How To: Detail Filthy Interior – Chemical Guys Car Care

How To: Detail Filthy Interior – Chemical Guys Car Care

What’s up guys, welcome back to the
Detail Garage. Today we’ve got this BMW in the shop and as
you can see it’s filthy. The seats are covered in body oils and grime. Things have spilled all over it. The carpet has dirt all over it. The owner leaves his crap all over the place. So I’m going to show you how easy it is clean
it up and make it look right again using a one step product like Sprayable Leather. Before I get started I’m gonna get the bulk
of the stuff out of here. I’ll vacuum the carpets and I’ll show you
how to protect it. So I’ve just finished vacuuming this BMW the
carpets look a lot better than they did earlier. To protect it I’m going to use Fabric Guard
which will give it a water repellent barrier and help against spills and stains. All you have to do is mist the area and let
it dry. This is going to give it eight to twelve months
of protection. It can be reapplied as necesary. Now I’m going to clean these plastic pieces
here. I forgot to mention earlier that you can use
a product like InnerClean which will take care of any finger prints, dust and debris. You simply spray it on a towel and wipe it
off. This will clean and protect the surface without
giving any shine. So as I mentioned you spray InnerClean on
your towel and then wipe it onto the surface. This is safe for any vinyl, rubber, plastic,
navigation screen and any type of surface inside of a vehicle that isn’t fabric. What its doing is it’s going to clean it and
protect it without giving any shine. So as I mentioned earlier InnerClean is basically
an interior quick detailer that’s safe for any vinyl, rubber, plastic, navigation screens
and leather. The steering wheel has this grime oil feel
on it and also a spill or maybe someone sneezed on it. InnerClean works great to remove that. It’ll clean it, protect it and rejuvenate
the leather without adding any type of slippery finish or glossy affect. Lastly, I want to clean and protect this leather. It doesn’t look like its ever been cleaned
before so now is a good time to use a product that is going to clean it and condition it
in one. This is Sprayable Leather all you have to
do is spray it into your applicator. And then gently work it into the leather surface. This is cleaning it and protecting it. Taking care of any body oils or spills or
anything that has been embedded in the leather itself. Now you may have noticed that this product
gave a little bit of a gloss to the leather. If you don’t like that gloss finish just take
a clean microfiber towel and buff off any excess. So there you have it now you see how easy
it is to do a simple interior cleaning with some simple products like Sprayable Leather, InnerClean, and Fabric Guard to protect your carpets. Now if you wanna learn more about these products
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27 thoughts on “How To: Detail Filthy Interior – Chemical Guys Car Care

  1. I only use deionized water sprayed lightly on a microfiber cloth for any screen. That is exactly what the manufacturers of the screens suggest and is all that is needed.

  2. I'm a detailer all I se is clean and new cars getting done everybody knows it's easy to clean a car that's under a year old try a old cat with hairy carpets damages carpets come on

  3. i don't understand how people could be so disgusting, do you not have any shame bringing this car in? At least take out all the big items like those plates but i can't even go a week without cleaning the carpet..

  4. you guys should do a contest. have customers post photos to your site of there daily drivers, and the dirtiest car wins by us voting on them, and that is how you should showcase your products

  5. What about getting in the cracks and such? A microfiber rag doesn't do it.. I like to use a brush…. But what do you guys use?

  6. I am still waiting for the day that chemical guys actually does a full detail on a completely dirty car. Now i am talking about a car that hasn't been cleaned in years, a car that has baked on brake dust on wheels, oxydized exterior, carpets that are all stained and spills everywhere of all sorts. Door panels that are majorly dirty and stained. Now that would be a true test of all the products that chemical guys sell. Because we would get to see their hot water extractor in real world example. We would see their exterior products being put to the test. We could see for ourselves how a truly dirty car can come out after a full detail using their products.

  7. This is the difference between owning a vehicle like a BMW as a status symbol and owning it for the performance and ride. A true BMW owner would respect their ride and not treat it like a damn trash bin. No respect for people who buy these vehicles and treat them with no love..

  8. Quick question any methods or any videos that can help me with this problem I have? Okay so this is my problem I left a bottle of Milk in my car for the bast 6 days and the smell is horrifying there was no spills what so ever just milk that was left behind and ideas on how I can get rid of this smell ?? Thank you

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