 255 get as much out of as I possibly can But if I open up my shutter or my aperture I can get you know I can dial the blue way down doesn’t change the color as much as it does the intensity so my blue is at about 170 and then 190 and my red here is at about 90. So the red is dialed down It’s not as bright as the blue and the idea is just to get a nice read on her hair nice blue on her skin and This is you can just do anything you want with this color wise you can change the color It can be greens and yellows it can do whatever you want So if I turn on my BTS lights off and I just have our lights This is what I’ve got. Very strong color on her skin now It’s just a little too much but if I open this up I turn on just a little bit of white light and we add just a bit of white light up front it’s going to Just clean up the color a little bit and open up her background just a little bit. That’s really nice I could take this now and just simply I could roll this back into the background and try to give them yourself a little bit of color on her and add some red to the background what you just did it gave me a nice red wash in the background against that blue on the left side of her face So it’s a matter of positioning these lights to be able to get the color the single light I’ve now let the Red go into that night like if I pan this and more I can get a little more of the blue to that side and now Jenna if you just look towards the light that way for me looking out there now look back to me She’s got a whole range of red to blue that she can play in there It looks really great on her face and she goes from solid red all the way to here over here to really blue Looking down towards the ground like you’re wondering looking at something thinking it goes a little more on the blue in that side We’ve got the red and blue in the background just a lot of things we can play with there so let’s go on now to create a quick party scene with our RGB light for this setup really use our two RGB lights as Party lights. This is the thing I mean every DP does this if you’re in any kind of scene where you want to have this party going on the background that? It’s a simple effect These don’t have an effect that does this automatically but what we’ve simply done is we have taken and just on the presets We’re just scrolling through the presets really fast And if we took the antenna off from one of our lights It doesn’t respond as quickly. So they’re kind of now at different response times and different lights And so you just cycle through those lights? So let’s let’s build a light on this really fast and that gives us a kind of room light on her But we warm that a lot. We put that all the way as warm as it’ll go. That’s a not an RGB light It’s a a just a regular light and it’s gone 9999 so because it’s just a little bit of warmth from behind so there you go. So there’s the background light and This side and this side You can do this is one we were doing one we just turned this one off So we got this is compared. We’ve got one on this side We’ve got a real on the other side now we can still have nothing happened. It looks pretty good Alright moving on to our next setup so in this shot We’re just taking the RGB lights and using them for color to kind of envelop this hallway make it look creepy So first off we put a blue in the back. We bounced that into the wall back there So it’s gonna it was kind of a flood of blue light behind her She comes around the corner as she hits this doorway here She gets into a little warmer light got a little red going on here We didn’t have another RGB light to put in the foreground So he just simply took the overhead light that’s here. And we just simply took that wrapped it on a red Gel, and that kind of gave us that red wash up front So there’s another thing you can use these lights the RGB lights to match gels that you already have So we moved from that blue we get a little bit of reddish light coming through in the doorway here and then we move into Just that kind of pinkish light up front Just meant to give a seperation of depth and create a little bit of drama in the scene as she comes forward So there’s another setup. Let’s go on to our next one Another great use for RGB lights is a green-screen very simple. We’ve got a white background here We put green on both sides. Just pure green. We down the back So it’s about a quarter of a stop underexposed compared to the light on her face and then we just got a nice light Cue a clean light on her face a nice rim on the back this clean But the green light on the background gives us our green screen So it’s a perfect situation to be able to use RGB lights because they create a green screen very simply It’s just a very easy way to do it So the important thing to remember about this so the green screens about 1/4 stop Underexposed and you don’t want to spill on the curb We’ve got her far enough away that it’s not gonna spill and I’m not seeing any of the green on her arm here So she’s far enough away. That’s not going to spill this will Kia Really easily. So there you have a several cinematic lighting setups using RGB lights This really is the future the futures already arrived but its cost effectiveness is really what it’s starting to become the the next wave and this entelechy Igb 2×2 light mat is that it’s an effective Inexpensive RGB light you can use on set to be able to get these kinds of effects get color effects immediately Without a lot of effort you don’t have to bring in gels and extra expense It’s just it’s the way everyone is working these days. So check these out I think it’s a light that will really help you to be able to get this look at a price you can afford So check these lights out They’re super versatile from just straight-up color temperature to the RGB functions on them gives you a lot of options They’re flat. You can travel with them The softbox is little profile so you can put it in the ceiling So many things about this light make it extremely useful. If you go back to lesson we did three weeks ago We’ll link it below we talked about all the functions and how to run all the function of functions of this light So you’ll be able to know how to run it immediately make it easy for you to set it up and to be able to Use it if you love video and you love this kind of lighting You’ve got to check out our new video download if you get over the silence comm click on the store Click on the video download it’s a download that teaches Photographers or people who just want to learn video how to make that transition into shooting video So get out of the store check out that today and keep those cameras rolling There you go, so make sure you subscribe to the slanted lens subscribe How do you see that with a British accent? Subscribe subscribe down below? down below Down below subscribe down below. Oh My subscribe down below nice and like from a Minnesota Down below subscribe also on Facebook Fossum Twitter leave a comment. 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