How To Create A Customer Journey Map

How To Create A Customer Journey Map

Hi, I’m Megan Grocki from Madpow, and today I will be showing you how to create customer journey maps. Journey maps are a visual interpretation of
an individual’s relationship with an organization, service, product or brand, over time and across
channels. A journey map helps us explore answers to
the “what ifs” that arise during research and conceptual design. They should include items like personas; a
timeline; the emotions being felt by customers; touchpoints, and channels—where the interactions
are taking place. So how does one create a customer journey
map? There are nine key steps. Number 1. Review goals for the product or
service. Number 2. Gather our research. Some of my
favorite research methods include customer interviews, contextual inquiry, customer surveys,
customer support logs, web analytics, social media, and competitive intelligence. Number 3. Generate a list of customer touchpoints,
and the channels on which those touchpoints occur. For example, the touchpoint could be
“pay a bill”, and the channels associated with that touchpoint could be “pay online”,
“pay via mail”, or “pay in person”. Number 4. Conduct an exercise called an Empathy
Map. Empathy maps depict the various facets of a persona and his or her experiences in
a given scenario. The goal of the Empathy Map is to get a sense of how it feels to be
that customer in this experience. Number 5. Brainstorm with what we call “lenses”.
This means we generate ideas in a short period of time with words representing key concepts,
brand attributes or mindsets that help us look at a problem in a different way. Number 6. Complete an affinity diagram, where
we organize ideas and find cohesion in the team’s concepts. It helps us focus on the
right solutions for this audience. Number 7. This is the part you’ve been waiting
for … sketching the journey. This is where we put together all the ideas the team generated
for how to improve the future customer journey. Get creative with how you lay it out – there
is no one way of sketching a customer journey. Number 8. Refine and digitize. If visual design
isn’t your strong suite, consider collaborating with someone who can turn your journey map
into an impressive artifact. And lastly, Number 9 is to share them with
zeal. Shout from the rooftops and display them prominently in common areas. That’s all—I hope you’ve found this
useful, and best of luck in creating your own journey maps.

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  1. Nice, but I feel that in practice, gathering research so early in the process may block a lot of efforts, where data is hard to come by. If there is a draft version to begin with, we would probably be more invested to pursue research-gathering and fact-finding.

  2. Algo imporytante que debe considerarse, es que el Customer Journey en una era digital, no termina con la compra. La recomendación y la influencia de las redes sociales durante todo el proceso, lo hace circular y no lineal,

  3. Thank you very much! I need to do a customer journey for first time in my architecture project class and I had no idea. Your video explain it in an easy and funny way.

  4. Thank you for this short video. Very helpful to understand in less than 3 minutes how to make a customer journey.

  5. Hello, i want to introduce a new brand. I've researched for some models and came to conclusion to use the Customer Brand Journey Model. But after another research, i came the Consumer decision model. What are the difference of these two models and which model is relevant to introduce a new brand?

  6. only sentence on creating customer journey map: "there's no one way of drawing the customer journey map." what a waste of time, disliked.

  7. This is nice, and beautifully done, but it puts the artifact as the goal not the correction/implementation of improved/ enhanced services. So what if it's pretty and we can evangelize if it creates not change that a customer can feel?


  9. Hice illustrations but this video does not answer question "how to create a customer journey map"?
    If you provide at least one example it was be useful

  10. To be honest is not very clear… in number 1) the service /product already exist? but it is interesting in any case !

  11. Its a very informative video but it was lacking the essence. You stated it in step 7 but you didn't elaborate it.

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