27 thoughts on “How to draw like an architect, pt.2 – The Elevation

  1. Do you want to draw plan for me?  Do video on it.  Single story, 2 bed, 2 bath, dual sinks,walk in closet in master, covered patio in real maybe optional office/bedroom option.  9 foot ceiling and lower pitched roof for Nevada.

  2. Que excelente trabajo realizas, la presentación de las fachadas/elevaciones me parecieron hermosas, bien detalladas, con una excelente representación de líneas, lo que esta adelante se representa más fuerte y lo más lejano más suave.

  3. hi im a second year architecture student from india im clueless about making my plans and elevations look interesting. could you please suggest some simple yet cool rendering tecnique.please im desperate

  4. Hi. I have a bunch of details that I drew by hand a long time ago. Can I scan them in and update them? How would I do that?

  5. i spoke with a member of staff at a college for architecture and design and she said jobs are scarce for architects….how so? i mean so many houses are built everyday…aren't there architects for those??

  6. what is the standard height of windows (from finish floor line to the top of the window)? how about doors?
    and also the height of the window itself??
    *for houses* *in meters please*

    p.s. my friend told me that the standard height for doors is 2.1 meters..
    i just want to be sure..

  7. hey Doug which school did you go to for college, and did you like it? Do you know about Boston Architectural College and what do you think about it. I want to ask for your opinion bc it looks like its a school specializes in architecture but i want to know what its really like, not what it says it is on the internet

  8. @noctune818 well to a degree but as i said it is more philosophical that hardcore how to draw a elevation b/c when i did (this is hight school) when had several layers some for the framing of the windows and the inner structure… a layer for the siding, we always had to show the rough openings and stuff and the foundation sectionals that we did had alot of detail

  9. i like these videos, but there aint to much meet on these bones…i remember when i first did elevations … what is is king jack and something … i hated rough openings too … a more educational than philosophical video would be nice too

  10. what you see in the video is actually illustrator. Not CAD. I simply use CAD programs to do technical drawing. I'd recommend both AutoCad and ArchiCad, both of which I use.

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