How to Do Interior Hip Circles | Belly Dancing

How to Do Interior Hip Circles | Belly Dancing

Belly Dance Moves: Interior Hip Circles From: Irina Akulenko So now lets try interior hip circles. Keeping
the knees bent, legs are underneath the hipbones, chest lifted. We are going to contract the
right hip up, contract the lower abs in, contract the left hip up, and come back to neutral. Lifting the right side up, contracting the
lower abs, keeping the upper abs relaxed, left side and release. One and two and three
and four. In contrast to the exterior hip circles; the hips would actually roll. Exterior
hip circles, keep the hips parallel to the floor and the interior hip circle we’re actually
going to roll the hips under. So, let’s try that with music. [Music] [Slowly
making internal hip circle movements] Make sure chest is lifted; arms are still and let’s
try it faster. [Continues with faster hip circles] Let’s try going the other direction
[Slowly does hip circles in the other direction] and roll. [Continues with rhythmic rolling
of the hips movement] And you can go faster. And that’s how you do an interior hip circle.

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  1. @ghettoracer Irina gives a tip in a previous video, you need to find the contraction by tilting your hip backwards a bit, your pelvis forward, like bending. Once you know how it feels, you can practice it without the tilting.

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  4. All of your videos have been a pleasure to watch and learn from. You actually made them for beginners. Many of the videos I've been watching just throw a lot of stuff at me and I keep having to stop and rewind and stop and rewind. This is awesome! I hope you've made more.

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  6. This is great! It's just I can never get the upper about lower ab thing.. and even if I do I can make it without holding my breath so it looks unnatural…..😅💔

  7. when your cousin,aunt and other cousin do it but you look like a fish gasping for air being run over by a Semi in the highway in the middle of a hurricane….

  8. When you said the whole hip bone is rolled, I started to see it as if a skeleton would roll it. That was a pretty weird picture I had in my head. ^^´ Really well explained though in getting the point accross!

  9. i just came to know that we have upper and lower abs…it took me(still cant) a lot of differentiate between

  10. I did a video with exercises for better hip control: try this if you want 🙂

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