How to download Furniture Mod on Minecraft on XboxOne (Tutorial)

How to download Furniture Mod on Minecraft on XboxOne (Tutorial)

hello ladies and gentlemen my name is
everybody and welcome back to yet another minecraft mod tutorial you guys
seem to love the last one that we did so I thought I’d bring you yet and another
one in today’s tutorial I’m gonna be showing you guys how do you get a
furniture mod on your xbox one minecraft yes Nix works with any of the Xbox one
styles as being the one and the one s and r 1x before we get into the guy
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guide already so first things first you’re going to need to complete a
couple prerequisites these steps you need to have done for any of these mod
cuts that I make so if you’ve seen any of my other guides regarding minecraft
mods you probably already have these two steps done the first step is just simply
going in to your settings going down to this buoyant sound video output video
fidelity and overscan and going over to this overscan border box and making sure
this box down here the apps can have a border box is unchecked basically this
will allow you to get into a specific app and if you have it checked the app
won’t work that being said though this is what it looks like when it is checked
and this is what it looks like when it isn’t checked speaking of apps though
you’ll need to download two for this tutorial those being file downloader and
UFO transfer if you don’t have these apps already on your xbox which chances
are if you haven’t seen one of my mod guides you probably don’t have these
apps you can just download them on the Microsoft Store on your xbox anyways
give them downloaded and then we could start the actual process of getting you
this mod so the first footstep is heading to this website I’ll link it in
the description so you can just click on it if you’re watching this guide on your
xbox or you can just type it in now if you aren’t it will take you to this
specific mediafire link and just once you get here we can begin
the next step next step is just going over the download button with your
cursor and hitting this darker three lines button on your controller and
going down to copy link hit a on that and then you can leave this Microsoft
edge app for now the next F you want to go into it’s actually the first F is you
guys download and that is file downloader ok so this is what it looks
like once you are loaded into file downloaded once you get here though
you’ll want to go to the top left hand corner and hit 8 on the three dashes
then go down to download from URL and hit a on that once you’re on this page
you’ll see two boxes one titled source URL and one title destination path and
name what you want to do is hit a on the source URL box hit the hit start and
then hit a to paste everything and then go into your destination path and name
box and actually just ignore it and go down to the local storage folder and hit
a on that then hit the little arrow in between the two boxes on the right and
then hit start at the very bottom to begin downloading the furniture part or
the resource packs for the furniture then what you want to do is go back and
actually close this application by quitting it and go back into Microsoft
edge and go to this separate mediafire page once again it’ll be linked down in
the description and it’ll be on-screen now if you just want to type it and once
you get there though basically do that process again hit start on the download
button go down to copy link go back into file downloader but make sure you
restarted it otherwise it won’t work and basically and just go back to the top
left hand corner download from URL a/b start a local storage down arrow
start and basically then you’ll have a both the behavior packs and the resource
packs downloaded for this mod once you get that download though go back up to
the top left hand corner and go down to storage this time once you’re in storage
go to local storage and what you want to do is find the
– titled that’s it furniture be furniture are and they should have MC
pack and I should look different if you’ve done any of the other mod guides
that I have on here they should look somewhat different being like gray what
you want to do is tick the one with the B on it go down to the bottom right hand
corner and go and hit the three dots button and go up to rename then hit or B
once you’re on this tab and type in dot Z I P let me hit a on that and it should
turn it into a zip file then do the exact same thing for the resource packs
and obviously rename it to a zip file as we just did right here now that you have
a both of your files as zip files you can actually open them up open up the
behavior packs folder and basically tick every single box either manually or just
by hitting the button down in the little like I guess down bar I don’t know what
you’d call up anyways just copy everything after that by hitting this
icon then hit B and go into this little search engine I guess or the box up at
the very top the local storage box and hit a and type in F you are n dot B P
then hit start and then go down to the bottom right hand corner and teh urn
that just hit the new folder button right there and then hit the little
clipboard icon at the bottom bar I guess and then hit a on that to paste
everything into this folder now this could take a while for you it didn’t
take very long for me because I have somewhat good internet slight flex but
whatever anyways once you do that you’ll basically want to do the exact same
process but this time with the resource pack so open up the our pack tick every
single box copy it and go back go to a local storage the bar at the very top
type in fu RN dot and then R P and then create that folder just like I
did right here once you create the folder just hit the paste icon at the
bottom and it should paste everything in to your thing once again this could take
a long time depending on your internet speed once again it didn’t take very
long for me so I doubt it will for you anyways once you have it paste it in you
can actually leave file downloader and go into the second app I asked you to
install which was a UFO transfer or unified file organizer so basically if
you fall with the first prerequisite step you should have this little gear
icon in the top right hand corner if you didn’t however well go back do that
prerequisite step and then come back and you’ll be set to go on to the next step
hit the little gear icon in the top right hand corner and then go into open
and File Explorer once you’re in file explorer it should look something like
this what you want to do is navigate on the top bar and then find packages in a
on packages once you find it and find that 2 5 9 7 4 mega scopes that
universal file folder if you have it sorted by name a on top it should be up
at the very top anyways hit a on that once you find it
go down to local state and then look for your furn BP folder once you find it hit
start and then hit copy then go back all the way up to the top I just go on up
there and go back into packages we look for a folder titled Microsoft dot
minecraft EU WP console hit a on that and then go into local state games calm
dot Mojang and you should have two folders in here that will be guaranteed
minecraft worlds and minecraft PE you may or may not have the behavior packs
and resource packs folders if you do not have these two folders all you have to
do is create them don’t stress out about it all you have to do is hit a on this
little icon in the bottom bar as you can see I’m hovering over
now and type in b e:h AV io r underscore tax just like that make sure you spell
it right and make sure you have the underscore otherwise it won’t work and
then just hit start and it should create the new folder if you don’t have
resource packs all I spelled that wrong just like that and then hit start and it
should create the folder and you’ll be good to go make sure you create both of
them not just one though anyways once you have the two folders
hit a on behavior packs and you probably won’t have anything in here if you just
created the folder but basically go down to the very bottom and hit a I’ll know
what a paste icon at the very bottom should pay send your burn a BP thing
that you copied earlier go back up to local state once you’re done though and
then go back into packages once you’re there go back into the two five nine
seven four mega scopes that universal file download folder and then hit a on
local state once again and this time instead of finding fern BP you’re gonna
want to find fern RP hit start on that hit copy go back into packages and find
Microsoft minecraft u WP console folder one more time hit a on that hit a on
local stay game’s combat Mojang resource packs and then go down to the very
bottom and hit a on paste once you have both of those pasted in there will be
one final step and that will be within minecraft so I’m gonna go ahead and load
into that real quickly just so I can show you how to actually get this mod
set up okay so I’m finally loaded into minecraft and once you guys are loaded
into minecraft the step is just simply hitting a on play and creating a new
world now you can put this on a world that you preview so you have but there’s
a slight chance that it could mess up some of the save data on that world so I
just wouldn’t risk it and I just create a new world or at least make a copy of
your previous world and then put the packs on to it now anyways the first
step is just simply going into I’m gonna cook it Co myself and creative and name
this world and this stuff is just simply going into your resource packs and
hitting a on furniture furniture HQ and obviously making other players required
to download it and going into behavior packs after that and hitting furniture
age q then go in to your game settings and scroll pretty far down until you
find the use experimental gameplay thing hit a on that and kick that bad boy on
and then create the world now I’ll get back to you guys
once this world is loaded so I can show you some of the furniture that is in
this you can all you can craft it which is absolutely insane so it is pretty
good for survival and we’ll get into my @ro see you guys in a minute
okay so once you guys are loaded into your world there’s a plethora of stuff
that you can make you can make a coffeemaker as you can see right here
boom it actually works too which is pretty
dang cool could make a cutting board or a chopping table as you can see right
there you can make an Apple iMac that’s insane
windows is better but I mean it’s still pretty dang cool you can make a freaking
phone guys how cool is that it’s so cool you can make a couple speakers I just
quickly made two right here they are pretty cool
you can also make a toaster you can actually put bread in this and make
toast it’s insane you can make a freaking
couch how cool is that you can also make this bad boy right here an entertainment
system with the xbox and everything it’s freaking awesome guys I accidentally
just got rid of it but it is really dang cool there’s a lot
more stuff that you can do with this obviously I just wanted to showcase it’s
probably some of the coolest stuff in my opinion but uh that being said that’s
gonna wrap it up for the video if you guys did enjoy make sure to leave a like
share and subscribe and I hope to see you guys in a new video we make tons of
my guides aw also make sure to suggest stuff in
the comment section below if you want to see specific mods I do cover pretty much
everything that people suggest me so there’s no harm in suggesting me
whatever you want that being said I’ll see you guys the next one peace

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  1. Guys this mod works. You just have to make sure you are typing everything correctly in. If one thing is spelt wrong or isn't capital then the link will not work. But it does work

  2. Hey i need help downloading these mods and this one pls help me i really want these but can’t figure it out

  3. It dint work can you help I also did everything and could we any behavior packs it said that behavior pack are applied bottom to top that means anything that is in two behavior packs will be overridden by the higher one pls help

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