How to Draw 2-Point Perspective: A Room with a View

How to Draw 2-Point Perspective: A Room with a View

Hi, Tom here in this week’s Circle Line
Art School video I’m going to show you one way to draw using two-point
perspective, starts by drawing a horizontal line just
below the middle of your page, for this drawing our first vanishing
point can be in the middle of our horizon, from this first vanishing point we can
draw two parallel lines in perspective, because they’re in perspective they’ll
become diagonal lines because the gap between them is getting smaller as they
go towards the horizon, so these two lines are like an endless wall going
towards our first vanishing point, next we can draw a vertical line between
these two diagonals to show where our walls stop, as we don’t want an endless
wall, now we can add our second vanishing point, this time on the far left, but
still on the horizon line, on the horizontal line that we drew at the
beginning, next we can draw another wall, an endless
wall, for now, starting from our second vanishing point and each of these two
diagonal lines needs to go through the end of the first vertical line that we drew,
now we can add two more vertical lines on the left wall for partitions within
the wall, as it were, almost like doorways like big doorways, again these vertical
lines need to be between the diagonal lines of our wall, the diagonal lines
represent the top and bottom line of the wall, on the left through the partition
in the wall we can add another shorter vertical line on the wall going to the
right and then by using the vanishing point in the center of our drawing we
can draw two more lines going past the top and the bottom of this vertical line,
to make the wall on the far left, next on the wall on the right, we can draw a
vertical line between these two diagonal lines to show where we could have the
wall stopping, so this becomes a corner of the wall and to have the next side of
the wall coming towards us we need to draw two more lines from the middle
vanishing point, again going to the top and bottom of the vertical line which is
in the corner of the wall, all the walls going towards the middle should use the
middle vanishing point, for the tops and bottoms of the
walls, and then all of the walls going towards the left should use see
vanishing point left, now I have darkened the lines that we need we can add
another vertical partition line on the left and then far away on the left we
can draw another wall using our vanishing point in the middle of the
drawing to find the top and bottom lines of the wall, now we can erase a few lines so we no
longer need, next we could draw a series of lines,
like lines of a wooden wall, slats in the wall and these horizontal lines are all
in perspective and therefore they all need to look like they would continue
all the way to the vanishing point in the middle of the drawing, the horizontal
represents our eye height, the height of the viewers eye, when they’re looking at
the scene, we can repeat this process and draw some
lines on the left too, some horizontal lines going towards the vanishing point, the
central vanishing point in our drawing, both of these walls are going towards
that one fixed point in the center, the vanishing point that were using for
these walls and all of the lines are parallel to each other and that’s why we
can use that one single vanishing point… now we can add a baseline for the big
windows, this line we can use the left vanishing
point, next, to make the large windows we can
create two vertical lines on this large wall, looking along here we could add another
vertical line on the wall in the distance, you could add a slight
thickness to these lines to make them look like bars of a window,
next, for this drawing I shall draw the sea, so we’re looking through the windows
to the sea, so for that, we just need to add some
small sharp broken horizontal lines getting a little bit longer and a little
bit darker as they come towards us, we could smudge some of these lines a
little bit to create a more atmospheric look, I will darken some of the window
bars too for this drawing I’m using a 4B pencil, any pencil or fine pen would do, now I think I’ll add some gentle tone,
some shading in the sky, to indicate some clouds, I’ll make sure they don’t have
any hard edges, any dark edges… again I can smudge these tones using
this side of an eraser, the last step in this drawing is to add
a few shadows cast by these upright vertical lines in the window, I’ll use
the middle vanishing point as a direction of the light source and then
from that point I can draw the shadows as straight lines coming towards us, I’ll make these shadows quite faint and
soft, just by applying a gentle pressure with pencil that I’m using. Thank you
very much for watching this video, please visit to learn more, I post a new video every Saturday, please subscribe to my youtube channel
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  1. You never over explain. Just the right amount of clarity and instruction. Thank you so much And great English accent by the way.

  2. I have watched your videos for ages but never commented. I just wanted to say that you have a very calming effect on us and your voice has a great part to play in that I guess, you sound educated but not snobby, similar characteristic to that dude that does guest spots on bbbots tom something, he is on comedy panel shows but I digress… Your teaching style and skill is awesosme. Sending much love and gratitude. Peace.

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