How to do an Artificial Green Wall | in Sinhala | DIY | Srilanaka

How to do an Artificial Green Wall | in Sinhala | DIY | Srilanaka

Hi All, welcome back to our channel We both decided to explain how to do this kind of green wall for your home This can be easily done on your own. There are so many companies doing this kind of walls You can call them and get one of these done or after watching this video you can do it yourself by following the steps that we are showing in the projects, we did since 2015 under our own company lyra interior she is the one who did all the design concepts material selection color selection were decided by both of us and we decided to do some of the future videos together Most of us like to have natural plants inside our houses it’s much difficult to maintain natural plants indoors with the busy life we have no grater sunlight inside and watering should be done properly so, this is a greater solution to have some greenery inside There are both natural and artificial green walls Most of houses and offices have this kind of artificial vertical gardens these plants are made out of plastic not suitable for outdoor wall with direct sunlight this plastic can be wasted & color can be faded this is much suitable for an Air Conditioned space as dust collection on plants is minimal inside AC we have to find a wall that is not getting affected by more dust and easy to clean This is a decorative wall that we did on an IT office In the Srilanka branch of Cloud Solutions International While planning that office interior we had this wall and decided to do an artificial vertical garden as we could create a natural environment there this was done in a removable panel we can move this to another space if you are doing this on a wall, you can wash this with water after some time as we mentioned earlier, dust collection is minimal in AC you can wash and clean the dust on these leaves we fixed these bunches on a dry foam if needed you can remove all bigger plants wash and re-fix again these smaller leaf panels cant be removed as we pasted that on the wall. removing can be done for bunches you can change the appearance by adding different color plants later the ideal wall should be decided by your own we fixed a panel on our studio to do this demo as we cannot keep this here all the time but you also can do this on a removable panel then you can use it for different locations for living area or any suitable space we’ll see what should be done first we’ll get this started method for wall or panel is the same on the panel or on the wall you should apply green color paint. we used a neutral darker green color you can use any green on the color pallets we added this color name on the description you can try the same or any weather shield or emulsion color we painted this panel fully then we should sketch an arrangement for plants by referring to internet images or as per your requirement such as embossed plants areas and normal areas do that rough sketch based on the wall size it will be easy to manage the material you have then mark on the panel based on the sketch no need to be too accurate. just as a small guidance we cover a larger area with this panel we are pasting this except on the marked areas The background is covering with this and the marked area will be bunches this comes with a plastic mesh you can cut this easily place this on the wall and you can see the reducible areas then cut and paste we are using this adhesive to paste the panels on the wall apply one layer on the mesh of a grass panel and another layer on the wall and keep a few minutes before doing the bonding if you need to change a panel after pasting still, it can be removed, sometimes with some painted layer but those areas will be covered again with the glass panel no need to panic while pasting this. you can apply the adhesive between those marked lines before applying adhesive on the artificial grass panel keep it on on the wall and mark on the lines then cut the excess area we use this kind of steel cutter but these can be cut with a regular scissor too this is the dry foam we are using to fix the plants this comes in grey color originally we apply the same green color as it might be visible trough plants this whole foam will be too big for this smaller wall we are using half of this there is a sticky layer on this foam but will not be enough to hold the weight of bunches we are fixing with a screw to cover blank space after fixing the foam we use this larger leaf panel and this too. it was a small piece from a larger panel then we fix all other blank spaces then we fix the plants on the form Those larger bunches we purchased were broken into smaller size bunches and fix additional support to hold them then it will be much easier to insert to the dry foam Originally the plants come with a steel rod as we break them into smaller bunches, it will be much easier to insert to the dry foam we can see the area below the larger bunch is too flat we remove a smaller area from background plant and paste a larger leaf plant as we mentioned earlier, even if you paste with multiband adhesive, you can cut and remove some parts we completed fixing the plants on the wall we changed some areas than we initially planned added different plants for some additional areas some people might not like to have this kind of variation we did this area to show you the possibility of doing without embossed bunches paste darker green panel on the whole wall and use the light green panel as lines then add this larger leaf too then you will not have this type of embossed wall it can be done according to your requirement and availability of plants now you can do this to your home too at a cheaper cost Hit the like button if this will useful for you comment in the comment section Subscribe our channel and click the bell icon then only you’ll get a notification on a new video Share this video for your friends and for the people who needed this kind of thing Follow us on Instagram like us on Facebook we are planning to do more useful videos for you. We hope now you can do this type of work easily and decorate one area of your home

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