How To Customize YouTube Channel Layout

How To Customize YouTube Channel Layout

“What the heck happened to my YouTube Channel
layout.. I don’t see any navigation links?” That’s what people have been asking since
YouTube changed its YouTube channel layout feature.
If you have a relatively new YouTube Channel you won’t see the navigation links under
your channel banner. Here’s a screenshot before I turned on customization.
If you don’t customize the layout of your YouTube Channel, all visitors will see is
your channel feed. Here’s a screenshot after I turned on customization.
Notice the links now display under the channel banner.
Stay tuned to learn how to customize the layout of your YouTube Channel
Herman Drost Here’s how to customize the layout of a
relatively new channel: Notice under the channel art there are no
navigation links Click on the cog icon
Where it says “customize the layout of your channel”..turn this on by clicking the slider
Click “save” Now you notice that the navigation links have
appeared under the channel art If I click on “for new visitors” then
you want to add a channel trailer so you can welcome unsubscribed visitors to your channel
Click “add a section” so you can add a section of content
Click the drop down can show popular uploads , liked videos, posted videos to your
channel home page and you can display as a horizontal or vertical list
After you’ve done that click “done” If you hover over this pencil icon, you can
change the channel icon Click on “channel art” can add channel
art from your computer If you hover over this pencil icon you can
edit the links on your channel art You can set up an email
You can also set up a channel description so hover over the pencil icon, you can change
the description If you click on “for returning subscribers” can click on the pencil icon and you can add featured content, show your latest
uploads, latest activity, add a section, etc If you want to add a discussion tab to your
navigation links, click on the cog icon again And it says “show discussion tab”
click on that This will allow your fans to comment on your
channel You can display automatically or don’t display
until approved You can also reach audiences in foreign countries
by clicking the “translating channel info” You can add language here or translate a description
So we click “save’ Now you can see we’ve got a discussion tab
added to the navigation menu Under can “keep all liked videos
and saved playlists private”..turn that on or off
“Keep all my subscriptions private” can turn that on or off
You can access more options in “account settings”
You can do “likes and subscriptions”…”activity feed” and under “customize the layout
of your channel”, you can also access more options in “advanced settings”
You can change the country , advertisements, link your adwords account, link associated
websites with your account, add channel recommendations, subscriber counts, add your google analytics
property tracking ID That’s it!
Now you know how to customize the layout of your YouTube Channel
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