How to Edit Your Current Home Decor | Interior Design

How to Edit Your Current Home Decor | Interior Design

Sometimes it’s about what you leave space
for versus what you fill up, so what I mean by that is that I think that the natural inclination
is to fill every space that you have. So every wall that you have has something
on it, everything that you have. But remember the old rule that before you
leave the house, take off one thing that you’re wearing and I don’t mean clothes, I mean accessorizing. The same thing goes for the house. If you have too much of everything going on
you want to start editing, and editing is really important in design, because it leaves
space and it also makes a space seem more cohesive, instead of like you’ve shoved everything
in there. So maybe pick one of the surfaces that you
have. If it’s a coffee table, an end table or a
TV console, take one or two things off of each item. I always like to have one bold piece, instead
of lots of little things. Lots of little things are very distracting. It makes it feel stuffy, messy. So a few bold pieces here and there, editing
and taking out 25% of what you have right now, at least it will give you a good baseline. Then you can put some things back in as you
go through it. But always start with less and then maybe
reconfigure. It’s a lot easier than having a lot more,
and then trying to take away. If you have those kind of rules in place,
I feel like that you’re looking at your space, from a different point of view and with a
fresh outlook.

3 thoughts on “How to Edit Your Current Home Decor | Interior Design

  1. could you show a before and after of a space using this idea or just an after picture

    it is a great idea and it would be nice to see an example of an edited room

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